Saturday, September 27, 2014

Android Game: RPG Machine Knight.

Hi fellow readers!

How do you usually spend your weekend (apart of typing the seems-like never-ending thesis or whatsoever for semester 7 de Binus students haha)?

I played a really nice offline RPG game last year and wanted to blog about it but I totally forgot about this; I think it's a good game with lots and lots of wise words; though it only has basic two endings.

The simplest thing I can say for this game's walkthrough is:

* You're a young man named Frain.
* You're sent by a professor to look for new energy for your current world that is going to its destruction.
* You bide farewell to Fraiya--your friend, or most probably your lover?
* You meet two companions on the new world--two cute girls.
* You'll receive so many things ordered to you to do and you'll travel around the world to do that.
* You'll fight some monsters--ugly ones, cool ones, absurd ones and also robots.
* You'll meet unexpected main enemy!

This game's difficulty for me is medium. There are two levels that you can choose from the first time playing this. I chose "HARD" because I always choose the hardest level in every game that I play. *wink*

Took me several sleepless weeks to finish this game (because it's just too addicting that I have to skip sleep lol), and the nice graphic, and interesting storyline.

Best is--it can be played offline! Thinking of saving your Internet data for something more important hee hee.

So the first scene was you biding goodbye to your friends in your current world.


After separated with your pretty girl, you went to another dimension and met another pretty girl. Much luck!

She is Bell, a priestess.

You will meet your first monster; the cute ones.

And the two ladies will give you lots of motivations.

Oh yeah, this second girl is Aulin the warrior girl. I'm her fan XD

And you'll require to fight so many times--until you're tired of the fighting background music.

This is the easiest monsters that you will meet on your very first journey.

You'll meet many varieties of them, too. Some look okay, some just look scary.

And there will be some similar monsters with different element. Basically every kind of monsters will have six elements in each of their breed--water, fire, earth, wind, light and darkness. The floating monster above is the light and darkness type of them. Can be found in later stages--and they're pretty strong compared to the first floating monster (earth element).

This is a scary looking monster that is very very sturdy! You gotta launch your best attack to kill it. I'm scared whenever I meet it honestly lol.

This is one cool-looking dragon! A very very strong one (and one of his attack may blow you to death--shocking I know!) need to repeat this stage several times until you really get strong enough to kill him. One blow attack from him can kill 3 people instantly ugh. But it's so cool so I don't mind fighting him many more times hahaha.

The other version of him. Very cool! But also multiple times harder to kill. Need your massive attacks to kill him, spend all of your MP or you'll the one die!

And very very scary monsters! D':

Some robotics enemy that I really hate--aggressive, kills instantly and very hard to kill. Need to find out what attack is their weakness, it means that you have to try many kind of attacks. But before you can try all kind of attacks, you'll die first. -__-"

It's both fun and annoying fighting these monsters--but I think finding their weaknesses is the most fun part?

So many side stories as well for you to complete, for example you have to help a 70 year old priest confessing his love to a 20 year old girl.


And he will ask us to help him to ask the girl about how does she feel.

Then you will choose some selections based on her feelings, and we returned to the priest to tell him that she rejected him.


He is such a funky priest to fall in love. LOL.

You'll also find some wise words from Aulin, as following:

Isn't she so cool??

And Bell is shown as a very kind priestess:

Also you'll meet hundreds year old old man that gives you nice advices.


Beside those wise words; you'll also find several funny conversations take place.

You will need to resurrect a god on a hidden island. But the almighty god isn't as almighty as you think.

Bell is very amazed with the resurrected god, but you and Aulin just stand there quietly.

and their fight continues lol.

Then after the god gave you something important for the game--the breast talk continues between them *cough*

Aulin is good in avoiding topics! Muahahaha. 

And the hardest part: you have this task to kill one cute monster called Lanpancho. It's very small and cute (literally) but it's invicible and very hard to find. When you walk around this hidden island, you will see one Lanpancho in the corner and interacting with it will give you two options:

Bully, or
Not bully.


I mean, isn't it too cute where it gives us option to bully it or not?

Bully or not?

BULLY yeah!

Lanpancho won't attack back, but it's invicible--it only dies with one attack which I couldn't figure until I run out my HP and MP. Crazy right? Then the next time I go here, I won't find Lanpancho anymore! *frustrated* grrr.

Turn out Lanpancho can only be defeated with Bell's attack. Don't remember what haha, figure it out by yourself!

You might consider downloading this game when you don't know what to do on your weekend. It's fun game to spend time!

Beware, this game might drag you to sleepless nights. I've been there and I felt so horrible. 

I no longer have this game because I've finished this game twice--should try to download this game again someday in the future because it's so much fun!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Keliatannya seru, cuma sistem battle nya itu lho yg agak kuno kalo menurut gua. Ceritanya sendiri gimana? Bagus ga?

    1. Yup! I didn't do much gaming so Idk bout kuno and gak kuno. It's simple but some parts are kind of fun xD
      Ceritanya sih bs dibilang simpel banget; cuman banyak life quotes yang mengena gitu ko :"D

  2. Ooooh this game sounds great ..except's on android ;A;!
    I love playing RPG/Visual novels on my iPhone haha ..although I've played some pretty weird ones (cos I'm always after dem free apps :P) haha. Maybe I'll try this out if it's on iPhone too :D

    1. Yeah! The great thing is this clean game is free! Idk whether it's not on iPhone or not. And if it really is, you should give it a try :"D


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