Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunset, snacks and fringe.

Sunset is one of the most beautiful thing on Earth. One of my totemo daisuki na mono (most beloved thing) that makes me goes all happy, nervous and touched!

These few days however, the sunsets are kind of shy as they're hiding behind the cloud. I guess Turmeric the cloud fairy is a bit emotional lately that he produced more clouds than usual nowadays.

These pics are taken yesterday at around 5:30PM.

For some reasons the lower cloud is super thick that I couldn't witness the dusk. It's one reason I didn't take pic of sunsets lately--it's too cloudy.

Taken today at 5PM.

With some camera setting manipulation because it was still quite bright therefore the sun was not captured properly. I darkened the camera setting so that it can capture the sun contrast and it turned out a bit reddish--pretty; but fake. The real thing was much brighter and much more yellow, therefore it is not one of my favourite sunset pic.

Clouds are so pretty, I love clouds. But I want to witness more beautiful undisturbed sunsets in the future so I hope the cumulus cloud will dance around us at noon and will rest properly at dusk. Is that even possible. Turmeric, please let your clouds dance? XD

"Oh, well, I'll consider it then." -Turmeric.

(I'm currently watching Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar so I'm all about season fairies~~Waaai~~)

I hope on July and August I will be able to witness cloudless sunsets! It should be awesome~~! I was sent lots and lots of sunset pics as well lately that it made me soooo~~happy! I love to share the happiness with everyone as well!

Mama just sent me lots and lots of snack packages since she has just returned from a trip.

Number 1 is her homemade cream puff (without cream) and it is very yummy and makes me happy! Crispy crispy and salty I am sure it's everyone's favourite!
Number 2 can be bought in any supermarkets *wink*.
Number 3 is my daisuki cashewnuts. Mama whined at me because me often requested her to made me fatty fried cashewnut--I know it's sooooper expensive haha but she made one for me anyhow! Yaaaay~~
Number 4 is also her homemade onde-onde ketawa (Laughing onde-onde). Anyone know it? Funny name is it?
Number 5, 6 and 7 are bought in Bali as Uncle Sea just returned from there last month and bought me these three peanut packages. I am a big fan of peanuts (and no wonder I have hormones disturbance and pimples are so fertiles on my face) so I treasure all of it. The best is Number 6, followed by Number 5 and Number 7 is too salty to my tastebud.

Lost weight few days ago and preparing to gain one again :c

Do you realise that I grow my fringe? It has been around 1.5 years since the last time I cut my fringe and it has blended with the rest of my hair. Okay, so I'm facing this hard choice again whether I should give it another girly short fringe cut or just let it grow like this? I have no idea which one suits me better--I love both looks!

Dig to my early 2013 posts for fringe selcas.

Don't bother to tidy my desk omg.

Tomorrow is the last war--Project Management!

However, just like the rest of normal students in this world; the last day exam is usually the day where the motivation is all gone and all we want is to finish tomorrow asap and embrace the 3 months holiday! Me is no different, said that I was going to study since yesterday but I barely touched the book up to this second.

Ok la got to return to my notes now. Last war tomorrow ohyayzxc!

Lots of love ♥

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