Saturday, August 16, 2014

Internship 2014 : week 07.

A pretty hectic week.

Never go home before 7PM from client office, or at least I'd reach home by earliest 8PM. Tired to the max that I never got the chance to get myself a proper breakfast.

I signed in the gym station on the top level of client office--it's waaaay bigger than my boarding house de gym station. Had severe traffic jam on my first day exercising so I only exercised for around 30 minutes. Next time I shall go earlier (at 6AM probably? wow).

Then I never went exercise anymore since that day. Energy drained super fast that I couldn't even wake up early--I used to wake up at around 5AM for work but this week I have always gained consciousness at earliest 6:30AM. Can be considered short time to prepare everything and I even munched my brownies on the way to work.


The testing progress went; not entirely smooth. Since it's tight and hectic schedule (and some of our team members were going traveling for workshops woo) so we're splitting the SAP's Transaction Codes between us. Moreover; me and colleague had to multitask to create a super large size of Management Report so it's kind of crazy.

I really didn't feel like an intern at all since I was forced to have this big responsibility.

For testing, we need many many dummy data and because of some reasons, some of the dummy data is unavailable (and expecting them to upload the dummy data for testing step by step) so it actually halts our testing progress--well, but seeing the overall progress; I can roughly imagine that we progress about more than 50% in a week including review, sign off and printing.

I wanna chase all of the work lining that I left on Friday. I was testing a Transaction Code but the transaction was somehow not uniformed. In testing, I use few line of codings to be able to test many entries automatically. But it's useless when each entry has different situation. No way I would code differently for each entry--hard work, one result--very ineffective. So I was thinking that I would probably need to check most of those entries manually.

But I no longer had the mood yesterday so I told my senior colleague who helped me a lot that I will continue the work line on Monday. She's just too kind and said yes to me and told me to go home haha love you! *smooch*

Do you know those days when you're very tired; until you no longer have appetites for dinner?

That pretty much sums my week--and I miss dinner time. Wondering why dinner time is always the best and I start skipping it. Might as well see the positive side that I'm losing weight!

Am I? Ahahahaha.

I don't think so.

Lots of love ♥


  1. I know how tired you must be feeling.
    I once was like that..woke up late, rushing to work, do taekwondo at night twice a week took its toll too at that time. Missing dinner was a normal thing coz i was just too tired! LOL i am over that phase now. I'm learning fast about time management.
    but I'm sure your work is harder than me. I'm mostly doing admin and management work. you're doing all the IT stuff *~* I envy your brain~~

    to answer your question on my recent post;
    We had 3 days public holiday :D consider long it falls closely to the weekend, making the holiday longer *bigger smile*
    Brunei is a very small country and divided into 4 districts; Brunei Muara, Tutong, Belait and Temburong. I have cousins/friends in all four districts. I can reach my cousins' houses who lived in Brunei Muara District in at least 15-30mins minus traffic. visiting to Tutong would probably took me 40mins-1hr journey. Belait would take around 2hrs. Temburong we could travel by boat (45mins) or car (2hrs top). for me, going to Belait and Temburong is consider 'far away'. LOL

    Lastly, I'll be going to KL on 18th Sep till 21st Sep. xD

    1. Hahaha! Thank you for the comment ah :D

      Idk much about work things but I believe your admin and management work is one hard job. The responsibility is big I guess?

      Glad that you're over that phase. I know it's kind of hard to manage time to work well, sometimes even until midnight, and keep in shape. I haven't exercised in almost a week and will try to start exercise more regularly next week. Haha!

      My brain is overheating as well last week omg haha @_@

      Haha thank you for the answer! I have no friend on Brunei so thank you again for explaining to me. It's actually nice to be able to visit each side of country in short time. You know how spacious Indonesia is. Sometimes it's more expensive to travel to the other side of Indonesia comparing to go to neighbor countries XD

      Your holiday sounds nice! Why holiday flies too fast lol.

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    1. Lol thank you I really don't write about anything else nowadays XD


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