Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday shopping.

I spent almost half a million in one day and I blamed myself multiple times for that.

I have been going shopping alone these days because most of my friends are either not here or they are busy. I noticed that it's kind of very sad going shopping alone but it can't be helped :/ sometimes it has its own fun side but I can guess that nobody can actually understand what's the fun of going shopping alone.

Mainly, you'll look like a sad single woman. Or else, you'll look like a lost foreigner that is staying here for only few weeks. Or else, you'll just look sad.

But I find that fun hahaha that I can see and analyze so many people in public and guess what are they up to, and yadda yadda.

Initially planned to buy myself a new mouse since my old one gets too old to work so I wanted him to retire; and I'm now getting myself a new hamster.

My first time owning a wireless hamster! Hamster works really great now teehee.

I then walked for simple grocery shopping and found myself spent 100K for these two eccentric eyeliners:

It's more like eye crayons and I still haven't figured out how to wear these crayons beautifully hahahaha.

And I took a walk to book store to find out that THE HERO is already out here! Without second thought, I grabbed it and bought it immediately.

I finally got myself a copy of HERO! And I'm so excited to make my life better with this. I cannot wait! I'm a big fan of The Secret you knowwww.

So those things above squeezed more than 500K from me. I'm slightly broke now; after my allowance was sent two days ago *deep sigh*

And you know what, tomorrow is the first day of my very last semester at university! How can I not be too excited?!

Semester 6 holiday flew too fast?

Lots of love ♥


  1. Wah, The Secret. Keren tuh, gua udah baca bukunya dan nonton filmnya.
    Asik euy masih bisa shopping sana sini, gua sejak mulai S2 udah serasa jadi tawanan di LP. Tiap hari mengurung diri di kamar baca ratusan halaman literatur Mandarin, hiks...

    1. Yoi. Gue juga sudah apply this in my life and it's just awesome dong hahaha. Kasian banget, what's the Mandarin Literature looking like? :P

  2. I actually get the fun of strolling around alone. It gets lonely sometimes, but it's also fun to walk anywhere you want, or stay in a place as long as you want. Or perhaps that's just my introvert side speaking ;u;
    The faces on the mouses look cute, lol XD
    eh?? you have 7 semesters only?? I thought we have 8 semesters?? ._.
    anyway, hope you have a great semester ahead! XD

    1. IGUESSSOTOO! Hahaha. I have this little bit introvert thing as well so it's fun in my way that my mum never understands (She's a perfect extrovert haha).
      YUP! And you too you know :B computer science only have 7 semester LOL.

      You too thank you Verochan! <3

    2. yesss, hahaha XDD
      he?? HE??? OMG I never knew. When they said that I'm going to study for 4 years, I assumed that I was going to have 8 semesters. I feel so embarassed right now ;u;
      yep2~ XD

    3. HEHEHEHE. It's really going to be 4 years, but on our semester 8, we will have no class, only thesis defence. No more SKS payment and BP3, just one day of defence. Doesn't that mean we only study for 3,5 years? :D :D

      Cool isn't it? Yokatta we take Comp Science major! LOL


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