Sunday, August 24, 2014

Classmates reunion Saturday!

Last week Saturday I caught up dinner with my uni classmates because *maybe* we miss each other. Met up at KFC and just chillax until night. My mood was not good on Friday so I was hesitating to go out and I think I did the right thing, meeting them lifted my mood super high!

I thought they are too close with each other but who knows?! They're super funny too~!

Super diligent internship partner. Let's work hard for our final thesis alright~!

Really consider her as my twin sister and bf, she's very supporting and nice!

The one I consider like my little sister, she's super cute and a bit crazy but I love that!

Can't wait for us to plan our going out to Ancol together! Yayz.

Share you one old song I recently like.

It's been ages since I listen to MLTR and almost never ever since I don't live with mama anymore. But I copied one folder of his songs to my thumbdrive few days ago--his songs warm my heart so much!

So much nostalgic!

And I just realised it has similar concept with this song I really like!

Both are sweet songs--I can't give my vote to any song.

I simply love both.

Very sweet!

A bit rubbish talk here:

How if someone do that to you when you're angry?

Me: I am not sure, I'm the type of soft girl that I'll just probably laugh and make it up faster than the girls on the videos. The idea of having a guy singing songs to me is a bit embarrassing me, but Idk whenever I'll like it or not. I want to see myself drowned in embarrassment and happiness as well! Tough to be someone like me -__-"

Lots of love ♥


  1. i know that feeling, not wanting to go out. but mostly becoz I was thinkin 'Oh it's gona be awkward' or 'i'm not gonna be fun' but usually I ended up having the most fun! ahaha

    and pretty hard to please too :S and always having second thoughts about 'my' prince charming.

    we had a lot in common! *hi5*

    1. Hahaha I really relate to that too! :D I'm so happy for the fact that I have someone very similar with me in many ways *hi5*


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