Monday, October 27, 2014

[Quality time 4.1♥] Mountain.

So I had an awesome weekend!

My parents came here due to some stuff to settle with Uncle Sea. They mentioned it as "business" though I know it's all about plants (they and Uncle Sea love plants!) hahaha so I volunteered to drive them around while they were here.

I had uncommon experience on weekend: I went to mountain on Saturday, and I went to sea on Sunday! *woot*

Isn't that interesting? Both got extreme weathers so I caught slight flu on Monday lol.

I'm gonna divide the Quality time four post into two chapters: Mountain and Sea teehee *wink*


Apparently it's the time of this month when Uncle Sea is going to his villa on the mountain for monthly 'grooming'; he is growing flowers there (which can't grow in the Jakarta's heat) so me and parents decided to tag along!

Saturday 3:30AM we then left Jakarta to Puncak; where his villa is located. It's one highland which is pretty accessible from Jakarta for its distance (around 2 hours driving via highway) or around 70KM.

Midnight journey always excites me; so did this one! I am soooo excited for the late night driving and the cold wind breezing and the very quiet Jakartan's road--am I weird?

Upon quitting highway and entering Puncak--which means riding high to mountain--the chilling weather was truly obvious. I was shivering--5AM weather on mountain is no joke!

I guess I inherit one of Papa's trait--don't like cold weather

Argh!! How to travel to Scandinavian countries like this? Give me mercy!

But the sunrise from mountain high journey is awesome!

Never captured any proper sunrise picture; just try to imagine that blue-orange-pink sky at 5:15AM. The sunrise is exceptionally early on highlands!

SOOOO PRETTY! I love skies!

Reached Uncle Sea villa at around 5:50AM and it's very bright already! The weather--ugh, freezing!! Regretted myself only wore short jeans and never brought any jacket at all.

This should be sky around 6AM; very bright isit!? I was very excited! The weather was freezing but nice at the same time. Though I never stopped shivering; washing my foot with icy water there was also fun. I went kyaaaa! lol, I was noisy.

It was truly cold and weather felt so clean, unlike urban city Jakarta. Time to clean your lung away here!

Then I took a walk around the villa complex to warm my body--it was beautiful!

The complex; far from urban city.

It was really quiet and peace.

Okay, I might get influence to start tending plants because both of my parents and Uncle Sea de topics of chat are usually revolving in plants and they won't stop. Special for Papa--he loves animal too yay!

Hahaha so we stayed on villa until afternoon, slept around, played badminton and tended the garden. Additional activity: uncle planted four new baby banana trees there, hoping it to grow well in mountain weather! *nom*

Then we left the villa on around afternoon for lunch--drove around villa and saw this very interesting view at someone's villa:


I guess those are parrots and or lovebirds based on the colours!

The birdies' house is obviously bigger than my room what.

Confirm, this villa's owners--THEY ARE RICH!!

I wonder whether the owner would come inside that huge cage to feed them and received some shits? XD

Okay so we continued our journey because uncle wanted to buy bananas (bought bananas after planted four banana trees /)._.(\" ) and strawberries. YAY!

They bargained for bananas (which the seller gave us superly cheap!! LUCKY!!) and bought like four bunches of banana!

Alsoooo small strawberry!! Unlike the Japanese giant sakura strawberries, the strawberries here are relatively smaller, but looks so good!

50K for four boxes fyi.

Though the fact is that not all of it are sweet--some are pretty sour though ugh.

Then we decided to go to Kota Bunga--another villa complex, the expensive one though. But the villas there all look sooo good until we went wow wow wow wow!

The entrance even looked so nice! And the villas are far more thoughtful and decorative than Uncle Sea villa complex. And of course, the price is like 5-8 times higher lor.

These big buildings are only villas? I wonder how big are their houses if even their only villas are this luxurious!?!?

The perfect cold weather makes everything better! Snuggle inside colourful and beautiful villa and watch pirated movie with popcorn and milo and make love--so much fun!

Do you want to stay in one of those colourful houses??

For me, I don't think so--surprise!!

I am visualising a plain beige or white house outside, but colourful inside. Just something modest outside but cheerful inside; something like my personality? XD


This place is like the plasa of the complex--fun for sightseeing--also the weather is bright and freezing. Nice nice!

Lastly, family shoot in case you forget how I look like:

I wanted to stand in the middle but Mama got jealous and kept hindering me stand by Papa's side so I was shifted aside omg hahaha so funny

And we decided to have a picnic in front of someone's empty villa hahaha and enjoyed the view and weather until around 4PM.

Puncak's road is quite difficult to understand, the only access road there is sometimes closed, sometimes open. There are some times when the road is closed to go down so noone can go down (to hinder traffic jam and make it one way road) and there are some times when the road is closed to go up so people can only go down.

That day, we then went down at around 5PM and we were imagining that we would reach Jakarta at 7PM or latest 8PM. Turned out we got caught on the road which was closed to go down at that moment.

Stuck on the road for around an hour, I slept unglam-ly and the others ate banana hahaha. Then when the road was finally opened at 6PM, there was this crazy traffic jam until 9PM there! And we just entered highway to Jakarta (the gate is around 55KM to Jakarta) at 9PM--ahhhh.

So the supposedly-two-hours journey became seven-hours journey. I had to hold my almost-bursting bladder for around 5 hours what wtf.

My backside was hot as bbq griller and I could actually see backside shape on car's seat omg wtf.

But overall, it's an amazing way to spend Saturday!

Of course, cannot avoid the crazy traffic jam--very Indonesian! Hahahaha, so fun though.

Reached Jakarta at around 10PM (or11PM) and we walked outside house to look for dindin; stumbled upon hawker nasi goreng so we ate there. In the dark roadside, sitting on the pavement with starry sky as our view--we ate hawker food with mosquitos. It actually felt like real picnic.

Very nice for some reasons!

That day was very fun!

Took a quick shower and fell asleep instantly after I touched my bed--that day, my sleep was in perfect quality! Hahaha.

So that is my first half of Quality time four post--stay tuned for the second half! *wink*

Lots of love ♥


  1. those villas are pretty! and colorful! like whaaaaaa I wonder how the inside looked like..
    and have I told you how much i love cold weather even if I ended up freezing? LOL there ya go..the weather must feel so nice up there.
    another fun trip you have there. I should do this too. except that we have no mountain here in our country.

    1. Yeahhhh very colourful! I never got inside but it should be equally luxurious hahaha. Also it's rather expensive.
      Nope--hahaha how is the weather in Brunei anyway? It's mostly hot here (but it's easy to go to highlands) so it is actually nice. I used to like cold weather--for some reasons I am kind of scared of it DX

      Is it nearby to go to highlands from Brunei btw? Or you should cross to Malaysia?


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