Saturday, July 12, 2014

Internship 2014 : week 02.

Things start shifting in my life. My priorities change, I feel in some ways that I grow in some aspects. Working has been extremely tiring for me or it is just me who take more than a week to adapt? I am not sure, the jobdesks are not that tiring (for now), really. My partner, colleagues, supervisor and project manager are all very kind and friendly to me. There is no reason for me to be sulky even though I face traffic jam everyday.

I always think that I am going to work somewhere far--and make completely new friends, and live in completely new place. But working in this place makes me think twice about furthering my career--would I consider working in this very same company after I graduate?

I never think I would, I'm not very good in socialising so I have always been afraid in meeting unexpected people. But I have kept my decision in fighting that complex and try to go further, but this other option is too good to abandon!

Working here is amazing. And though for now my allowance is not high, but it's still very good because to the common knowledge, it's very rare for internship to get such amount of allowance. Also, the regular employee starter salary here is considered as high in this country. I should really admit that not too many people about this company I'm working with, but I've looked up some history backgrounds and its Wikipedia page, and quoting from Wiki-san it's said that It is the world's largest consulting firm as measured by revenues and is a Fortune Global 500 company.

And it sounds scary for me. Idk why I'm so dramatic lol.

The working standard is also high--the dresscode is strict and I cannot wear even a polo shirt (bummer!) and such thing excites me because I've been mentioning in my previous posts that I adore people with formal outfits; and I'm becoming one with them now teehee.

I hereby confess that I am probably one of the luckiest person in this world! Everything just goes amazing around me--no more or less, everything is just perfect for me.

Law of attraction is amazing.

Initially I thought it would be scary, colleagues would be so cold and just give me lots of boring typing tasks to do. But all of these thought went poof at once.

Met my supervisor on first day for short briefing, he is amazing. Very kind and friendly. Then met my colleagues too; they're super friendly that I don't even realise they're older than me. They feel just like my classmates. We go to mall for lunch literally every Friday and it really feels like classmates hanging out during lunch break.

I cannot ask for anything better anymore. I get exactly what I desire; only, it's much better. How can I not be grateful every night for all of these amazing things?

I thought it's a truly pity for missing my summer holiday for work. I don't regret it anymore, I have precious experience!

By the way, though I'm now working for Accenture I actually spend my whole time working at client office. I don't need to go to the office unless I have major problem like yesterday (okay, scroll down for story haha). So I feel like I work for client place on behalf of my company's 'employee'.

I'm assigned in Change Management project team, and my main job is to assign the client's employee roles with SAP roles. Match match them based on responsibilities and assign client employees' user IDs and passwords. Then I also have to do authorization test for one of the final step on this SAP implementation project.

Firstly I thought it's just a small job (authorization testing, what else we do? Check user ID and password correct only, then not checking other else one) but then once I indulge myself deeper then I realise it's not as simple as it sounds.

We're not only testing 20-30 user IDs, we're testing, probably thousands of it. *cough cough* And I've been working on test templates which will be used next month to be filled with testing data. Got like so many test case sheets and thousands of scenarios and testing all of them would sprain my vertebra.

Maybe I'm too spoiled, I am one of the employee who dismiss myself early (around 6 - 7PM) and I everyday think that I overwork--whereas I can see that some of them stay there until midnight everyday. Not sure what keeps them firing up to be able to work everyday like that but that is seriously amazing. Full respect!

And the good news is, my colleague told me that he will propose ABAP team (SAP programmers) to make us a simple script to automate the testing process. So that will be a yay!

The testing is going to start next month until middle or end of September, so during that period I will have like almost everyday OT day. I hope not, but if it's so, then I will embrace my time there. Because it's priceless experience! Hahahahaha (can laugh now but let's see next month).

Update 13 July//
Friday was one of my longest day ever. I got problem with the company laptop (It's unable to connect to Microsoft Outlook at all and I can't log in my Microsoft Lync (it's the continuation version of MSN messenger, only it's targeted for internal employees of an enterprise--how nostalgic!) so I had to go to my office to meet the technician there. 

I was thinking that I will be late going to client office as my office and client office are the way too far from each other and traffic jam is mad in Jakarta during weekdays, so yeah. I left BS at 7:30AM and reached office at 8AM (I know the shortcut to office coincidentally teehee) and after fixed my laptop, I was hesitating to go to client place on that day.

Super far man!

But I headed there anyway; and I reached client office at around 10:30AM *cry hard* so it was super super exhausting. Also, only one hour did my stuff there then me and colleagues went out for lunch at mall *cough* I was thinking this team is very chillax one, can go to a bit far mall during work hours one. Hahaha.

Morning selchu (●´3`)~♪

Thought I am gonna buy snacks everyday but some people are fasting there and also I can't multitask eat and work so I never really snacking and working altogether.

I always come early early, this is how the client office at 8:30AM looks like!

My team was doing Financial Management OA presentation. Super not interested -.-

Lots of love ♥


  1. i always dreaded working because everything seem strange to me and ya, im just like u , nt really good at socialising , but now you are making me feel comfortable with working environment ,
    you're sooo lucky to have such nice working environment!
    and you got yourself a TR !! omygawwd big big love for it

    1. Yeah, at first we will feel that uneasiness but when you come to work, it will feel much more similar, almost like a class, and lucky enough if your colleagues are just too friendly just like your classmates! :)
      Yes even I myself can't stop being super grateful of how lucky I am. I hope this will spread to you too ;D

      Yea! It's been 2 years since I use this TR, so much love!

  2. Wow! so detail and alot of IT/Technical stuff that I do not understand but still got me hook into reading until the end. (Is that the official dress/shirt for the company? Batik design? If yes, THAT IS SO AWESOMELY UNIQUE!)
    and yes, fasting month now. I love and respect you for your comment. ;)
    After reading this post, I think we have this kind of 'internship' in our company too. Only we call it 'attachment' for student who are still in school but doing extra credit/experience outside of school. But I heard they did not get paid in our company. I heard other company did pay allowance though.
    Look at me commenting long! LOL sorry..
    Anyways, lets see what you have in store for us next!

    p/s: I'm BronzeWitch22474 btw. I added you already. xD

    1. Hahaha! I am sorry for that I hope to explain it more simple next time. Hahaha. The batik is worn every Friday though we're not obliged to, and we're free to wear any batik! I like to see batik on people, they look soooo nice! :D hahaha.
      I wish you a great fasting month too!
      I see, but internship is not about the allowance but it's all about the experience we will need in the future; so let's embrace it! ^^ and I don't mind for long comments, I love it! <3

      Thank you BronzeWitch22474! Let's grab the house cup champion again this year :D


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