Saturday, August 23, 2014

Internship 2014 : week 08.

I have become one of those bloggers who start to abandon their own blogs because of works.

Probably I should start to write from different perspective than usual because to be honest, I myself get bored of the same pattern of this "Internship 2014" posts. My workload is heavy, but I never find myself whining about it. Internship in this office is great, the atmosphere is very nice, colleagues are mostly very friendly and the salary is above average.

I work under a consulting company, and I'm sent to the client office to do the work. Basically I'm with my company assisting the client company in implementing SAP on client's company. The implementation is almost done, and now we're reaching the final phase of checking, testing and inputting data and anything else similar.

I'm placed in a team that holds the responsibility for matching client's people with SAP menus. We call it SAP Transaction codes (Tcode). Assigning it is not a short job of matching things, it's a hard work and effort.

Also parallel-ly, assigning training materials for our client employees to help them in knowing SAP. Preparing training materials is one of the most heaviest assignment ever. Imagining trying to make a training workbook, booklet, presentation, exercise material about SAP.

If you learn SAP, you will understand that SAP is one complicated enterprise software and it's VERY VERY EXPENSIVE!

I have requested in my early days of Internship that I need to do things related with SAP testing, and my senior colleagues approved it and he helps me a lot in assigning me to SAP testing.

Also it's my very first time in touching FICO module in SAP which I haven't gotten it at uni. I brought my SAP module book several days when I started doing SAP FICO test at office but the book is pretty much useless. It's too basic.

The one at office is the real deal.

And if you remember, I got a big C for my Accounting three years ago.

So I'm struggling very very hard for this testing period. It's super difficult even if I have the least knowledge of accounting. SAP itself is already very difficult to handle for noob like me, but I'm trying and trying.

For the sake of my final thesis.

I'll ace my final thesis no matter what. Enough of my regret feeling on my minor thesis last time, I'll sweat blood for my final thesis!

The testing didn't go entirely smooth as the background data was also not fully prepared, but it's slowly settled so I'm so thankful for the hardworking Business Process team for all of their efforts! You guys are cool! (And a bit scary too actually hahaha).

Do you know, last Thursday I felt like I was in a deep shit.

Among all of my colleagues, I was the one with the most Tcodes left to test in each meeting. I even questioned myself whether I worked too slowly, or I took it too easy, or whatever it is. I started to feel scared about it that every meeting that is done everyday, I always progressed very little.

There was this Tcode that needed to be done on Tuesday. But since my Tcodes got some configuration problem, colleague gave me time until Wednesday to solve it.

Until Wednesday, I still could not solve this F110 Tcode (okay tell you the Tcode lah).

There was this one Tcode for releasing documents called SBWP which could only be accessed by supervisors. Dared myself to ask Business Process team people and though they were a bit scary (probably they're all under pressure?) they were really so cool and they solved my SBWP problem in two minutes! The problem I had for two days they solved it in two minutes! In 120 countings what the...!

Then, after SBWP I needed to test F110 (Automatic Payment) but again, this got stuck. Then colleague gave me time until Thursday afternoon to solve this F110. After asked the Business Process team people for one more scary time, then solved it very well. It was a great lesson as well! Stayed until 10:15PM for solving those two problems and it was both exhausting and exciting.

Thursday I left work super early because of some urgent matters. Then I continued working on that F110 from home--I stared on my SAP client from evening until around 1AM and in the end, there were three documents stuck on F110 and couldn't pass the transaction. Looked at the time and it was almost 1:20AM I gave up and prepared for deep shit on Friday. It was supposed to finish on Tuesday originally and it's Friday already.

Colleague was never mad at me, when I asked him that only three documents out of 17 got stuck. Helped me find the issue and finally before Friday afternoon all of the Tcodes were settled!

I was like : omg I never felt this good before!

It felt awesome, so after lunch, I'm resting myself from SAP since Monday and I worked on my training powerpoint. It's so much relaxing after 5 days with SAP.

Colleagues are all very helpful and very nice, no wonder I never whine for the heavy workload, difficult work and OT everyday.

So much thank you I need to give to everyone, and Idk who else. I am just too lucky to be able to join this company, to go to this client, to be assigned to this team, to have this work, everything is just perfectly what I desired for my Internship. I think it's even much better from what I desired--I even don't dare to question why everything in my life is much better than what I desire. I don't know it's just awesome, and I feel so good, and I know it keeps improving.

And I'm that one employee who eat three biscuits in two minutes whenever I'm stuck in this "not responding" laptop.

Even laptop is also tired of all this shit work and want some rest.
:( Kelian laptop.

Lots of love ♥


  1. Yes, just don't question why everything is doing well. Just be thankful and ENJOY!
    I like how you're very positive about your work because your colleagues are very positive too! Very lucky lah jealous..if only all my colleagues are like that.

    about my KL trip; yes, the date 18th Sep to 21st Sep is confirmed. We're going to live in Bukit Bintang. ;)

    1. Haha! Thankyou I agree with that.

      I believe everyone is lucky in their own way--Idk, been applying LOA in my life and it's been amazing; something that I really have proved it, just speechless.

      I see! That is going to be so great! I cannot confirm of myself; but I just hope so.. In the future maybe? I hope you'll have so much fun :D


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