Saturday, July 26, 2014

Internship 2014 : week 04.

I guess I'm the luckiest and happiest girl in this world!

Cannot believe my internship at this company--where everyone I know said that it's a hardworking company and the struggle to be employed is hard; the atmosphere inside is completely amazing.

Or I'm the way too heng to enter such a fun team maybe~~!

This week went awesomely--though I should say there were some ruckus going around that Jakarta would have riot and such thing. I, at first was being very ignorant and thinking that is kind of impossible but as I was told to really be careful and stay at home so I became awkwardly scared and decided to work from home on Tuesday.

Working with PJs is a yay!

Can guess where my attention went? XD Work or Lee Hongki?

How do I feel working from home?

I just need to log in my enterprise MSN and stay online and do my works, in my pajamas, multitasking with watching anime and eating whole day.

How is such amazing thing possible to happen to me!

Can alwayz take picture at office lol.

Also, today that great time where our team have this thing called Project Team Dinner. Office subsidised us 1++ million for dinner together and isn't that great?

My project team members.
Left from front: Intern partner, supervisor, senior colleague (sit), new colleague, senior colleague (head only).
Right from front: Supervisor, me, new colleague, new colleague, senior colleague, senior colleague.

Struggling in slicing a surprisingly small garlic bread into 11 pieces /lmao. Supervisor and senior colleague are seriously so fun they always noticed whenever I took a pic. So this is my last pic of my team -__-

Pizza Marzano at Grand Indonesia.

We went to Grand Indonesia for pizza for our Project Team Dinner and had a good laugh until I could feel that my stomach felt really tight.

I feel that we're just like classmates; it's the way too much fun around us in term of a serious company. Also, our age range is not that far, from the youngest in our team is my intern partner (21) until 34 for senior colleague. Even my supervisors are still on their early 30s, and still can joke with us very well.


I have wonderful colleagues in wonderful team, in wonderful project from wonderful company.

Should I consider myself to work full-time here in the future? Probably I should ask for opinions in this.

I'll be taking a break from online stuffs until next week since it's national holiday and I'm staying at my relatives' place, maybe for a few days. Leave me an email for faster reply. Gonna have a beauty sleep now teehee!

Lots of love ♥


  1. wah, looks like your having a greatime in your internship, i wished you the very best !

    (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  2. Riot? *bite nails* please do be careful, yea?
    and working from home and the need to NOT dress up is COOL!

    Looks like you seniors are fun people to be around with. you are very lucky indeed!
    and about working full-time there, lets wait again until you finish your internship. See again how you feel about working there after that. :)

    Happy holiday to you! I'm having a holiday too at the moment. ^_^

    1. Glad things were going well here! Thank you!

      Yeah the feeling was awesome :D it's once in a bluemoon to be able to work from home but work with friends also feel better in some ways.

      Yea they're really fun and nice haha! ^^ Oh, I'm considering of it btw haha :D

      Selamat hari raya for you!


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