Saturday, July 19, 2014

I have God of Luck beside of me, and you too!

Germany won on Sunday last week.

Super no regret slept at 9PM last week and set alarm to go off at 1AM to watch Klose's last match in World Cup. I admit I was half asleep half awake during match and I was praying so it won't be reaching penalty kick until Götze's epic goal on the additional time totally woke me up and I was like YAAAAY at around 4:30AM *sorry neighbor* Hahaha.

Saw Messi's face who looked really gloomy and I felt so sad for him but the match was beautiful, both teams were playing great though I could see that Argentina played a bit centered in the strikers: Messi, Higuain and forget the other striker sorryyyy.

Here is the best scene during the final World Cup in my opinion!

★ Neuer: Sorry ah lend me your lap I need to give big punch.
★ Higuain: Okay go ahead?
★ German behind: I so blur zzz.

Side story: Fatty told me about the anti-gambling ad by his country-goverment and reminded me of something I saw on Yahoo news few weeks ago. So I now remember that the yellow-teed boy was hoping Germany would win for the sake of his father gambling on his savings.

And Germany won on Sunday.

How to say?

I went to Google to recheck the news I saw few weeks ago and reconfirmed about it. Cannot say it's a really fail anti-gambling ad, it's a bit awesome XD laugh die me.

Andy's dad please teach me how to gamble hahahahahahaha.

I hope no one decides to gamble more after the ad because gambling is a matter of pure luck. It's rare; and only yourself can really understand how high is your luck meter.

Reminds me of my high school friend. She has a god of luck beside of her all of the time! During high school, so many of my friends have Sweet17 birthday party (a trend for 17 year old girls back then to celebrate their birthday party big big) and there will be always big doorprizes for the friends. Believe it or not, this friend of me always won the prizes.

When I say always, there are no party where she didn't win. Didn't matter whether it's the first prize, the second or the third, she would always hit one. Until me and other friends rubbed her hand heartily and said "May your luck be contagious and spread it to us" and rub rub rub.

If she buys lottery numbers or whatever, she confirm win one! Omg, next time gamble must ask her can!

Mentioning luck, my luck is actually *cough* pretty good too! So far, I have always gotten what I want during study and work. I am always accepted on my first choice of high school, first choice of university, first choice of job. Probably the most desirable luck of people is getting what they want.

Again, I'm practicing LOA and it helps me shaping a good attitude and achieving all of my dreams. Super excited even only by typing this blogpost. I can't wait for tomorrows to be awesome!

Ok no more lecturing.

Have a great weekend!

Lots of love ♥


  1. I saw that ad too!! and i laughed and felt pity for the kid at the same time.

    Luck. I always said that I'm not that lucky but as time flies and I grow some more, I now say 'If i work hard enough, i'll have my luck!' Hwaiting!! LOL

    Have a good weekend to you too! :)

    1. Hahaha! That's a great attitude :D Thank you! Do you have a great weekend! ;D

  2. its good to have god luck and i'm glad for u!~


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