Sunday, August 10, 2014

Relationship talk.

So on the other day, I had this relationship talk with my relatives during family gathering on holiday. For some reasons it felt like I'm in a court where everyone stared at me and tried to dig information for me.

So it's about future life; and it's pretty sensitive.

They asked me:
"Would you like to find a rich guy in the future?"

in the middle of family talk. I was like, huh, such tedious question. I read about this everywhere on internet. But I have never thought about this before.

I answered after long thought: 
"I'd prefer to be with someone I can never get bored of, and when we won't be bored of each other, we will definitely have something to work on to earn enough to live a good life..."

and laughed and fake cough everywhere because it sounded too cheesy hahaha!

But sister replied:  
"but money is important you know it right?"

I agreed with her though,  
"ya la! I know that! But for me personally, I'm a connecting girl so I don't want such luxury to have what people call a desired life.
The most important for me is a quality life--the life where there's no excessive mundane things, but there are abundance of deep connections and unlimited experiences. You know that you don't need to be a millionaire to be able to do what millionaire does.
Don't you know that millionaires spend their life worrying about their millions of money, how to invest it, how to breed it, how to keep it, while we never get stressed over such things?
Don't you realise that we actually have a better life than millionaires?"

Other voice:
"Are you counseling yourself?" I was like LOL.

Then another voice:
"do you think it's possible to find a guy that can work that together with you?" 

then I immediately answered:
"oh of course! I'm good in looking through guys' potentials haha!"

and more laughters and more jokes.

Then this time it's uncle spoke out:
"what do you think if you would earn more than him someday?"

This paused me for a long time. I have never thought of this; so I just answered bluntly:
"Even if that's possible, I don't see a problem with that?"

Then he said:
"That's not a problem in your side but that's much ego to destroy on his side,"

and this choked me right on my throat:
"Is that true??"

He continued:
"Yeah, men want to feel like the provider and protector, if they know that the girl earns more than him, he would feel that his ego is struck out and it would hurt his self esteem.
You must remember, if you decide to work in the future, no matter how much you earn, your spouse is still your number one. You will always follow him everywhere and you will always obey him. Never bring up the earning comparison and matters because that will destroy your relationship and or marriage."

Then everyone clapped for him lah haha, included me.

Thank you everyone, I had a great lesson on that day!

Lots of love ♥


  1. hahaha wow. your family asked such serious questions.
    me and my sister only ever talked about 'Open Your Heart' kinda thing. LOL
    but there are some true in what your uncle said. *clap clap clap*

    Thank you for the Hari Raya greeting :D

    1. Hahaha Ikr. Out of nowhere suddenly serious questions popped up. But the atmosphere was fun though XD

      You're welcome!

  2. This was certainly the attitude in the past. However, like you, I don't think it should be a problem these days for the female partner to earn more than the male.

    In fact, I know my brother earns less than his wife, who is a company manager or something. He is a senior engineer and very good at his job, they both respect eachother for their talents.

    I would be very happy to find a woman who earned more than me and even better if I can quit my day job and just concentrate on the fun projects :D

    Thanks for your posts, I keep coming back every month or so to see what's up in your world x

    1. I guess so, my family is quite conventional though they're open to recent trends and changes.

      And I really like your example, it's true that it feels nice to see a man indulging in what he loves, I don't see a problem in that but sometimes men needs to satisfy their ego. But still when people really devote themselves, they will find a way not to make this a problem. I think it's something we should cherish, not to be seen as gender equality; but to be seen as what makes us happy as both entirely.

      Thank you for your comment as well!


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