Monday, September 29, 2014

Major Thesis: week 01.

To be honest, I was hesitating to start this Major Thesis post series like I did in Minor Project Thesis and Internship last time. But I'm thinking that this is my final paper I'm doing in my university life so I think I'm documenting it--from the eccentric point of view.

I'm trying ._.

As semester 7 started last week (it's my second Monday already--time zaps!) I have met my Major Thesis lecturer thrice (counting during Internship days twice and last Monday once).

The Major Thesis deadline is January 31st, 2015 (according to my Major Thesis partner, honestly I have no idea haha) and we decide to finish our holy Major Thesis far before January 31st, we're pretty confident we're going to make it (labour first, happy later).

Oh yeah btw, some people (non-Binus) are very surprised that I'm not doing my Major Thesis alone. I mean, so far as I know, only in Binus Uni and specifically in Computer Science majors, Major Thesis is done in group of maximum three.

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage--correct?

Firstly, it's very advantageous if you're doing a pretty lengthy thesis--there will be three power to type. Three minds sharing for one thesis sounds good as well.

The basic disadvantage is, in my opinion, that it might trigger inner conflicts when in some cases, some opinions clash.

Well if that's the case, you better do thesis by yourself man.

And trust me, I find some people are like this that they prefer to do their thesis by one personnel rather than doing it with two personnels.

As for me, I'm the type that tend to have a slow start so I'm so gonna grab the chance to write my thesis with a friend. =D

Me and her decided to have Internship for our Major Thesis topic and use it as the base of our thesis writing (the Internship has finished, posts are here). So I'm just gonna write down all of things I've worked during Internship last three months.

Honestly at first it sounds simple but I come to realisation that "testing" topic is never simple. It's a never-ending branch that drives one crazy.

But I'm telling myself to love every single thing I am so gonna sew to my Major Thesis paper and imagining myself admiring my Major Thesis in few years in the future.

Yesterday, as I got so bored with my room and everything inside it then I decided to go KFC to splurge in coffee and sandwich with my Major Thesis partner and who knows; we finished our rough Major Thesis' Chapter 1!

Need so many review though but I can say this is a very very fast progress!
First week and we finished our Chapter 1 ma!

Chapter 1 in Major Thesis contains the Background of your Major Thesis, the Scope, the Major Thesis Structure. Briefly it's the very base of our Major Thesis (and an important one!).

The environment at KFC yesterday was super good. It's breezing and the wind was kind though it was super hot outside.

Sat in the corner with Caramel Macchiato and Donut.

Moved seat because here was breezer and had second batch of ice coffee floats hahaha. +BAP music vid.

Btw, can I be honest here?

My Major Thesis Partner is the one writing 80% of the Chapter 1 actually. I was just chatting with her, eating, drinking, laughing, watching BAP (Korean band) and trying to compose Chapter 3 by myself. I don't even know if I progress anything significant hahaha.

=_____= she's super diligent and clever; and I don't want people think I'm taking advantage her zzzz.

I'm gonna put the summary of my Major Thesis at the end of every Major Thesis post; just for fun haha.
Prologue Chapter : 0%
Chapter 1        : 75% (done, need review)
Chapter 2        : 0%
Chapter 3        : 5% (composing drafts of raw data)
Chapter 4        : 0%
Chapter 5        : 0%
Epilogue Chapter : 0%
Guess it's still a VERY FAR WAY to go. But I'm doing my best!

I don't know Major Thesis is both exciting and scary!

How long can I put that exciting word there? *wink*

Lots of love ♥


  1. I hope you're doing great with your thesis! Remember to relax every now and then to keep the spirit up! ^__^

  2. I actually think of the grouping as an advantage. Because I don't think my thinking alone is enough. Brainstorming together would probably result in a better thesis. X'D but it's true though, if you have different opinions...
    Congrats on finishing chapter 1!!! :'D otsukaree~
    ohh, you've teamed up with your aslab friend which you mentioned back then?? XD

    1. Yeah yeah! :D But doing things together is like menderita bersama dan sukses bersama and it feels much better, for me? Idk I enjoy teamworks XD
      Thankyouuuu Verochan!!
      I team up with other friend, because aslabs cannot do Internship and while I have applied Internship elsewhere, I teamed up with another friend~ ^^

  3. SEMANGAT!!! Kalo udah lulus nanti, bakal kangen sama masa-masa skripsi lho. Saking kangennya, gua sampe ngambil S2, hahaha. Anyway, kalo lagi suntuk memang ada bagusnya pergi ke luar rumah dan nulis di KFC/Starbucks/cafe-cafe kece lainnya

    Semangat yaaa

    1. Begitu kah o_O is it possible that I might miss university days and will take master degree? I've been considering it as well actually. And that's true! It feels nice to do it outside :")

      Thanks koooo

  4. Wow..doing Thesis already? time flies~~
    all the best Jess! You can finish it before 31st Jan 2015. Gambatte! ^_^v

    1. YEAH! It feels kind of sad that only few months left of me studying but we're growing old :")
      I WILL! Thankyouuuu Aznur! :*


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