Sunday, July 13, 2014

Football, movie, icecream.

Though my week went super hecticly but I surprisingly went out several times and I had so much fun~! It's almost surreal that I thought I would be all alone since the day I start working while most of my friends are having holiday. But, still, I was having so much fun and friends happened to give me a call to go with them together during this week's break for presidential election. So, it's a big relief from a heavy week!

Klose hahaha prepared my camera for his close up face.
★ Tuesday, I went to early sleep after work and caught Germany / Brasil semifinal match. A 3AM match so I didn't bother go downstairs for free show, I went streaming online and had a hard time (because of the connection sucked haha) but it didn't matter. I have always been rooting for Germany but that game was very heartbreaking for me! Both me and mama (on phone together during game haha) were both screaming at our rooting team Germany to stop stop stop and gave Brasil an easy time. I am not a football fan but I could see that Brasil had literally NO DEFENSE so the 7 / 1 score was all real without faking anything. I think they needed to gather themselves and be less individual. Same problem with the 4 / 0 Germany / Portugal; Portugal players were all played individually since I was guessing that they wanted to become a notable player but it's not what football is. Germany may not be entitled the Player of the Year for last year or whatever but I can see from my amateur sight that they play teamly; their teamwork is very nice, their passings are almost perfect.

See dripping ice cream on my hand? I LICKED it, hahaha eeeew!
★ The next day was national holiday for presidential election so I went out with my friends to catch a movie and hunt discounts. Seems like this election season everyone was really enthusiastic and they gave discounts here and there! We got about 30% cheaper movie tickets and I got one whooping BIG scoop free for my beloved Jamoca Almond! Buni buni tummy was very happy that day! We went for Transformers 4 movie and since I haven't slept since the day before due to football and I couldn't fall asleep at all until noon, so I barely understood what the movie was about and I literally fell asleep when the protagonist' daughter was kidnapped with the evil transformer. When I woke up from my accidental nap inside cinema, the daughter was already gathered with her dad and I was like wtf I fell asleep? hahahaha. I barely understood anything so I rated this movie low. I always enjoy myself seeing Optimus Prime since first Transformers though but I sincerely apologised for falling asleep during your show :"(

★ Bright full moon! I really like it~~~~! Didn't bring my nice camera so this is the result. :c

Pointless picture.
★ Finally finally got myself Fatsy ranger meow's birthday present for this year! Took me forever to think so I have decided on a rather simple present because of my super limited budget and time to look for it. Bought it online last week and wrapped it immediately so it won't become too dusty before its time departing from my home. Actually I see no point posting this because I blur it but I believe presents are not supposed to be revealed until it's given to the person so I blur it--might as well not posting about it at all, right? XD

I think I am going to sleep anytime now since I feel uncommonly tired after a short shopping. If Tikong permits, I may wake up around 30 minutes before final match Germany / Argentina and won't regret anything. If not, then I will wake up and go to work straight ahead and check Yahoo Sports News at work hahahaha.

Lots of love ♥


  1. Hi I missed reading your blog! Hahahaha :D

    Oh gosh. I feel really sad for Brazil because of that 7-1 too :( But Germany played really good (I could tell even if I'm not a fan either haha) so they deserved the win :) I also almost fell asleep during Transformers too! Especially during the beginning when there was too much talking going on. Haha!

    1. Hi! I miss you too ^^ yeah, I barely understand the rule but their playing is very good. Hahaha. I am glad I am not the only one. The previous Transformers movies were better XD

  2. Am I the only one who didn't watch World Cup? Hahaha. Cuma ngikutin hasilnya aja dari pembicaraan temen temen gua di Whatsapp wkwkwk

  3. Not a big fan of football either but that 7 to 1 between Germany and Brazil had me shocked and laughed for a long time. hahaha I mean, WHAT. HAPPENED?! I always thought Brazil wouldnt be beaten that bad. ahaha
    that is so nice of your country/states to give special holiday for election and have discounts some more?? *thumbs up*
    I havent watch Transformer 4.. so, a tad bit down. maybe I'll go and watch it tomorrow if it still plays at our cinema..if not, I'll just wait for the dvd. LOL
    and about the present; at first i thought you didnt want to show us and yes, it's kinda pointless to post but after i finish reading, I understand. it's a present!! of course, the person who you're going to give it to have to be the first one to see it first!

    1. Yeah!! Brazil was out of shape that time. It's a pity but I hope they could understand that there is always next time ^^
      Yeah I was surprised as well. This time election is pretty widely spoken as there has been so many different gossips from different people. I hope there will be nothing bad happen during the announcement of the result next week ^^
      Well, you can try to watch it actually! It's not a huge disappointment for me but in my opinion the previous Transformers was better. Well, give it a try if you don't mind haha ^^
      I'm sorry for the confusion, probably I'll try to blog about it different way ;)


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