Friday, October 31, 2014

22nd resolutions.

As usual, I'm going to strike out the twenty-first resolutions here:
====21st resolution====
01. Myself.
I would like to be 110 pounds!
I would like to be happier each day!
A striking haircut or hairdye.
02. My study.
I would like to learn more foreign languages, informally.
I would like to ace my classes until my final semester.
03. My family.
Mama and daddy and sister have good health and be happy!
Family business is going well.
Sister Miki meets her soulmate.
04. My friends.
Girls day out with my classmate BFFs.
Iceskating together with friends.
05. Blogging.
Better way in blogging.
Hit 500th post!
06. Fatty ranger meow.
Good health and be happy!
Have good work performance and enjoy it as much!
♥ We gonna have another fun holiday together.

Myself? I did lose weight, but I gained it, and I lost it, and I gained it wtf. So I don't really want to strike it though I actually lost few KG compared of last year.

Also, since I've been applying LOA to my life, I actually feel happier each day which is nice thing. I have learned many life essentials and how to live my life well, I'll probably share life tips here someday--when I'm not too busy.

And striking haircut or hairdye--nope, no courage yet?

My study? It went well though not satisfying. I wrote earlier this year that I didn't ace my Minor thesis, it was a big hit though I got over it pretty quickly. Also, my foreign language skill is just as same I guess. Nothing much. I'd love to deepen my Japanese skill though!

My family? All of them are happy and healthy and I'm glad! My family ichiban daisuki! The only thing not on my to-do list for my family is to turn my back on them; no matter what happens, I love my family more than myself. Noone can change this! I am hoping for happier and more fun future--I am very dedicated and family-oriented deep inside ;)

My friends? I actually met many new friends during work days in middle of this year and they are all amazing! I also had several girls day out with my classmates; and though we did nothing much other than window shopping and eat, it was fun! I'm glad I'm surrounded with nice friends in this city--three years after I moved in here. I'm very grateful that life is very kind to me!

Blogging? I hit my 500th post and it was a good achievement! Though my blogging history is quite blank as I don't blog as much as bloggers do; I realise that I'm a part-time blogger and I'm happy that I do it that way. I blog not to please people, I blog to unleash my inner-lust of writing. It's just awesome and I want this blog to grow with me, and be my life's spectactor.

Fatty ranger meow? I am, once again, not sure whether I should put this point to my birdday resolution but I did it anyway. I don't know much about people's life and probably I shouldn't bother much since I know that I don't like if people do the same to me, but I'm kind of happy to see Fatty ranger meow doing well! You know that I'm always hoping all the best for you; want you to be happy and healthy. We had few holiday getaways together this year and it's so much fun! Thank you! I'm glad that I know you! I have so much fun!

I experienced so many things on my twenty-first. Firstly, I made so many new friends, and it felt awesome! I had so much fun as well; it was great. I grew mentally, this has put me in to a very new perspective which allows me to see how awesome the life that I'm having now. I learnt to forgive and forget, though it's still difficult as hell (because I never really forgive; though I will usually forget without forgiving lol omg what kind of creature I am), and I also learn to look into details--that I've always been an easy-going and carefree before.

Overall, I learned so many things on my twenty-first and I'm glad that I probably have the best of it! Though I didn't go out much, I didn't socialize freely and I didn't do things that people around my age usually do. I am not sure, but I'm glad that way.

I wish to improve myself on my twenty-second now!

And now, here is my improved 22nd resolution list!
====22nd resolution====
01. Myself.
I would like to be 110 pounds!
I want to find my inner peace.
A striking haircut or hairdye.
Find my art genre!
Find myself a challenging and intelligently engaging job!
02. My study.
I would like to learn more foreign languages, informally.
Ace my final thesis defence! (I don't ask much things, just ace it!)
03. My family.
Parents and sister good health and be happy and successful!
Family holiday trip!
04. My friends.
All of us graduating together!
Create good memories.
Find new friends.
Cherish old friends.
05. Blogging.
A brand-new blogging concept!
06. Fatty ranger meow.
Multiply prosperity and have enough of everything to be happy!
Have good health to enjoy this great luck year!
Fun holidays~!
On the other hand, I'm maintaining my Wishlist to the fullest! Head to my Wishlist page (try to find it? HAHAHA) for, erm, fun? XD

So~~~~on my twenty-second year of celebration; I spoiled myself with several, erm, not make up and such cuties--but toys!

Guess it's worse than make up stuff omg *O*

I didn't buy them to satisfy myself! NO!

I bought them because I spoiled my stuff before and I need them, so I thought of getting them. And I was thinking of paying them all by myself but I'm too poor for that so I borrowed Papa's money like few millions, so I'm so happy! XD

I feel so blessed and loved and I'm very grateful of that. Again, I'm very grateful that life is very kind to me in any way! I have never felt this good before!

There will be no gadget review since I'm the way too busy for that this time.

It reminds me that I haven't written any Major Thesis post recently ;__; omg.

Have a nice day! Erm it's almost midnight here so I gotta go, mata ne!

Lots of love ♥

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