Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review : Friends.

The day I watched Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n! ep 51 was the day I cried the hardest this year. It's not because I was hurt in such way that I trembled, fell and felt desolated but my super smooth and fragile heart was calmly touch with this warm feeling.

The episode told about Doremi-tachi graduation day. A day everyone awaits for.
A day, people secretly don't want to come. Because, graduation is separation.

I relate to this very well. I have just said it on my last post: "Can I say that I don't want to graduate?" but I hurriedly swept that aside as I really need to graduate on time.

I actually was separated between the happiness of graduating and didn't want to separate with my friends. So it was both very touching; in happy way and in sad way.

Though there was no teary teary moment. Idk; I wanted to cry in that kind of moments (graduation, farewell party, birthday party, etc etc) but I never cry.

Maybe my body unconsciously knows that I should not cry in front of people.

So, same thing happened to Doremi. She didn't want to have graduation.
She didn't want to separate with everyone.

Hana-chan was going back to the Witch world.
Momoko was going back to States.
Onpu was going to actress school in another city.
Aiko was returning to Osaka.
Hazuki was going to Karen Academy School.

So she didn't come to the graduation party and she ran to Mahou-Dou and hid inside. Majorika saw her and advised her to go but it was no use, Doremi was too sad to the fact that her bestfriends are going away and even Majorika and Lala who is like Doremi's parents were going back to Witch world.

Too sad?

It's a children level of sadness but I successfully cried the hardest when watching this episode. I spent my night putting cold towel in my face so the next morning friends won't ask me why I had such swollen face muahahaha.

And, before graduation, they arranged to play a short instrumental using their five instruments.

The title is "Friends". Which is a friend instrumental to make them one.

It's such a heartwarming instrumental. If you watch this anime, this instrumental message will reach your heart.


This instrumental was really meaningful to them (and to Ojamajo Doremi viewers) as it shows us how tight and warm their bond is. I would love to have this instrumental play for me someday!

Do you notice that there are five instruments are used on the video above?
Can you guess? (try to watch the video first and I'll reveal the answer below!)

Violin played by Hazuki,
followed by piano played by Doremi,
then flute played by Onpu,
harmonica played by Aiko,
and lastly guitar played by Momoko.

Very beautiful, right?

I must admit that Ojamajo Doremi is one anime which has the most beautiful OST ever.

The video was taken from the last episode where all of them was talking to Doremi about how they would not forget her and if Doremi didn't want to go to the graduation ceremony, they wouldn't go either.

And seeing their very warm friendship actually grasped my heart to it utmost warmth and manly tears were falling to my pajamas.

*cry a river for the whole ep*

Lots of love ♥


  1. i hate graduation! though i think it's a phase of life that must pass through ):
    by the way i like the violin part of this video,
    quite beautiful heee

    1. Yeah~~ everyone will have it; sad and happy moment at once!
      I really like it too~~ Simple score, but so beautiful!

  2. Replies
    1. Oi! Almost didn't recognise you~ Haha.

  3. Hi! May I ask if you know the score for this music? I've been looking everywhere for it. If you do, can you please send it to my e-mail?

    Thanks loads.

    1. Hi! I'm sorry I don't have the score. I just simply noticed the score was shown on the anime itself for about 2-3 secs and it was simple; and only that. Hope you can find it--good luck!


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