Tuesday, October 28, 2014

[Quality time 4.2♥] Sea.

Sunday morning!

I felt that exaggeratedly exhausting probably because of the awesome long journey the day before. I woke up thanks to the few dings on my HP and I went to shower, like, half-awake because I didn't feel like sleeping at all.

Then I just realised it was Sunday and it was my twenty-second year since I was being pushed to this world day (or call it shorter because I like brief things: birdday!).

I got like slight amnesia that morning due to extreme tiredness so I didn't even remember it was Yours truly's birdday so I really didn't get any excited.

Besides, I am now so old and the way above legal age so I did consider to reduce fooling around--naww :C

But I tried to appear excited throughout the day for the sake of good mood of my first day of being one year above legal age!

Which affected me in some mysterious way because I became genuinely excited throughout the day!


Uncle Sea brought me to Ancol that day--to walk around and eat. It's my first trip to Ancol after my trip there like almost 2.5 years ago! So I was excited.

Though for me, Ancol is middle-level entertainment but it's not that pricey so I'm okay with that; also, it has many things to see so it's pretty good.

We went to Pantai Carnaval (Carnaval Beach) to look around and eat. The weather was super hot just like fresh oven; literally.

And crowds, I hate crowds--so it was double hotness and crowds woot!

Though the beach view was 5/10; but it's nice to feel the wind. Besides, I have always been beaches' fan so I really enjoyed my time there!

Breakfast--because I was in a rush (I woke up late and I showered too long >.<)

HOT HOT HOT HOT! Opposite of the freezing day before.

Foodies here are hawker standard but restaurant price--but it's expected.

Hot weather but refreshing wind--it was nice!

Wish the sky was azure blue--it was cloudy so it's like three times hotter.

The pug was extremely dehydrated as I see him--I felt so bad! The bridge was surely hot to his palms as well.

Chillax at A&W! ♥

We ate there like twice--the first one ate things like soto, etc. on the food court and second we looked for aircon at A&W. I was too full so I skipped RB Float that day, but I got Icecream and Fries instead (wtf appetite).

Around 4PM then we left Ancol and headed to North Jakarta for fancy dinner. Yay!

It was fun!

Though in my opinion, this place is aimed for big families--like playing on the small beach, or the theme park. Well, the theme park is better suited to teenagers above (due to some extreme ridings) and also the Ecopark. Playing paintball there is also better suited to teenagers or uni students because it's painful man!

It's more fun to go to Ancol with many people--it was only four of us so we were kind of blur what to see.

Two opposite days of Quality time 4; for me it's interesting and exciting!

Lots of love ♥


  1. nice view, i'm enjoyed with all those picture sharing~

  2. the views are awesome!
    very relaxing

    1. Yupppp! But I really have to say that there are many other places have better view ;D it's nice and cheap here though


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