Saturday, September 20, 2014

Internship 2014 : week 12. (ありがとう)

I have finally finished my Internship 2014 series!

My last week was equally hectic--or probably it's the most hectic ever.

I went home the latest on Thursday (almost midnight) and I officially ended my contract on Friday. Left some works halfway though and I feel a bit bad about it but it can't be helped.

Probably it's the best LOA Application that I have done in my life.

Few days before I started my Internship; I kept on reassuring myself that I wanted to have Internship where I would get very attached with the working environments, colleagues and office. I wanted my last day to be very emotional because I got very attached with everyone there.

So what did I get?

I got everything, multiple times better than what I wished everything to be.

And I'm very happy that I'm blessed with these things--it's just unspeakable. I can't seem to find any words as how blessed I am with everything during Internship.

I'd like to state some points in this Internship which I think; it's a miracle to me.

1.) I got accepted on the first company I sent my resume to.
It has been long known that A* Company is a nice place to learn so many things and gather experiences. I don't know much about consulting company though but since it comprehends very well with my planned thesis (SAP) so I sent my resume there.
It took me months until the very official announcement that I got accepted there. During the waiting time; I unconsciously kept reassuring myself with LOA: working under A* Company would be hard, but that's the exciting part!
And I worked under A* Company for almost 3 months--and 3 months felt so short. Reminds me that time passes too quick when you enjoy everything that you do.

2.) I am placed in a good team and fun colleagues.
My Project Manager is very pretty and kind--I couldn't ask for anyone better. She's very kind and nice--a perfect role model. Idolise her so much!
My Supervisors are the kindest Spv you would meet in your life. As a strict consulting company; to be able to have them in as your Spv is truly blessing. From opposite team; I heard my friend there had a strict Spv that sometimes I heard them gossiping bout him, but my Spvs were all too nice to me. Again, I couldn't ask for anyone better! I'm very very blessed!
Haven't finished about them, now to my colleagues. I guess I found one of my long-lost BFF in this world. I sat beside one colleague who has just entered this company as well (new employee) and we're very click in so many ways. In such short time, I can understand them very well and vice versa. She took care of me very well and we had good laughs together--helped each other in works and worked out together. Supported each other and looked at her every day brightened my day! Probably it's very sad for her when I left (Idk leh why I'm so confident lol) but I honestly felt so sad on my last day seeing her--because I had no idea when can I work with her again; for real. Hopefully, in the future though!
Other colleagues were equally nice to me. There's this older colleague that is very kind to me; and she's too beautiful! She's too nice and it's very very sad imagining that I don't know when can I see her again. Also her partner--she is too fun and we could talk bout Kollean things for very very long. It's kind of sad for me unable to see her again.
I got to know people from Finance, Material Management and Human Resource Business Process (three modules) and befriended with them. People from Finance were too imba and I couldn't stop amazed on them; People from MM too--one person from MM is very very cute!; and People from HR are also very kind (since we sit close by) and I got to know one person from HR which shared same alma mater with me lah OMG! We're from same high school omg omg! She's very very kind as well. Proud to be Stece alumnae hahaha.

3.) I learnt SO MANY THINGS.
Especially in SAP--which is exactly what I wanted for this Internship. It's too amazing to be coincidence, but once again LOA delivered me to learning SAP very well. I guess now I'm far more skilled than 3 months ago in SAP. I learned so many things from everyone there. They were amazing! Wondering if I can be like them?

My last day, I was in panic since I couldn't see my Manager to do final talk and interview. Waiting anxiously for her and finally at 3PM she came to client office and I came to her immediately to talk talk talk. She was too kind (and I kept feeling grateful inside me that I was put under her management hahahaha) and it's kind of sad to bide farewell to her.

After that rushed interview and talked, then I packed my bag and became very emotional. Spvs were gone because they went overseas so there were only 4 colleagues left on office in my team. I hugged them one by one and said: "See you next time!" and swallowed my saliva--I tried to hold my feelings though seeing their face was too sad for me.

What made me sad was the thought that I don't know whether I will work with them again. They're just the best thing that happened in my Internship!

Told them to do the project their very best and tight hug and took pictures together. Bye-bye my Project Manager and people from HR too. It was too sad so I left quickly because I was afraid that I would cry. I left to the office to take care of ending contract procedures officially and at 5PM I went home with my friends.

That day passed too quick for me.

I couldn't imagine that I am not going to go to client office anymore--it's a really farewell to client office and all of my data there.

But I'm so glad that I left good memories there--it's just too precious to me!

BFF from Office! I miss you already! Thank you for the cakes and hugs and everything else!

My intern partner--she extends until end of year there though. I know you can do it!! :D
Picture above was taken at 11PM--the latest I stayed at office. I just noticed how reddish my eyes were and I looked like shit hahaha.

The only colleague at office on my last day. Thank you for the hugs and everything else! Let's go play again next time.

At office to return laptop and farewell.

See you again A* Company!

Cakes from BFF! Thank you so much! I love you! Haha. :")

I also sent my farewell email using my A* Company email to everyone and got very emotional last night (the day when my A* Company ID was revoked--too sad?) I thought I'm like kite boy (alay--anak layangan: exaggerating) hahaha but I really was very emotional.

I hope it lasted only until today.

So--I can finally strike one wish. Or even, better?

I had an awesome Internship. I couldn't ask for anything better.

And I thank everyone who have supported me during my Internship journey: my parents, my sister, Fatty ranger meow, my Intern partner, colleague BFF, colleagues, supervisors, PM, and everyone else!

I won't forget all of this Internship experience forever. It's one precious treasure in my life!

Lastly, here I share you one emotional song for emotional post:

It's Chinese sub because I can't find the English sub for this version (and I only like Yuzu's version for Nagareboshi Kirari) so just enjoy the emotional song if you don't understand it. Briefly it's a touching friendship song.

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