Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friend's birthday, balance bird and last episode.


For some reasons, I take many pictures again lately /duh

It was my friend's birthday yesterday and we bought her a cake. Went out on evening together for dinner and for some reasons, I got the car key stuck inside my car AGAIN. Thought I was going to call the insurance man but luckily all was solved because stupid me put the gear to N instead of P.

Tmd my brainz.

This was such a magic toy long time ago! I can't believe I own it again! Found him on my cereal box and YAYYYY loving him to the max! I love balancing bird and tell my bed buddies how magic does it all. Elmo is surely amused~!

So last Tuesday the last episode of Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant season was released and since I was on my exam marathon I don't dare to download it. I don't want to ruin both of my exams and my holy moment of watching last episode of Hunter x Hunter. I happened to download it today watched the most epic episode just now.

I was planning to clap and yay but I cried. Idk it would be such sads! *still sobbing until now*

So I happen to make the video reaction of me watching the very last scene of this episode, I really prepared everything before watching it because I wanted to record my epic expression but I ended up crying. What the hell haha.

Beautiful ending that I can't really say that it's sad because it ended nicely. But still, a sad ending for my favourite antagonist!

The very last scene of Meruem and Komugi.

How can I bear those sparkle tears produced by my eye glands to see such beautiful scene? It's the best ending and yet, the sad one.

I am sure the Meruem x Komugi #2 review will up soon, hopefully real soon because starting next week I'll start my new works and such. Confirm busy.

I hope so!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Oh magic bird! i still wonders how it works! hahaha

    and awww...I know how ya feel about final/last episode fo your fav series. that was probably how I looked like watching Harry Potter movie no. 7 part 2.

    1. Me too! Idk why can it be so awesome though it's a simple thing? Hahaha.

      Ohhhh my me too! I had this epic face when watched Harry Potter movie 7 part 2, Harry Potter was one of the best series afterall!


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