Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"One short paragraph about me?"

People here are very into ask.fm nowadays (and I used to too! Though I kinda left it nowadays haha) and I happened to broadcast a question to my followers.

(I only have 4 followers though and they are my classmates so it's no longer fun for me to keep, I kinda left my ask.fm due to being so busy and bored haha).

"One short paragraph about me please?"

Their answers are so fun to read; though they all pinpoint same thing about me!

Show you what they really say about me after 3 years of studying together:

This is from Daniel! Thank you!
Haha I like this shy shy cat thing, makes my day!
The "you just don't really know her yet" hits me--I guess I'm the type that behaves differently when I just get acquainted or when I have known people long enough.

This is from Ragnar! Thank you!
Another similar impression--a looking-innocent girl at first but rebellious deep inside. I guess my face is the way too cute and too innocent to show what's deep inside me? The not very religious hits me bad as well! Haha. Guess I'm the way too rebellious.

This is from Femme! Thank you!
Laughing when I read this--my trueself is probably, erm, a loud girl? It's hard even for me to admit that I'm actually an expressive girl while I mostly appear as a calm girl at uni. I guess, being expressive makes the world better for me? Also, the "turns out she's almost just like me" thing laughed me out--You guess! :P

This is from Meshiya! Thank you!
Laughed very hard at the second point--so you mean I'm loud and shameless? HAHAHAHA. I know you gonna read this post someday, you know how will I laugh in front of your face and I'm just gonna be so loud. Easily galau is my hidden side but you really have seen it! Haha. Guess I also have a bit hard head as well *wink*

From their answers I will draw one red string:

I'm that shy and quiet girl that is not shy and quiet at all after a long time. 

I guess I wrote the perfect "About me" section I wrote since the beginning of this blog already:

I'm that one-in-a-kind girl, that quiet and clumsy friend but eccentric and loud deep inside.

Guess what? I love these answers so much though it's kind of dreading sending this kind of question to my friends.

I had so much fun!

Lots of love ♥


  1. same hereeee! Most of my friends would tell me that I am a very quiet person at first, but I get really noisy in the end X'D
    I think most people who meet me once would really be shocked if they find out that I'm actually quite talkative. Hahaha

    1. Hehehe same case with me! I am originally talkative, but I don't enjoy being talkative to someone I'm not close with. Correct? XD

  2. hahaha! I've seen this ask.fm at most of the kpop accounts on IG. so that what it does..hehe

    its so nice these people actually gave you the answers. maybe i should give this a try too? hahah it'd be a laugh xD

    1. Hahahaha! Yeah :"D it's kind of dreading the moment I was about to open the answer. But this is fun. You should try it too ;)


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