Sunday, July 6, 2014

Internship 2014 : week 01.

I might have not told all of you--my loyal readers; that I have started working last week. I want to post about my work weekly so I start it today.

For fulfilling my final thesis next semester, I go for an internship for around 3 months started this month until end of September before semester 7 reopens.

The job-hunting was so stressful; it was so hard to find openings. Especially I don't know lots of people in Jakarta (the truth is, I may not know anyone at all!) so I ended up calling each company one by one or sending email applications along with resume and SAP certificate.

So, after around 2.5 months of hunting, I got one confirmation email:

So I'm accepted at Accenture as a regular intern officially this time.

At this time I was being so doubtful needlessly because it happened very unexpectedly; I thought I needed to submit several additional things before the real thing was sent to me.
But it's real; I'm officially joining the Internship Program after long waiting!

The waiting fruit is very big and sweet. Want to express my gratitude to them extravagantly but that's unmannered so I just sent a "I'm expressing my gratitude" email to them.

Accenture is currently working with several clients and me and my partner are sent to one electricity company client in South Jakarta. So on our first day; we went to the office for short briefing and fetched our starter things.

I though things were going to be very scary but it turned out people there were very kind!

Got our starter laptop here and then after that, me and my partner and another team (which happened to be my friends too!) went to our client place directly to start our work days.

So we don't need to go to office again next time; just everyday we will always go to our client place in South Jakarta. I thought it's kind of pity but I guess it's fun going around, since the client place I never went there before.

The client office is big O_O in my opinion.

It was freezing cold inside so I make sure every time I go work to get my cardigan or jacket. And Accenture teams that work on this client place are just; just crowded! I didn't even imagine it would be this crowded--which actually is lots of fun!

There are like; around 7 - 8 teams inside this office room and all of them got their own subprojects though we're working in one same big project. Fyi I am assigned in Change Management team. Detail in next posts since I also still have the slightest idea what it is about haha XD

After short briefing from my System Analyst, I was amazed that Accenture has been working on this big project since 2005 and next year this project is supposed to be finished.

So yeah, the phase me entering now is one of the very last phase of this project, so we're going to do lots and lots of testing, cross-checking and data migration. And lots and lots of OT.

Though I am still considered as relaxed this month but I've always been going home at earliest 7PM; well, I don't know whether I'm going to experience the "going home at 1AM" next month as how people at my uni always say about this company but for some reasons, I'm excited and I can't wait.

So, this holiday is surely one amazing thing happens in my life!
Working FTW!

(I wonder if I am going to change my mind next week? haha.)

Lots of love ♥


  1. never been working as an intern before (i got the job right away) so, i'm looking forward to your next post. Interesting!
    and all the best! hwaiting!

    1. Thank you! You too hopefully hwaiting :D


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