Saturday, August 9, 2014

Internship 2014 : week 06.

Things increase rapidly starting this week. Based on my team's work timetable; starting on Monday 11th of August we'll officially start our testing work. It's going to be a long and hard work hours because our lining work has fascinating amount of items (probably several thousands items) times three modules.

So this week six of internship I started my SAP testing. It has been a while since I play with SAP but this is my first time touching SAP FICO (Accounting) module. Though some options are familiar, many terms are still like foreign language for me.

Main reason is because I'm not in Accounting major and I don't like Accounting for some reasons.

Or simply say I'm not fond of it yadda yadda.

The SAP testing didn't went overall smoothly but still, had progressed. So many things were missing that cause us to gain few degree of tense. Started last Wednesday, I went home super late at around 10PM and it will be similar for next working day, everyday until the testing period ends.

The testing period will end on September 19th for three modules.

My internship period will end on September 19th.

I will have long and hard working days until the end of my Internship period. Excited not?

If you wonder if I'm tired or not, I'm extremely extremely tired. BS and office is not near, my morning journey to office and night journey back home are all super long and tiring. Traffic jam all the way. Adding the hard works I'll start to face on Monday.

Though so, I'm pretty surprised I don't get pissed off all of those things. I feel surprisingly excited every single day. I don't actually whine of having OT almost everyday (or literally everyday) instead I think it's a nice experience.

Do you think that I'm weird?

The nice thing is that we get free dindin from office! Ordered Yoshinoya on Wed and it reached at 9PM wtf, then ordered KFC on Thu and until 8:30PM it never came wtf and ordered kwayteow on Fri and it never came.

Now that I think about it, it's actually a bit unfortunate haha I just hope next time OTs I get my right for free dindin!

Oh yeah btw I fell sick on Monday fffuuu.

Since Monday I've been noticing that some of my friends were having sorethroat, cough and flu then I wondered that it has been a while since I had flu as well.

Then Wednesday I caught flu by myself aiyo.

I guess it's really really LOA, I think about flu then I kena flu by myself.

But it's somehow weird!

I had this uncontrollable sneezing and coughing before I went to bed but it is perfectly gone when I woke up. I never took any meds because I drove and I worked so the flu returned on afternoon. Haiya flu is so annoying, it comes and goes hahaha.

I think it's completely gone by today yay.

Btw, I don't remember if I have blogged about this previously but though I should say I'm not that consistent diligent student, I don't enjoy being idle. I love having something to do; I love having some works to do though at some point I do whine and let out moans of the amount of works that hurt my back for sitting too long at office.

But still I'm very happy for all of this internship experience! It's a blessing for me♥ Hard for me to explain but I believe such abundance I can have now is amazing, I get what I really desire.

Moreover, my team mates there are all very fun to be with. I, as an intern try to help them in all ways I can haha.

Oh yeah, by the way I can notice that comparing to my intern partner; I'm far lazier than her because at work, I tend to try to settle things as fast as I can. I don't like to get stuck in one problem too long because once it gets blur around me, it becomes harder to concentrate. Looking at one form for the longest time, I cannot do that at all!

So sometimes I walk outside the office to buy some cold drinks or whatever, just play some small HP games and check messages, and return to my desk. Once again check on my works and it's simply done. Magic!

Sometimes I get annoyed with people around my desk for no reason; err, or mostly the reason is that I got badly stuck in my own work that I even spread hateness toward office laptop that I harshly hit it a few times. Because of this, I decide to go out for toilet eventhough I don't wanna go toilet and restart my mind for a while.

Enjoying my weekend ttm and I think I got to continue my Management Reporting tomorrow after lunch; I hope I won't slack off hahaha.

Lots of love ♥

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