Saturday, June 14, 2014

Morning green tea.

I never know there are so many types of tea in this world. The one I know since the earliest time I could remember is 乌龙 (wulong / black dragon) tea--it is very famous right! The leaves and wood taste is hinted very well in this tea. Best served medium hot. I don't drink super hot beverages; hurt my mouth, ugh.

The second most familiar tea is 茉莉花 (molihua / jasmine) tea. This is also very famous here, but in some cases this tea is too fragrant which I dislike. Well, at first I think a very fragrant tea is nice to smell but my parents never like too fragrant tea, so I followed them and now I don't get used to too fragrant tea.

Then is the slimming tea everyone knows! 緑 (lu / green) tea. I very very seldom have green tea since it's expensive (correct not?) and looks so green. Though local green tea has more friendly colour (which I read that it went through more delicate and mild process in processing). And it's also known for giving lots and lots of health benefits. Believe it or not? I am not sure either. I was told to drink more green tea to avoid breast cancer the last time I met Fatty ranger meow who advised me that. Guess what is my reaction when I was told that.

I laughed. whut >_>

I at first was thinking it's too funny to be true but these last few days I didn't feel well and I sorta have random aches in my chest so I became too paranoid and bought a box of local tea instead when I was going out with my friend last time. While doing LOA to melt any cancerous cell and throw them away via my bladder; hopefully!

So it was only one crazy mind of me who is thinking of such thing. If nobody ever tell me to drink certain this or that to avoid cancer I would not have such thought for real. I might continue eating instant noodle or burger all time and might get die earlier nooooes.

So I've been brewing tea everyday before leaving to class. I don't get used to it for real (because I only get used to have water upon waking up to leaving house) so on my first morning after drinking green tea, I was feeling kind of nausea and this somewhat vertigo-feel because I have green tea before eating anything. Uncle sea is also like that, drink green tea on first thing in the morning and blood pressure would drop drop drop until faint.

Luckily, on my second day I never feel the weird the morning nausea again. (Omg why the connotative is very negative here hahaha). Nausea because of green tea arh. Also, I honestly don't know which one is better--to drink green tea in the morning or at night. I need to read more books about health (yeah ._.) and understand which one is surely better. But I do know that green tea has caffeine so I decided to have a cup of green tea every morning. Besides, I heard that green tea helps metabolism, so more reasons to drink it in the morning.

The effect was nice--I never feel hungry anymore at class even when I haven't had proper lunch. I can now easily control appetites and eat more moderately (though so far I still lose 0 kg despite of I feel that my jeans become all loosened) so I think it's a good habit to develop.

I actually am interested in lemon water detox; but it's kind of hard to store lemons in my house since I no refrigerator to store lemons so I set that aside until I move place and get my refrigerator to have lemon detox.

By the way, this Saturday feels so nice because I only had one class (done it few hours ago) and also:

I love awesome face meme so please bear with it because I gg post lots of it in the future hehehe.

Wanted to do success kid meme expression but it looked like I have toothache lmao.

Yeah! Submitted my last Advanced IS paper last week so I'm kind of free! Though I have extra two homeworks to do too but it's still less intimidating than Advanced IS paper, and I can have a nap before doing that as well~~! :>

So fast so fast next week is my final exam week! Omg it feels like mid-exam and Immersion trip is only last month, correct? Now everything is like running fast, and now final exam, and more sleepless night (and I predict more blogposts--on the contrary hahaha) because sitting in front of my books and laptop actually leaks my creativity river inside my brain and my hand hormones have this urge to type, just randomly anything on this blog.

Have a nice weekend!

Lots of love ♥


  1. yeah!!! there is a huge variety of tea out there and green tea is the most healthiest one. it helps in weight loss and it prevents cancer cos of the antioxidants present in them! :D you should drink it more often :D

    1. I see! I confirm from now will drink green tea more often :D thank you~~!

  2. Let's go KL togetherrrr!! I'll be going on 19th Sept until 21st Sept 2014. xD

    Here in Brunei, Normal Lipton Tea, Green Tea and Ear Grey are the top three teas. (I think hahaha) and I prefer the normal ones. I only drink Green Tea when having Sushi :P

    1. I wantttt! Ohmy, what a timing! My last internship is Sept 19 omgomg. I wonder if I can make it to KL?! XD No plan yet. But are you confirmed going there on that day?

      Hahaha I know Liptons! It tastes so nice also :P Ahhh~~ Yeah, I know! I have green tea on ramen restaurant and sushi restaurant as well xD


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