Sunday, September 14, 2014

Internship 2014 : week 11.

A shitty week literally.

Nothing much about my workload as it's still the same (testing testing testing) so won't write much about it.

This is the second time I fell sick during internship. I woke up feeling bad on Wednesday and went rage-shitting and just realised that I had to spend that entire day suffering from diarrhea--I don't like typing this complicated word diarrhea so I just gonna type it as shits.

My Wednesday didn't go well.

I still suffered from bad cough so I drank my cough pill (As cough syrup let me pass out in any occassion--and it's not a pleasant view at office to pass out) and not so long later I drank my shits pill.

Had a good box of chocolate milk as I lost appetite but not that long after that stomach decided to squeeze out its entire liquids and I vomited on the bathroom.

Very very unglamorous, couldn't imagine that without cringe on myself!

Since that moment I felt so horrible until cannot bear--went home in the middle of work and swallowed bad fact that I fell sick.

Thursday morning I completely accepted the fact that I was unable to work so I sent email to my colleagues informing them that I was going to work from home.

I regretted this so bad.

Received two emails that requested me to help them some manual works (nonscripted works) and since on Wednesday I have known that I was about to work manual things out so I accepted it.

Regretting my action to send emails to colleagues informing that I was sick. Okay I now understand that I don't need anyone to know that I work from home--I thought it was necessary. I should have only emailed my supervisors.

The next day--Friday--I then forced myself to work because WFH is shitty. Met my friends felt so good though I didn't progress much on Friday as I still felt so shitty.

I then decided to go home at 8 since most of colleagues left early on Friday. I was thinking to continue my works on weekend.

Saturday morning, I went all rage again, my shits went abnormal and it got worse. I decided to see doctor right away because papa scared I might unknowingly pass out due to excessive water loss so I went to see doctor.

And lucky me met a lengzai doctor hahahahaha.

Gave me same meds like my last year's stomach flu; except this time he gave me a Natrium Chloride drink to regain my excessive water loss.

This Natrium Chloride drink tastes very very shitty--tastes like clothes bleaching, smells like hospital. I am a person that tolerate disgusting things but this drink makes me go uagh.

And my works left undone--up to this very moment I am typing this blogpost.

I spent my Saturday lying on bed and marathoning Greed Island--best moodbooster ever!! Finished 16 episodes of anime in 7++ hours yay! *proud*

I wanna play this Greed Island game so bad weeee!


The only thing that is not shitty this week haha.

Also, I sorta notice that I start to develop a clearer jawline--omg! *happy tear*

Shits shit out many exceed fats inside my body as well. Happy!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Hiii Jessica! thank you for the greet! and best wishes!! thank you thank you!
    and you can call me AzNuur. xD

    I know exactly how you feel with the diarrhea! I was sick with that a lot last year! but I got thinner. that made me happy too. hahaha anyway, hope you'll get better soon. just drink a lot of plain water, yeah? it will help with the dehydration. ;) AND dont drink milk. it'll make it worst. just plain water for now.

    YES! I am all prepare for my KL trip. NOT. hahaha i havent start packing but my passport and ticket is ready. hahah hope everything will go well

    1. Ohh hahaha! Hi hi! :D

      Yeah I'm fully recovered by now and I'm so happy! I agree, milk makes everything worse :/ it's kind of sad hahaha.

      I'm guessing that you're in KL now. Have fun!! :D

  2. Awww I hope you feel better soon! I'm suffering from a terrible cold now too...
    Hey, you have a beautiful blog!! It's just sooo cute. :)
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

    1. I'm fully recovered by now!! Hopefully you too! :D

      Thank you very much! x

  3. Hi senpai! It's been such a long time ;u;
    That stomach pain looks torturing. Especially in the middle of work, it must've been terrible T__T
    but it seems like your internship is going well, since you got the offer for extended internship XD
    and get well soon! XD

    1. Hi Verochan!! How are youuuu? Missing you so bad XD
      Yeah things are going great here, I'm fully recovered! And are you ready for tomorrow? :D

  4. I'm sorry for being away for such a long time ;u; *sobs*
    good to hear then~ XD
    I actually almost forgot that today's my first day of uni yesterday, since I was too caught up with yesterday's matsuri. (I was so surprised myself that I forgot OMG x____x)
    but yesss, I'm kind of excited for my first day as a 3rd semester student XD

    1. Hahahah! What matsuri? Where? :O Was it fun?

      How is your 3rd sem so far? XD Entre right?

  5. Jak-Japan Matsuri. They held it at GBK this year. It was so funnn XDD I'm so happy~~
    I'm going to have my entre course today. I hope everything goes well ;u;

    1. :O Saw it on some news--looks fun! Once again I missed Japanese festival in Jakarta -__-
      Hopefully so!! It's the hardest class ever in my life ;__;


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