Friday, October 3, 2014

Internship 2014: bonus chapter★

Even after I have finished my Internship weeks, I was still invited to our team's second team dinner (the first one was on July) last week. They considered it as my farewell dinner as well so I decided to be as pretty as flowers and came to the dinner.


The dinner was located at Puri, not sure where was that though it wasn't too far as it is still in West Jakarta. We ate at Pique Nique PIM at 9PM, we were the last group they served literally haha.

Met my ex-colleagues, or can say my friends though. Added one new colleague (an Intern also) which can be considered as my replacement--turned out she is my junior! LOL.

Then supervisor J told me: she is semester 5 student and working, why do you quit?


But that stabbed deep inside my heart lmao.

I was only poker-faced there and dry-laughing.

Had some efforts to be exceptionally cute on that day.

My very beautiful ex-colleague (friend now!) birdday on that very same day! :"D

Chicken Cordon Bleu, belongs to BFF (and why why I didn't order this omg it's so tempting!)

Inequal Fish n Chips. Not bad though.

Ex Intern - Still Intern - New Intern!

My *probably* last photo group with this interesting team! :")

I was very disappointed that my colleague BFF didn't make it on that day because she was sick! Even so, I still chat her back and forth and wishing her all very best! Chatting doesn't feel nice, I really like talking face-to-face more than chatting. Chatting is bland in my opinion :"

About the restaurant:

I saw the menu book and its price surprisingly in mid-range; very affordable despite of the nice atmosphere and 'this kind' of restaurant. I really would like to return here to try other menus! It is going to be awesome; besides--it's not that far (felt far because I never go here before but at least I have some ideas now haha).

Thank you very much CM Team for your kind assistance, friendship and bonding.
I will never forget this Internship 2014 journey.

I treasure all of you!


Lots of love ♥


  1. the place looks nice.... :'D
    seems like you made really good friends with your intern colleagues. I hope that happens to me too during my intern XD

    1. Yeahhhh I'm so blessed that I got into them--they're very friendly! I am sure you will meet friendly colleagues during your intern! ^_^

  2. well , the food looks okay okay only.... haha ~ just you look gorgeous XD

    1. For their low price, those foods are quite ok ok! Thanks =P

  3. Yummy food is yummy!!
    I would love to try that chicken one! (I just love chicken..hahah)
    and its always nice to still be friends with your old colleagues. you don't have to be close nor do you have to be distant (like enemy sort of). Just neutral. :)

    1. I love chicken too! XD hahaha. I agree; just neutral is probably the best. :D I do that too.


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