Saturday, August 2, 2014

Internship 2014 : week 05.

There are no many stories for this week internship as I went work on Friday only.

Happy late Hari Raya Eid Fitr for my Muslim friends! 

Here the government sets two days before Eid and two days after Eid holiday. Since the Eid was on Mon and Tue (two days here for some reasons?) so the settled holidays are Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu.

And since Friday is the official Harpitnas--can say it means one work day in the middle of holiday--so government and public companies were closed, so was my client office.

But my office is somewhat diligent so we came to office to work on Friday--and it was quite, erm, quiet. Very less people there and I saw some colleagues I didn't really know came work at 9AM and left before lunch.

I want that!

Felt so weird for having loads of work on the day when so many people took a day leave! But it's excited as well haha.

Cannot let you see my email inbox arhh.

I kept yawning, coughing and chatted with my intern partner and I realised I annoyed her in many ways because I kept saying I didn't want to be there for real XD but that attracted me to three workloads sent to my enterprise email account at once!

Thank you ah colleague! *cry cry*

At around 5PM then when my super diligent intern partner wanted more jobs to request to my senior colleague, then he was like giving one more job to settle (an easy one though) and I immediately responded a very heartless saying: only her right? I can go home?

Tried to hold my laughters, then he was like, okay okay you can go home *shoo* but I waited until 5:30PM until I really left office.

Haha it was fun. No creepy people that day, only nice colleagues and laughters filled during my worktime.

And mostly it would be my first and last working at office, because starting Monday to the end of my internship contract, I will be pretty busy at client office and won't realise time flies!

Lots of love ♥


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