Saturday, August 30, 2014

Internship 2014 : week 09.

This week is the finalisation of the first Authorisation Testing batch so I was a bit relaxed.

Next week we start the second batch and it will be twice as hectic (two modules at once) so, I'll be most likely a cute zombie in crazy ways.

The nice thing about this week is that we had our Client Project Dinner on Tuesday. The whole company in this Client office went out together to Ritz Carlton for buffet and me with my 5 friends were a bit late then due of our daily meeting.

Didn't take many pictures that day because my digicam behaved badly, but I could rate the food as averagely good for some reasons! Not a big fan of hotel foods since forever but it was not bad.

Friends said my outfit really decreased my age by 5-7 years and I wasn't happy at all. I was about to wear blazers that day but I woke up late so I forgot to dress up and ended up wore this very pink outfit haha.

Me with my intern partner--been seeing her more than anyone else (because we work in the same desk haha).

My team--girl colleagues with two supervisors (the guys). They are very funny and nice.

The only food picture I took so here it is--was astonished at how I could finish all of it despite of I have taken two plates before. Omg *rub tummy*

Didn't even get any chance to try the steak /sad

Those are interns from other project in same client, haha (Idk why I laughed).

They asked us newcomers to introduce ourselves along with a fun fact about us. I literally didn't prepare anything as I was stressed over a sudden task given by another colleague that told me to list in people who join this dinner.

I was like: Omg I'm an intern la Idk anyone!

She then was like help me? ok? Then I was like ok gimme the list.

Lync-ed them one by one and the most surprising fact is that I FOUND SOMEONE THAT I KNOW AROUND 8 YEARS AGO and he is working here on this client too.


He was offline so I couldn't reach him but this brought me crazy--he was one year below me and was pretty famous. So it means that he's now semester 4 to 5 but he's already intern-ing here ma.

He's also an ABAP programmer omg die die me why so imba, we're in same almamater and you're so genius?

I also asked my friends whether they know him, they do! And they said he's pretty cool too so that gains my curiousity.

I got a new mission on this internship: see his face before my internship contract ends hahahaha.

Ok la back to introduction and fun fact.

I introduced myself normally and couldn't think of any fun fact I have--so I ended up telling a story about how I was about to fall sick few weeks ago and when I was working on SAP my flu disappeared at once.


Failed in introducting myself, but I gained something nice: found a junior I've known for more than 8 in the very same office.

The world isn't too big afterall!

And btw I don't go with the idea of befriending a guy younger than me--so it will just be a simple hi; hisashiburii; end.

Lots of love ♥


  1. I love just love buffet in general. where is food, there is me. LOL

    and you should take it as a compliment when they said you look younger. i wouldve given anything to hear people say that I looked younger than my actually age. -.- no one ever did.

    where I'm working now, I see a lot of people from 5/6 years ago. Brunei is a very small world in its own. LOL

    hahaha i have issues too about younger guys. but mine is, i often have crushes on them. LOL shhhh

    Good luck with your second batch next week! gambate!

    1. LOL! Buffet is fun right XD Idk to be honest, this one didn't satisfy me.

      Well, I think how people dress affect how they aged. I once dressed very formal (blazer, V skirt and those things) and some said I look like a young manager lol. Idk dress can affect you that much.

      Haha! Do you think it's a nice thing to know so many people in your country? That makes me want to visit Brunei so badly :D

      Hahahaha totally agree, XD sometimes I happen to see cool guys who happen to be my juniors, and wishing I wasn't born in 1992 lol. It excites me that we have so many in common!

      Thank you thank you!!


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