Thursday, November 20, 2014


The mid-exam ended gracefully!

I can proudly say that I did well--not to mention that my writing was like rubbish for Knowledge Management exam and I had lots of tipp-ex mark on my Quantitative Method exam.

I don't really like writing with pencil so even for math exam I always use pen--which result me in lots of corrections hahaha.

But I did well, despite of studying only at night (I lazed out in afternoon) for only max two days. The fact is that I've started studying since last week for the seven chapters of Knowledge Management--but I finished studying one chapter in six days and finished the other six chapters in one night. HAHAHA.

1 chapter = 6 days.
6 chapters = 1 night.

Amusing equation?

And got super bad mood on the night before the exam because I just realised that I've wasted 6 days for almost nothing and got angry toward myself and ate more chocolates while cried it all out. Not literally haha.

Also on those wasted 6 days I also tried to 'read' some math for Quantitative Method. Which means: useless activity.

How can you 'read' math? lol.

So I really got into my math the last night before the exam and actually self-taught everything; since I didn't join the two sessions of studying-with-friend because I was going through that occurring self-destructing migraine (trust me you don't wanna have migraines for few days straight, it's killing). So the night, luckily after few rounds of chocolate, I forced myself to self-taught math.

And it was actually fun!

I managed to understand most of the chapters and it's left me with like two things to learn (drawing linear lines and sensitivity analysis) and I really, couldn't tahan everything since it was almost 7AM so I left it out and slept until around afternoon.

Guess what; out of four chapters of math, only three came out! And luckily--it's the easy ones (though the linear programming came out and I regretted left the linear drawing out on that morning wtf).

If I didn't left it out--I'm almost sure I was going to get 100/100 because the other two were most likely, okay. Hahaha.

But I didn't regret everything.

And realisation came upon me that I'm a totally one-night figther for everything. I completely understand that it's not always nice but it's when I work my best and there's nothing much I can do about it.

Also, I did try to study for exams one week before the D-day (literally forcing myself) and I didn't do well on exam--for some weird reasons. So I really embrace my last-minute trait hahahaha.

So, after exam is done some of my friends notably go for a short holidays! It sounds just so good arh! I don't go anywhere because I have no money and I still have thesis to settle (now feel a bit scared of it) and I don't wanna go out these few days because I lack of mood haha.

I need my girls day though, shall ask my thesis partner to go out sometimes in near time?

Anyway--I am currently immersing myself in drawing sketches (and never continue it) because it takes me less than 5 mins to finish it. Though it's fun, I still want to finish it. But I don't really know how to continue.

I guess this is some sort of mild art-block?

I have always wanted to draw a full-sized human with extreme details. I love it so much--and I believe it will probably take me days. But my skill and my imagination don't match (sadz) so then I shifted to a simple figure drawing and tried not to make it over-detailed but still not simple.

Though simple drawing is always nice, I feel like it's not going out of my comfort zone and I gain no satisfaction upon finishing it so I always like to add little touch here and there for details. Sometimes I go overboard and add too much details which end up I Ctrl+Z so many things.

Now... How should I continue the sketch?

M-matte kudasai!

Before that! How is my thesis fate? /dreadful shivering/

I am not sure how to say this but I've left my thesis idle since last weekend and it's the most horrible thing I have done. I feel ultra guilty now and want to dedicate my lazy self to finish the whole test case before next week!

Those iOS emojis are so funny! XD

Lots of love ♥


  1. Are you updating your blog via handphone?
    Or if not, how DID you manage to insert those emoji?
    Coz i cant seem to do it and my phone didnt work well with this blogspot website.
    The diff between you and me about last minit studying is that you can actually do well while me, would definitely fail the exam. LOL

    1. Hello! Sorry it took me so long. Anyway I never update my blog from phone because I love typing on laptop hahaha and I hate touchscreen keyboard. I simply upload those emoji pics in png format ;)
      It all depends, I had those days where I did really awful as well. Don't worry, it's not only you XD


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