Friday, June 20, 2014

[100happydays] Day 88 - 100 ★


♪ Joined this fanart contest for the new game released: Kingdom Under Fire II. My uni is very supportive with such kind of games and events (it's an IT uni afterall) so expect to see so many "free computers to play dota" fair here! The fanart contest was from 1PM to 5PM and I just finished my class on 4:30PM and my friend dragged me down to join this. I drew this in around 40 mins and didn't win. To be expected, because I never coloured it. Nevertheless I had fun though I had no idea who was I drawing. I drew based on the poster there ahaha.

Credit: Femme.

♪ Last day of semester 6 class!

♪ Satisfied my crave of the hawker martabak I've seen for the longest and didn't dare to try. Tasted pretty okay! And btw, Kuroshitsuji is an AWESOME anime omg.

♪ Studying IT Security and looking at some--gay pictures? No wonder I did so bad on exam today omg ;__; I want to cry.

♪ And drew some stuff while I was studying. I stayed overnight for studying to study + google pics + draw. I'm so pathetic!

♪ "Fancy and modest" dinner for today! Meelo and spaghetti. Stomach bloated like mad but I love this feeling *rubbing buni buni belly*.

I reached the 100th day of my 100happydays project! It's is today!

I thought I'd never finish such a long project but I did! And it spans from March until June. Time surely, definitely flies!

Though there are far less 100 photos for this project as it finished with flaws, but I'm still satisfied I actually didn't miss the last day. Of course.

I'd try to look for more fun blogpost projects to do; as it will keep my blog alive and interesting--and hopefully I can have lots and lots of posts to share (other than my daily journal and boring diary posts).

As for today: my second final exam day. Being very honest here; I didn't do well. I thought I was crazy that I didn't remember what I have studied, but seriously--I had no idea what were the answers until the very last second.

I did super super poorly.

But it has passed as I don't wanna talk about it anymore. Rejoice for the weekend and I want tomorrow to start early so I can do my abandoned house chores and actually start studying for next week. It will be 4 exams in 4 days in a row so it's the biggest exam combo I ever have in Binus!

My sis who has 6 days of exam combo with two exams in each day thinks that I'm very sissy to whine for the 4 days combo exam.

Okay so I'm being so grateful for the 4 days exam combo. Thank you Binus.

Oh yeah, it's supposed to be said in sarcasm. Thank you Binus!!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Congratulation finishing the 100days project! nothing is much more important than finishing what you have started ;)
    and nice drawing btw (for the competition. didnt matter you didnt win, still a better drawer than me: i only can draw stick figures LOL).
    and about my trip to KL, I have booked for hotel on 19th Sep till 21st Sep. I havent buy the plane tix yet. but still am very excited!! and no, i don't have relative in KL hehe
    maybe if you'd be able to make it to KL, maybe we could meet. I never met overseas bloggers before :D

    1. Thankyou! Yeah I have this satisfied feeling of finishing this project since none of my friends are finishing this; yet. Hahaha thank you again btw. Ahh I see, I am not sure whether I can go since I still have my interns but I'll try.
      Btw, I never meet overseas blogger as well! ^^ teehee~


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