Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Current trends.

Tomorrow is my first day of final exams and I currently have done nothing for it.

I'm here instead and I want to write down some, irrelevant things.

First trend: Final exam.
If you're studying in Binus University too at the moment, you'll know that June is the even semester final exam month. Even semester final exams are never nice, because you have this fact that you're going to have the almost-3-months holiday after no long holiday and it makes you feel super super anxious and want to finish your exams asap.

It happened to me last year and last last year. This year, I have this internship awaits me for my almost-3-months holiday so I kinda want to take it slow; enjoying exam as much as I can.

Second trend: Presidential candidates.
If you live in the same country with me, you'll know that the national election will be held next month. There are two candidates and they have this weekly debates which everyone watches. For myself, I don't really indulge myself in politics and such but for the first time, I'm seeing that two candidates have power. I won't be able to give vote as well this time because I'm currently wandering in foreign city and have no sufficient personal data and documents to vote.

So I'll just hope that the best candidate is the one will be chosen and for better future for this country as well. This country has given me so many things to learn--nice or not nice.

Third trend: World cup 2014.
You'll never see me as a football fan because I'm not. But I definitely had my favourite. Yeah, I used to watch matches and have favourite team. If you have been my reader since 2009; you'll know that I blogged about World cup 2010 back then. And do you remember my favourite team?

Germany it is!

And all of this football influence comes from my mama and boyfriend gor. She's a big fan of football match and boyfriend gor as well. He's a big fan of Juventus and Italy team while mama is a big fan of Germany. So, seeing both of them talking about football and stuff, and I joined watching football games back then, so I decided that I'd root for Germany as well.

And I blogged so many bout Germany and my favourite player--Klose. I was always looking for the black number 11 in white shirt and looking at him only running on football ground. You can say I'm not a football fan but I'm a Klose fan.

I still remember during World cup 2010; there was this epic Germany vs. England match and I was looking at Klose in the entire match while mama was confused between rooting for Germany or England because seeing that match, England looked so poor because Germany literally smashed them on football ground. But since I had no favourite player in England team, I still rooted for Klose. And eventually, my friends who mostly rooted for England were sad and while I was so happy that Germany won on that time, all of my friends were like--ugh sauseng lah you. Though I took it easy but they got angry somewhat and I was like: huh, it was just a game right?

Chillax girls.

So I was thinking that it's weird for everyone to get angry over a game that didn't even realise that there were the football fans here angry cause of their loss. I personally find it stupid to argue and angry over such thing. It's a game, everyone enjoyed it. Why would you angry? Waste energy sia.

So when it's over, I stopped sparing my time for football match since I got busy and also this World cup 2014, I never watch a single game because I don't own a TV.

Last night when I was about to sleep; mama called me and here's the freak fan convo:
Her: Germany vs. Portugal! Ohhhh **** Portugal don't play well this time.
Me: Ahaha, how is the score?
Her: 3-0 already.
Me: What? So fast 3-0 le, then how is Portugal?
Her: Not good, for some reasons they don't play well.
Me: Wah, I now return to become a Germany fan I think! Klose is playing?
Her: No la he is old already.
Me: *letting out sad sound*
And we somehow concluded that this year World cup 2014 final will be Holland vs. Germany. I mean, whut? That will be crazy epic. Mama is currently shifting to Holland atm so I was like, ohman!

Since it's a three parties phone call, then mama and sis (who both own TV) speaking like mad (yeah both of them are football fan as well) and since I had no idea what's happening, I played my phone and looked at the super packed group chat. Eventually, friends were also so fiery chatting bout the epic football match.
Friend 1: oh crap he's so stupid.
Friend 2: 3 - 0 already, Muller is like possessed one lah see him!
Friend 3: Ronaldo's face muahahaha.
Friend 4: Oi oi study oi next next day final exam.
Friend 5: Ahh Germany confirm win this one.
Friend 6: Oi you think playing PS is it?
Friend 7: Oh shit Penalty.
Friend 8: Wah goal yay.
Friend 9: Ghost made a goal omg Muller.
Friend 10: Portugal doesn't look nice one.
Friend 11: Woah, Portugal is having a fight.
Friend 12: Ahaha Ronaldo never get ball just go sit and lim kopi like that.
Friend 13: Woah the hosting lady is so sexy, her legs are like monopod *this one I read I laughed like mad*
Friend 14: You see girls then got excited alone lol.
Friend 15: LOL Portugal 3 best people came out.
Friend 16: Omg Muller's first hattrick (and this time the score was 4 - 0).
Friend 17: What Muller went out? He's scared Ronaldo break his leg one ahaha *I laughed by myself reading this*
Friend 18: Podolski! Yeah! *and I was like: omg I wish I had TV with me right now, my Germany team fan instinct returns omg*
Friend 19: Game ended, sleep sleep.
Friend 20: I won't use Clear shampoo again from now on *I laughed by myself again and went sleep*
//And lots and lots of curse words here.
There were only about 5-6 of my friends talking but I barely remember who talked what, so I wrote Friend 1 - 20 and the convo I remember. Didn't bother to see hp and check.

Super funny. Cheered me up instantly in a very tired night.

This time, I'm literally watching football through my friends group chat. It's not equally nice, but it's multiple times more fun and these funny remarks like above burst me into big laughter all by myself. I don't mind reading football game chats many times, it's pure fun.

Fourth trend: Plant Tycoon.
I start to play Plant Tycoon again since I'll be in front of my laptop for long long time for this final exam weeks. I am thinking to have something to do and can be left in background for long so I'm playing this Plant Tycoon. I don't bother taking notes of genetic crossing, I'm just having fun of taking care of it and discovering new plants. No rush in finding Magic Plant, just pure playing.

Any of you play Plant Tycoon before? I finished Fish Tycoon last time and it was so fun, especially when I found the last Magic Fish, pure happiness!

It's both boring and fun but this game is intended to be left so I don't mind. I can work on my stuff and wait for the next plant crossing surprise ahaha.

Alright, I better start on my notes before it gets too late (10:54PM now zzz) and gonna burn oilssssu for my sixth Final exams!

Thank you for reading this most random post ever.

Lots of love ♥


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