Sunday, July 20, 2014

Swimming ★ Oreo ★ Lollipop!

Went swimming early this morning despite of the fact that I have a degree in being a lazy pig.

I woke up early and found that today was super bright so swimming would be great! I had an hour of relaxing swimming (mostly playing around with back style swimming) and went to a warm shower after that.

The water was freezing cold so I sneezed a lot during my walk to the shower room!

My brand-new swimming suit waaaai~

Cropped the picture somehow because it turned out a bit vulgar and I don't really like it hahahaha.

I was thinking to give my new bikini a new shot since at this time BS is very very peopleless so I can actually wear my bikini without people looking; but I think I better wear my bikini overseas since bikini is not really widely popular here and I don't want to cause unnecessary ruckus of people gossiping bout a cute girl swimming with cute bikini so, give bikini chance to swim together next time overseas~!


Lately I've been addicted with oreo milk. Idk what influenced me but suddenly I just grabbed oreo on Circle K combini and the next thing I knew was I was making hot milo and then dipping my oreo in it.


Foamy milo because too much non-dairy creamer XD fatty!

Also, I've been starting to watch Mamotte! Lollipop. It's an old short anime and its target audience is confirmed for 10-12 year old girls. Can guarantee, the plot is too simple and it sometimes makes me cringe like mad because it's too juvenile! But it's so cute hahaha.

That Sunday night feeling hits me now. :C not too bad but it still makes my heart beating fast and throbbing pain. Can we fasten the time so it will be next Friday night already? XD

Lots of love ♥


  1. hahaha I know what you mean about Sunday night feeling! I don't wana work tomorrow~~!!

    Orea and Milo? I havent tried that. I've always had them with Tea. keke Yumminess! I see you have a Spongebob/Patrick cup!

    You can swim?? wahhh! I don't know how. *cry* All i can do when I went to the swimming pool is *try to stay a float and splash splash arms* ...LOL

    1. The feeling is like having something very heavy in your chest! XD
      Hope you're having amazing week now. Hari Raya is very close~~tahan sikit lg!

      I never hear oreo + tea! I should, should really try it! You give me inspurrations :D thank you! And yeah good eyes, Spongebob cup XD

      We should swim someday and I can teach you. Yaaay

  2. ko~na-chan! I love sweet lollipop too! >w<


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