Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Quality time three♥

Family gathering week!

Met my sister, sister (2), parents, sister (2)'s fiancee and uncle for my few days holiday. It can be considered as a long holiday for me this year and we spent quite amount of money for shopping and good foods, but it was awesome! Can't believe a week passed in such a blink.

01; met my sister around evening and headed to TA because it was quite late already and we needed our princess dinner. So we went for Imperial Chef at TA and spent around IDR 1++ million for a dinner for five.

Blurry blurry pic zzz.

A bit overpriced pork platter.

Uncle favourite: the cereal prawns and fish platter. Very overpriced in my opinion aaaa.

I stayed at uncle house for few days for sake of convenience. My place and uncle house is the way too far so yea.

Gave sis and mum the present I bought few months ago but too bad she's now attracted to EXO (another Kollean boyband zzz) so this BAP CD now belongs to sis.

Unboxing time!

Sis said inside this CD got one signature from BAP members so both of us prayed it will be one of my favourite member! I prayed for Zelo's signature while sis prayed for Himchan's signature.

Wait, whose signature is it?



Lucky you sis.

Told her I had a hard time choosing which BAP CD box should I take and I felt this one had the strongest aura, turned out it got Himchan inside what zzzz.

02; Had Klappertaart and it tasted super sweet! Somewhat nice to eat a few bites, but for some it probably is too sweet.

Then we went to Mangga Dua.

I personally had no shopping list at Mangga Dua but I went there anyway. As usual, uncle went splurging for pirated movies and sister and mama went splurging for korean dramas. I was bored to death so I grabbed:

Apologise for wrong poster but I can't google anything anymore. I got myself a copy of Gundam Seed Destiny.

Latest Studio Ghibli movie: The Wind Rises yay!

The Gundam Seed Destiny was a mistake. I watched Gundam Seed long ago and haven't finished it, I thought Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny both are same series but turned out they're different. So I decided to wait for my own Gundam Seed copy first before watching this.

Bummer :c

At Mangga Dua Mall, most shops are closed so we barely had sightseeing. Me and sis decided to compare our back view for no reason.

Though I'm considered as tall, sis is much much taller than me omg.

If I were to be honest, we're actually comparing our backsides.

Sis de quote: your backside tak boleh tahan!
Okay la, it's one of my complex. My short legs are also my complex hahahahaha.

Idk must I be happy with that or not?

03; went for beachhhh! Uncle brought us to Anyer beach so we hopped in to his car at 5AM and went all the way to beach. Roads were surprisingly neat as most people are leaving jakarta for Eid.

Perfect time to spend your holiday in Jakarta : Eid holiday. Because Jakarta will have almost no traffic jam, plus most shops are closed hahaha idk is that a nice thing or not.

Selca first before got dirty hahaha.

Was pleasantly quiet that day!

Here I present you my fat back view!

Played a game sis watched on Kollean show idk what /lol

Not so many pictures on beach because I got dirty, didn't want to spoil my expensive digicam arh.

It was super sunny but I didn't get tanned too badly, is a yay!

04; went for a walk around uncle house block, it was very sunny! Perfect for pictures yayyyy.

 How can I be so lucky to witness such gorgeous azure blue sky!

Told sis to wear a cap but she didn't want to; so bright until cannot see ahaha. I myself borrowed uncle de Lee cap haha.

Had pork for dinner at restaurant located in Cewei (written) restaurant MKG 3!

These pork dishes were so so so soooo good until we could all clean the whole plates, until the dishwasher don't need to wash these plates again lol.

See the fried mantous? HEAVENLY awesome slurp slurp!

Went to this restaurant on my birthday dinner last year and it was perfect, this time the dishes were beyond awesome. Ten thumbs up!!!!

Note: If you know any of Cewei de MKG's chefs and reading this, pass this message to them: I LOVE ALL OF YOUR FOODS! HEAVEN IN MY DIGESTION.

05; uncle wanted to buy goldfishes so we went together for goldfish hunting! So much fun, and the weather was awesome! I reminisced my fat goldfish I bred during my high school era, I remembered I had around 30 goldfish that time and I kept them on the unused bathroom at aunty house. I moved to Jakarta then noone feed them, they all were gone /cry /cry

No goldfish picture but here's FOTD.

I tried eyelining myself but a total fail omg.

06; went for dimsum sale at MKG 5 (MKG again haha) and this time, we stuffed everything in to our belly until tak boleh tahan. I even did, at some point, unbutton my jeans for this omg hahaha (just kidding, but I did unbutton it, for few mins) omg where is my manner omg.

I just wonder if any of you like chicken feet?

We ordered 3 portions of chicken feet so all of us can get one feet. I never eat chicken feet before because it looks scary (why feet shape omg) so that day I dared myself to eat one feet.

So I picked one feet with a spoon and poked poked it with chopstick and asked papa: "which one should I bite?"

*everybody laughed*

Bite everything lah.

I didn't know which part is the meaty part so I tested it by poking with chopstick; still not satisfied, dared myself to bite what I expected to be the feet 'palm', but still, not meaty enough.

Put whole feet back to the spoon and gave it to papa: "please eat my feet."

*everybody laughed again*

It's my first experience eating chicken feet and probably my last; ugh. Pork belly tastes much better weeee.

Went to orchid garden and uncle bought his orchids. Then went back home for a super long ride. Slept on the whole ride because I love to sleep. Sleep FTW yay!

07; I came to work so nothing much happened.

08; I went back home and returned to my routines. Cannot realise 8 days have passed by, it flew by super fast!

During holidays we watch some movies and serials:

01.) Werewolf boy. Reaction : cried. Bodoh me.
02.) Oculus. Reaction : scared for an hour.
03.) Arrow (haven't finished). Reaction : muscular man drool.
04.) Tomorrow People (haven't finished). Reaction : omg he's so handsomeeee!

Will reply unmoderated comments tomorrow I hope!
Gonna sleep very early today yayz.

Have a nice day!

Lots of love ♥


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