Thursday, June 26, 2014

Runny egg yolks, bruise and final exam.

I used to avoid egg yolks because they taste too good to be healthy.

Papa has this habit of scooping out the egg yolk and left it on the plate after eating--I think his habit is cool so I followed him to be so. I grow up eating very few egg yolks; though in my very personal opinion they taste soooo good, my hands move consciously scooping out egg yolks.

However, ever since I live by myself I start not to be picky. I try to value every single food including the heavenly egg yolk. It's not easy to break the habit but eventually humans are great creature; they're very adaptive.

So, since I've been staying up whole midnight these few days--I get myself a midnight snack.

A boiled egg it is!

I boil my egg with my kettle (amusingly dirty lol) but I wash it thoroughly so I am not afraid of dirtiness--even if it happens to be unlucky, I myself is the one will have predictable stomach ache. Not a big problem, but save tons of effort and dishes!

Like just now, in the middle of my studying time I boiled an egg and perfectly peeled it without a single dent!

Peeling eggs is one of the best feeling ever and I've been enjoying it in my entire life. So when I peeled my egg without a single scratch or dent; I'm so proud of my bodoh achievement that I am gonna blog about it now~ Yay!


 photo CIMG4755_zps76dbc8f5.jpg

 photo CIMG4758_zps3bcef069.jpg 

I know boiled egg bites is not pretty but I took the pic anyway. 

I boiled my egg for less than 10 minutes on a kettle that the yolk is still a bit runny inside. It is both yucky and yummy--I am not sure what to say. Because; it tastes so good and it is super fatty. So; I am not sure how to respond.

It's good so once in a while is alright!

Btw I scratched my left palm because I fell down to dirty puddle this afternoon. No pain anywhere but it's not a pleasant experience.

Beam-walking is seriously not my thing XD

Among my sis, parents and Fats ranger meow, none of them feel so kelian to me instead all of them laughing after knew that I fell down. 

They said almost the same thing to me: You're too fat ahhh (insert happy face and laughters here)

Why all of you jiang bad?

Also, on my previous post I did mention that I hit shuttle bus' pole bar door and hoped that there will be no bruise?

Okay so I def have a small and painful bruise. Thank you clumsy body for letting my right arm got bruise and left palm got scratches!

Bruise 李: Lee lmao so lame.

I am very tempted to do this since that day I saw this on internet. Sorry it's weird I wrote that with my left hand ahaha.

My friend said that bruises are supposed to be poked hardly but I refused--I think it's ridiculous!; so she grabbed my arm and poked poked poked the poor bruise happily. 

I screamed as loud as possible and gained attention and I hit my head to the wall and I was half-crying. How come friends are super cruel to me! *sobbing hard*

But they kept saying: this is good for you ma and yadda yadda until friend said; uh do you cry? And then stopped poking me and sayang my bruise.

I still don't believe bruises are to be poked like that. Come on, it's very painful and nobody want your bruises to be touched right? Then why poking it? Still doesn't get to my sense.

They seemed to enjoy poking my pain--what? They said it's for your sake.

Thank you, guys

Oh yeah, btw you know I'm taking SAP courses in uni right. So I am supposed to complete five SAP courses until my Bachelor degree. Then, on last two days I took both SCM600 and SCM500 SAP exams at uni and it was the way too different!

First SAP exam is SCM600--Sales and Distribution module. The module book is pretty thick (around 300 pages) supposed to be completed in 4 days. The exam was super bright--If I don't make any stupid mistakes (which I hope I don't) I can ace this module.


Second SAP exam is SCM500--Material Management module. Is a total contrast with SCM600; almost 600 pages of super thick module book; a somehow blur book (literally), is very very complicated and I hear SCM600 is the most complicated module among five SAP courses that Binus offers.

And lastly, I didn't study. I underestimated the exam. lol 

But seeing almost all of my classmates were actually facing the same hard thing with me relieved me a lot. At least I know I didn't face that hell alone. Even in the end; my friend who sit beside me helped me answering one last question and I helped my friends on several questions and it was possibly one of the hardest exam ever.

I don't even remember any of the questions anymore so I don't want to talk about it anymore ahaha.

I need to get back to my notes since it's already dawn and I need to study for exam in 6 hours. Yay!

Lots of love ♥




    and pretty egg! Now imma go and boiled myself one (or two) egg(s).

    and your friends . . . . hahahah! That is true friendship, that is! my bestfriend and I often said to each other, 'your suffering is my happiness' LOL.

    and your clumsiness reminds me of Onew. it's kesian but cute at the same time. dont feel bad about it, yeah? I believe its your charm, like it was Onew's. ;)

    1. Hahahaha!! Yeah I love it too XD the mata lembu egg especially the soft one tastes soooo great Idk why? :P
      Hahaha I was like that with my best friends too. I am not too close enough to them to put the cake on her face. XD
      Hahahaha I agree, the clumsiness is one's charm ;)


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