Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Major Thesis: week 02 & 03.

There is no much progress compared to fast week 01.

So I don't know what to blog? Like what, no idea.

The fiery spirit that I actually had on week 01 was entirely extinguished.

Wanted to do happy Thesis together with partner today but my mind said no no no no so many times until today I gave up and after lunch I told her:

Me: "Wanna do thesis?"
Her: "Yup."
Me: "How about no?"
Her: "Okay."
Me: "No no let's do it."
Her: "Okay."
Me: "Aren't you lazy?"
Her: "I'm fine."
Me: "But I'm so lazy, let's go home?"
Her: "Okay."

I got hormones-rage and I confirmed I gained 5KG (really said that f word so many times to my weighing scale) and I outgrown most of my jeans and I refused to buy new jeans.

I'm so gonna push my limit now. I'm so gonna do hardcore situps and max-level diet. Though I have no idea how will I do diet but I'm just gonna stop consuming anything sweet, salty and fatty after 7PM and will try 2.5L water per day.

The stop consuming anything after 7PM (give myself a break day every Monday) is pretty easy for me but the 2.5L water per day is really a challenge. When I was working, I can assume I drank approx. 1.5L-2L in entire day. I drank so much at work to the point that I went relieve myself literally every hour. But I know that's just my limit.

2.5L is probably a bit too much?

Then for some reasons, face decided that this week is gonna be my ugliest week on this month and face is so gonna pimp my face all the way!

Hello pimples!

Pimple bells, pimple bells, pimple all the face!

Big pimples are awesome! They can become both your beauty marks + so much pain to bear is so gonna worth it.

And my fringe is now sooooper long!

Its length has exceeded even my neck that it becomes super long and somewhat naughty; I don't really know what to do with my super long fringe that falls nowhere but in my face. WHAAAAT!

Now to Thesis progress:
Prologue Chapter : 0%
Chapter 1        : 80% (done, need final review)
Chapter 2        : 5% (gathering)
Chapter 3        : 10% (composing dummy data)
Chapter 4        : 0%
Chapter 5        : 0%
Epilogue Chapter : 0%
Yay for no progress! (or very little progress)

I really felt so bad that I'm so gonna use tomorrow's 15 hours dedicated for Chapter 3 progress! Since partner is working tomorrow so I'll show her that I'm pretty diligent in some ways!

Since this Thesis post series has kind of nothing, I'm giving you some awesome Youtube videos I watched recently:


I'm hella sure it's kind of, far, (don't really want to say impossible) for me to buy this (or even for anyone to buy me this? haha) because it's the way too pricey for amateur artist like me. For me IDR 28million is a bit too much for myself to splurge in this godly thing. But I'm so gonna put Wacom Cintiq on my wishlist--though it may probably take decades for me to buy this? XD

I'm currently eyeing the low-end Wacom products: Wacom Intuos; though I can't really say it's low end also, but still it's far cheaper than Cintiq. I have this nice plan of getting myself a Wacom Intuos in near time because, I think it will be a great friend for me to release all of my creativity toxic inside my brain so it can feel a little bit better to prepare itself for Major thesis lol.

But you know the rule: Ask, Believe, Receive!

Lots of love ♥


  1. great post


  2. OMG I laughed at that conversation XD your friend is so calm XD
    but it's okay if you don't cut your fringe right? since you usually put it sideways ._.
    thesis looks very hard... *sobs*
    and that wacom, omg ;u; it's sooooo coollllll :'D

    1. Yeah she is! LOL
      Yupp it's okay, just sometimes when I look at my old photos with fringe, I miss it ;__;
      It's a bit hard, but ganbate!!

      SO COOL. I. CANNOT. argh *bite self* Idk if I can even own it at all u_u


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