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Review : Meruem x Komugi #2

Read part 1 here.

After Meruem hesitated about his feeling to Komugi, he kept on questioning himself about what to do with Komugi. And not so long after that then the day arrived when Gon and fellow hunter friends invaded the Chimera Ant's castle and launched Zeno's ultimate attack: Dragon Dive.

It's enough to make Pitou excited and Pouf screamed in panic and flew fastly toward the King.

How cool is that? *O*

Su-super cool! Regardless how dangerous it is, the starry-look sky look soooo great!

The castle was destroyed--sad :C

This Dragon Dive destroyed everything on the ground--even the weaponless human. Here, since this scene then I have always wondered what would happen to the King. Everyone: Pitou, Netero and Zeno headed toward the centre of the castle to check on the King's condition. But it exceeded all of our expectation:

This is what we saw:

Me-meruem rescued Komugi from Dragon Dive?!

Time stopped when we witnessed this. Even I don't take a single breathe until he put Komugi on the ground.

It's such a shocking view for his Royal Guard Pitou, for both Netero and Zeno, and for myself and all of the viewers. This ensured me that Meruem was not a really bad badguy at all. He gained this thing called 'humanity' and love.

He, who killed his own mother and fellow ants, cared for a blind human girl.

Isn't it so touching? In this Shounen anime, such tragedy took place. I seriously wished for their happy ending!

So, let's step up to the next scene. Meruem then asked Netero and Zeno: "Not here, let's do it elsewhere." just like he already knew that their purpose there was to fight with him to death. Shocked and confused--without knowing that dragging Meruem out from the castle would be so easy; then Zeno left them and they went to the designated battle place.

I wondered how much Netero paid to Zeno for this--futile work? They wouldn't know that their was-predicted-hard job: to separate Meruem with the Royal Guards turned out effortless. And the Dragon Dive caused unwanted injuries.

I am sure it exceeded billions? XD

So, they headed to the battle place: Meruem and Netero. At first, Meruem didn't want to fight him as he know that Netero was a human worth keeping--just like Komugi. Netero didn't understand Meruem's talking and thought he was just an intellectual ant and decided to engage a Nen fight with him. But again, Meruem kept sitting on the ground and told Netero that only words could persuade him.

That moment when Netero then decided to tell Meruem his name if Netero lost his battle with Meruem. Meruem who killed his mother never heard from anyone what was his name, but Netero heard his mother's last word to pass Meruem's name to him.

This was when Meruem was reminded when Komugi asked his name and he couldn't answer it. So, Meruem stood up and prepared for the epic battle. I guess in order to get his name?

Not gonna talk much about their epic battle here--but Meruem is one of the strongest creature I've seen in entire Hunter x Hunter series and it brought to my realisation that I really really like this antagonist character! He's a thinker and was really really intelligent. Though the harsh attacks Netero launched to him; he barely had a single scratch.

On the episodes where Netero fought Meruem--there were soooo many talking. I was thinking that so many talking and stretching the stories would be annoying but when I actually was going to the stream; this anime is actually indeed awesome and very detailed. A very original and creative plot, an indeed masterpiece. *shouting Togashi awesome so many times*

I never know any movies would be such awesome. I should start to influence anyone doesn't know Hunter x Hunter to start watching it despite of the boring initial.

Also, their conversation somewhat told us, audiences how human world is like nowadays. Brought me to realisation that actually, humans were far worse than Chimera Ants. They're much more evil than Chimera Ants.

Meruem was initially intellectual and strong, but as the story progressed we could feel that he changed. His brute nature slowly disappeared and he viewed human more respectfully. I am guessing playing with Komugi changed him so much.

Which is, very beautiful.

And for a short moment, Netero hesitated about what to do with Meruem--because his theory of understanding the world swayed his mind a little bit and I couldn't stop myself from nodding to his words.

Meruem is awesome!

Fierce fight couldn't be avoided--and then Netero decided to use his ultimate attack: 100 type Guanyin Boddhisatva.

And before his 'last' fight (yeah, his last) with Meruem, he made a gesture everyone would not forget--or it's rather, amusing?

Whut o.o I mean, *cough* erm okay *did the same pose with him too* <3

Awesome not? Laughed with my friend at class for few minutes because of this.

Then, epic and bloody fight began. Of course, Netero's blood; because Chimera Ant's blood is blue right.

I should say that the fight was too one-sided. Meruem was simply a monster; he was too strong. Netero lost his arm and leg as result of the power difference.

I was watching this episode with mama and she joined me watch this episode and kept saying eeeew eeeew. LOL. She doesn't like gore movies.

Upon losing his important limbs, Netero decided to launch his final ultimate attack: the Zero hand.

Below is my mind's dialogue--not the real dialogue. *teehee*

Netero: *launched Zero hand*
Meruem: What?  From behind?
Hand: *clasped*

Netero: Yeah man! *epic middle finger*

Netero: That should destroy him, it's my last power. No more hidden trump card for me shit.

Meruem: You shocked me, old man.
Netero: Whuuuuuuuut?

Netero: Ohohohoho I'm going to die now soon.

This episode is the scariest episode of Anime in my entire life.
Well, some Inuyasha episodes were this scary too you know? XD

So, Netero has admitted that it's his time of dying and told Meruem his name:

"You underestimate us humans, Meruem."

Or something like that. Don't bother to rewatch it.

Then Netero self-detonated himself with the bomb attached on his heart. A bomb on your heart? Eeee!

It still bugs me a lot why was he suddenly naked?

Anyway the bomb exploded and it marked the end of the episode. Meruem was dying from the poisonous bomb and his Royal Guards Pouf and Youpi had to rescue him with their body particles--which I think looked like they're feeding him with their sweat. Once again, very Shounen, eeeew!

The dying king. Reminds me with Voldemort on Harry Potter 4 so much!
Then Pouf fed him his body particles (?) don't really understand.

Then he was happy (?) because the King ate him (?) once again. I kept cringing hahaha.

Youpi fed him with his "sweat" too and was like this (?) cannot understand both of them hahaha.

And *drumroll*
Meruem: I'm back!

This moment, when Netero was fully destroyed by the bomb, Meruem was successfully revived by the fellow Royal Guards, and now our heroes were terrified!

Everyone: The King is still alive!

But at this time--Meruem lost his memory about Komugi. He just faintly remembered that he was always engaging a battle with someone; sitting together. He couldn't recall it somehow. But he was bugged with it. Pouf; who disliked seeing Meruem with a human girl had decided that he wanted to kill Komugi no matter what.

Komugi was together with Killua, and Pouf met them. Pouf was furious and Killua was getting ready to defend himself and Komugi while then Killua realised, Pouf's attack was not directed at him. It was directed to Komugi.

And as an intelligent character--Killua firstly deduced that Komugi was an important person to the ants. But he sensed something weird. Komugi was protected by Pitou; but Komugi was attacked by Pouf.

Doesn't it mean that there is this conflict between two Royal Guards?

So Killua decided to protect Komugi no matter what and with the help of Palm, they hid with Komugi who has been looking for Meruem and was thinking that Killua and friends were the bad guys.

I personally find that cute? XD

And Komugi fainted, and Palm helped to hide her from attacks underground. Then Palm asked Welfrin the Ant Soldier to be a Messenger and pass a message to him that Komugi was with them.

As the story progressed--Meruem realised that Pouf hid something from him. As now Meruem became much more powerful since he was fed with Pouf and Youpi's body; he could sense Pouf's secret. And Pouf was very scared to see Meruem's anger.

But, what I was amazed is his loyalty--I know he's this annoying clingy Royal Guard; but I can somewhat understand his mind. He wanted the best for Meruem.

But then, on episode 134, it's the most determining episode of all.

Using Meruem's Nen, he then met Welfrin--one Chimera Ant soldier. Welfrin who was about to leave the castle and start a new life was then facing with Meruem and Welfrin was terrified. Pouf who was with Meruem then scared Welfrin would unconsciously mention about Komugi.

Then Pouf interrupted Meruem and Welfrin's conversation.

"King, please don't question him anymore."

Meruem was seriously angry toward Pouf but he didn't go berserk; then he could cool his head and rationally had some sharp chats and questions to them. Then suddenly Meruem said: I'm hungry and looked at Welfrin.

I dropped my own heart when I met Meruem's eyes. I am sure that's how Welfrin felt as well XD he then shredded all of his furs hahahahahahaha. *cough*

Welfrin: I must leave this place asap! Messenger your head! I must survive!

 Meruem: Eh suddenly I'm hungry?

Welfrin: He's gonna eat me!

So, at this time it was very very tense! I could feel the fear and cold wind passed through my neck for real! XD and while Welfrin took some minutes to speak by himself on his mind about "one word that I should say to the King", I kept on guessing the word he was about to say.

Gungi? Message? Girl? Enemy? Hideout? Help? Gyro?

Then, he said:

"Ko... Mugi?"

And Meruem's feeling were felt by both Welfrin and Pouf; he remembered Komugi and the time they played together dearly.

Isn't Pouf's face trigger your laughters? XD

Meruem (to Welfrin): I hope you can live as a human as you wish. *and left him there*

Now we understand how is feeling. And I felt soooo touched!

He was surely changed a lot from the heartless monster to someone who understand that power is not everything. All he wanted was to play with Komugi.

Then he met Palm and asked her: Where is Komugi? Palm still didn't understand how was the situation at that time however Meruem explained to her everything, about how was he dying (due to the Miniature Rose bomb that Netero launched earlier), how all that he wanted was to meet Komugi and spent his final time with her.

I was seriously feeling some heavy eyes on this episode and Palm was crying too when Meruem actually kneeled on her. Palm stopped him before he totally kneeled down and Palm told him where was Komugi.

Upon seeing Komugi, Meruem showed this, this rare smile of him!

And showed their final Gungi game. What a pity that Gungi game is actually fictional, but that what makes it special; because I can freely associate Gungi game with Meruem and Komugi. And it's the sweetest thing ever!

What Meruem showed us is this pure love--that he didn't care about position, power, and anything else except Komugi and his time playing with her. It's truly a somewhat beautiful fiction tragic love story between a Chimera Ant and a blind girl. They completed each other.

See how Komugi was happy meeting Meruem again.

Komugi wanted to say Thank you to the three Royal Guards (without knowing that all of them had died); and Meruem who knew so, said: I’ll relay the message – I’ll be seeing them soon.

Meruem was surely aware of the fact that he's dying too! *sob sob*

Meruem then told Komugi his name, and Komugi called him: Meruem-sama as respect. Meruem told her to drop his suffix but Komugi couldn't do that and she kept calling him Meruem-sama. I find that cute!

When else can we see Meruem's smile like this?

They looked so happy together playing!

And Meruem told Komugi that he's dying of poison and told her that she will be affected too if she stayed near him. But Komugi insisted that she wouldn't leave him and was alright to her to stay.
I was like, oh my sweet!!!!

Komugi: It seems that I know now understand that I was born for this day.

Meruem: *stared, and thought* I guess I was born for this day too.

Meruem: Komugi, are you still here?
Komugi: Yes, right here.
Meruem: Thank you.
Komugi: You're welcome.

Meruem: In the end, I can never defeat you.
Komugi: What are you talking about? We're just starting!

Meruem: I'm tired. I want to take a short nap. Would you hold my hand?
Komugi: Alright, like this?

Meruem: I'll wake up soon. Komugi, would you call me by my name for the last time?

Komugi: Good night, Meruem. I'll soon be joining you.

It was their final scene together. And I cried watching this.

On the epilogue, it's a dark room showed us their last game. Their last move were: “1-5-1 king”. “9-5-1 king”; and it stopped there. I thought about this for a while and thought that if the game stayed there forever, it would represent both of them, standing together on the board and their spirit on Gungi would live forever there. I was thinking, it's such a beautiful way to make a death ending not too pitiful. In fact, it's too beautiful and heart touching.

I was wondering why is the last scene showed a dark room. I then realised that it represented Komugi, who was blind and all she could see was all darkness, and the small light she had at that time was Meruem. And let's recall what Chimera Ant's mother word about Meruem's name.

Your name is Meruem, it means "the light that shines on everything".

So Meruem is Komugi's light.

And this plot is probably the best! I'm happy for the fact that I'm enjoying such a clever and amazing anime.

And also, the fact that Komugi decided to stay with him though it meant that it's her death as well, but she did it. And nothing could ever be better than this. I don't mean to be cruel, but both of them 'sleeping' in their final time together is the best ending.

This Chimera Ant wasn't ended epicly with fight or war. But rather, it's a kind of sad dramatic epic which involved the Chimera Ant's main characters and it's rather showing us the result of evilness, humanity and fights. In the end, we could see the true nature of Meruem--that although he's a Chimera Ant, it's not like that Netero is better than him.

So, though it's inevitably sad, but I'm glad that this season ended like this. There is no other better end.

So I can proudly conclude both Meruem and this Chimera Ant arc; had found their best end together. Though it's a temporary statement, but for myself, this arc exceeds the Yorkshin City arc. Not for the darkness and plot, but for the beautiful tragic fate. I raised my hat and bow to this season, and sincerely thanked  Togashi and Madhouse team for working hard to a beautiful anime. I'm so lucky I'm alive in this era where such awesome story is produced.

I'm thanking Random Curiousity for some of the images and good readings. You can check this website for deep review of each episode.

Lots of love ♥


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