Friday, July 18, 2014

Internship 2014 : week 03.

★ My formal look representing this week because I literally wear shirt whole week. I need to lose 15 more kg to cosplay Euphemia! *O*

★ Tuesday de magical morning! A phoenix greeted me first thing in the morning. SO COOL NOT?

★ One look and it scares and excites me at same time lol.

★ It's a rare occasion that I can go home when the sky is this bright. Aweeeed!

★ My colleagues went away for three days (two days for training and meeting, one day for meeting outside Jakarta) so this week there are not much work to do. I even spent almost my whole working time snoozing, snacking and watching Captain Phillips! *O* I was eww eww during movie until friend poked me and reminded me to behave hahaha.

★ That pastel sunset! *happy*

★ Giving mama's pet a good wash and watch FT Island! :3

★Traffic jam and fatty kebab time yay!

And a random vlog for this week:


This week is relatively easy for me.

Almost entire week some of my team members are gone so it's kind of quiet at office. I even had a day where it's all total relaxing and I even got the chance to watch Captain Phillips. I feel bad but it can't be helped. There are not many work lining. My hectic days should start after Hari Raya so I must make the best of these relaxing days as good as possible!

This week is one of the most awesome internship week so far. Began with exciting Monday after Germany's winning and relaxing week and went out with my colleagues for the first time on Friday. We caught a movie: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes at Senayan City and had a good pointless laugh inside cinema.

It's a big big mall and I feel pity not to take a walk. I would like to bring Fatty there next time and eat so many good foods there! Can't wait yaaaay.

We had age talk during our going out yesterday and I was surprised that we're all on the same age! I immediately dropped my formalities and it felt so much better. One question is why I haven't graduated and they graduated already -__-;

I remember my childhood study was a mess so that is one of the reason that I graduate so late? XD

Lots of love ♥


  1. Wow the phoenix is beautiful! Heheh looks like you are enjoying your internship :)

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can ^^
      Happy Sunday to you~!


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