Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shower later and Swim in the ocean.

No, not that *cough* song.

That middle finger is purposely covering a super big pimple that I grow at the moment.
And I return to my habit of painting my left ring finger nail for no reason again /smirk

My totally-just-showered selca-nyan!

I love shower time so much! (Though my statement will still be shower < bath)

I can stay as long as 30 minutes inside shower cubicle to contemplate about life, to daydream, to wash myself properly twice, to gargle under shower (yeah I do this), to have that good pressure on my head from the shower stream, to reenact some movie scenes under shower sexily, and many more.

What make things better is that the weather is super hot nowadays that the cold shower has become much warmer and I love it!

Though I love shower time, it will take me ages to actually bring myself to shower.

Before shower time, I would occasionally send random chat to my sis or anyone I'm currently chatting: "brb shower" but the fact is that I would never go shower for at least the next 15 minutes after sending that message.

I may have prepared myself to go to shower (the bathroom is separated with my room), get naked and wrap myself in towel a la spring rolls, but I never really leave my room until few minutes later.

It takes me very long to go to shower, and it takes me much longer to finish my shower. Screw me, right?

E.g.: I said that I'm going to shower at 7PM, and I actually left my room to shower room at 8:30PM, and I finished showering at 9:15PM (including brushing teeth and many stuff). This is real.

If you ask me why, I don't know--I get distracted in other things before taking a shower; such as combing my hair, googling something unimportant (for real ugh), having sudden urge to do self-facial, looking at myself naked in front of mirror, and many more.

I'm the way too easy to be distracted!

Also, once I enter shower cubicle to shower, it takes me ages to actually finish? I am not sure; but my family members did say that I take a shower the longest.

I cannot understand people that can take a shower in less than 5 minutes daily.

I did that once, when I was very late--so I took a super fast shower without much rubbing and without additional activities and I still feel dirty and I feel smelly so I put on body spray on myself which I hated--I hate body spray and perfumes on me.

Note: I love perfumes on guys though HAHAHAHA.

I guess I'm a freak.

I just love waters--for some unexplained reasons. I love getting wet, getting soaked, just anyhow wet, I don't know why.

I love swimming, I love bath tub, I love beach, I love car-washing it's hard to explain. It's not an obsession though, I just enjoy water!

By the way, my train of thought suddenly passed by and I remember of something interesting:

I once posted a question where I ask my readers to choose one of these abilities: to be able to fly or to be able to breath underwater?

I asked that question because I asked that question to myself and I had a hard time answering it.

Related to this post; if you think that I might choose to be able to breath underwater option--probably you're right.


But trust me, that's not the first choice that I chose.

I chose to be able to fly as my first answer--and after some deep thoughts, then I chose to be able to breath underwater.


I had few dreams about flying some years ago (and surprise to all of you that I still remember some of  my dreams from even 15 years ago for real!), I was flying in between skyscrapers and landed on one of its window, with my other flying friends, and that felt so awesome that it left such an unforgettable memory in my brain, it's a permanent memory of one of my dream.

The other dream, when I was staying in my two previous houses, I was staying on the third floor and these same 'flying friends' of mine fetched me to my third floor's door to the balcony, and asked me whether I wanted to join them to go to a place. This detail is blurred a bit, but I still remember it looked like space; dark, but so many lights from anywhere that it was so much cool! I flew with them and it was awesome--another permanent memory of one of my dream.

Up until now, I had no idea (or no memory) of who were those flying friends.

Those dreams were my trigger of choosing the first ability.

But then I think about it again, I never even once had a dream about me swimming in the deep ocean and meeting my 'swimming' friends; I never had a dream about discovering the new space inside deep ocean and meeting new scary creatures down there.

This thought was the one reverted my choice to the second one.

I never have those flying dreams again--my dreams are recently more mature (and terrific these few days) so I'm missing those feelings of me being able to dream high; literally!

But I always believe (and make myself to believe) that my reality is better than my dreams; because it's real! What else can you say?

Or, all of these things we're having now are dreams, and we're going to forget all of these when we truly wake up someday later?

It's a scary thought!

Lots of love ♥


  1. I can relate about showering really well. hahahah
    esp the part where you laze around first before taking the shower and then took a lot of time to finish.
    it's SOOO me!

    and awesome dream btw. the last time I dream about flying was I ended up falling. not pretty. 0_0

    1. Ahahaha :") so much true. It's so hard to drag my body to go to shower, and once I'm showering, it's hard to stop XD

      Ahhhh that's yeah, tad bit scary--I had dreams of falling as well and I fell to the floor in real life; bumped my forehead to the edge of my bed >.<

  2. this postttt----I know how you feel very much!!!!
    I spend so long in the bathroom, my family members and friends always ask me what I usually do in the bathroom.
    I feel like I bath just like any other normal human does, but I don't know why others can take so quickly ;u; *sobs*

    The number of times I remember what I dreamt of is....I think no more than 10... ;u; I always forget my dreams, and when I remember it, I only remember a glimpse of it, not everything. *sigh* :')

    1. Hehehehe XD It's so hard to quit showering right? It just feels soooo great! And feeling clean is the best feeling as well~

      Hahaha it's ok to forget it XD sometimes I want to forget some dreams, and they just won't go from my mind--I'm kind of thankful none of my dreams are foretelling dreams~ :P

  3. yesss! Especially on a hot day. Showering is blisss~ XD and yes yes, feeling clean is also great too!
    ah, that is a disadvantage though ._.
    me too! hahaha XD

    1. Hahahaha I agree with you! It's nice to know we have so many things in common :P XD


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