Saturday, October 11, 2014

Alluka and Something なにか。

Some Hunter x Hunter fans would know (and mourn) that Hunter x Hunter 2011 anime stopped last month.

*sobbing hard*

I purposely dragged my watching several weeks forward because for me the last 3 episodes which I could actually bear not to watch until last night were the way TOO PRECIOUS!

And I am quite sure everyone is mesmerised with how cute Alluka is!?
And cannot accept the reality that such cutie Alluka is a boy.

In what sense, would refer Alluka as a boy??

Inside Alluka, there is one more soul called Something (or Nanika in Japanese) which for me is equally adorable!

Nanika is the soul inside Alluka which actually has an ultimate power of wish-granting. Something will appear only after people grant Alluka's three wishes in a row (or when Killua personally summons Nanika--I guess Nanika likes Killua enough to let Killua summon her without doing anything for her).

Eh, him.

But I'm so gonna refer Alluka and Nanika as girls.

I assume it's a Specialization type of Nen but I am not sure. The last time I read on wikia that Nanika was not listed on Nen-users list (Idk bout now though).

So, the highlight is the probably warmest episode of Hunter x Hunter 2011 that I've watched--episode 146.

That I was not sure why I said this episode as a sad episode which in fact, it's the warmest episode of all which combined all cryings into one. Actually made me wetting my own T-Shirt on that night thanks to the river-tears.

Killua (Alluka's brother) wanted to set Alluka free by telling Nanika to go away and never wake up anymore so Alluka will be free from Nanika's power.

But Nanika pleaded Killua that Nanika loved Killua... Which really broke my heart and jabbed my eyebags until it shameless poured all of my bodily liquid outside!

But then Killua asked Nanika to sleep and never wake up anymore, Nanika broke upon hearing that.


Okay this is very very sad! I sobbed a lot here.

Then when Alluka woke up, she told Killua to apologise to Nanika as Alluka doesn't want Nanika to cry.

Killua then called Nanika back, and apologised to her for being such a bad brother.

Nanika forgived her--sweet siblings! *tearing*

Nanika, will you forgive me for being a bad brother? //'Kay.

Here is the full clip of warmest thing on this earth in 2D:

What's wrong with stupid me that I can sob again and again all over me after only watching this very short clip??

How can sad Nanika be so adorable??

I confirm I'm so gonna cosplay her no matter what!

She's too adorable!

And one last gentle reminder: Alluka/Nanika is a boy. Not too nice reminder though :P

Lots of love ♥


  1. i also chasing this anime, i liked aluka too although i'm greedy type as i wish to have lots of money~

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)


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