Monday, October 20, 2014

Shocking family fact!?

All of the family members (and some of my friends too) have admitted that I'm a carbon copy
of my Mama!
I inherit my Papa's nose and many traits from him tho. XD

More than half of my Mama's side family members are overseas so that I know only some few of them.

But some days ago I discovered something pretty shocking bout it!

So during high school, I had one friend named Sylvia (disguised for safety haha) who were younger than me. She was cute and very thin but I was not too close to her.

That time, there was this wedding dinner from my Mama's side which we attended and I met Sylvia--I think? Everyone got to know that my eyesight is horrible so I didn't bother to check every face that I met there to confirm whether I know them or not, because I was pretty sure that I would most likely not know most people there; I don't know many people anyway.

Then when I was with my Ahma, she talked to me and said: You know this Sylvia right? She's from Stece (my Highschool) right? She's related with you, you know?

I was kind of surprised but it's a nice surprise: I didn't know! Ohhh I see I see *nod*

It was few years ago; probably 6 to 7 years ago.

Then around last week I had a call with my Mama and we talked bout Sylvia again; then my Mama said: "Sylvia is your aunty loh."

I was confused: "why?" I don't even understand why I asked why hahahaha.

She answered: "because, Sylvia's mama is Ahma's cousin, which means Sylvia is my great-cousin." *insert laugh here*

I was literally jaw-dropping myself that time

and laughed so hard.

Then I said to Mama: So Sylvia won't call you aunty, but she will call you Jiejie? And I call Sylvia aunty?

That's ridiculously fun!

So all of this time, I was studying with my aunty? I was graduating with my aunty? I know this happens elsewhere I just can't believe it happens to me as well--the gaps in my family's generation. It's kind of awesome and interesting!

Lots of love ♥


  1. love your big nose

  2. wow, that's a shock indeed! someone in the same grade as you is your aunty ._.
    Maybe I have one like that too?? XD Since the family tree is really big XD hohoho

    1. Yeahhhh it's very very shocking!! Ikr, maybe you have one too! Someone far far away? XD my family tree is the way too big too and I probably don't know almost half of them ><

  3. this is a normal occurrence for me.
    I am the aunty

    1. Hahahahaha!! That's fun actually~ XD cheers!


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