Saturday, June 7, 2014

[100happydays] Day 74 - 87 ★

Moki wanted a selca after so long never meet me so we took one--never focused on me! Bad camera :C

SAP class which was quite "smooth" that day @__@ previously I messed my Goods Issue so I can't continue.
Selca with these little fellas because we're cuties!

n(?) days ago OOTD for Formal Monday--tried the shoe gel sticker bought at Daiso that time yay.

Movie time after forever! Friend happened to have free ticket to blitz so she grabbed me along with two other friends. Idk this movie released much earlier here than other countries so I can't really spill it out. It's an exciting movie! (And somehow funny because my friends laughed so much and I was infected the laughters as well xD).

Movie is the best with creamy creamy Icecream from BK! My first time bought Icecream from BK. Maybe it has been years since I actually buy BK too ayy.

Today marks the 87th day from my 100happydays project! Can't believe it's gonna end by this month.

I haven't really done anything for this project because I barely take pictures everyday. These few weeks have gone crazy; my internship issue (will be in another post), lots and lots of thoughts that need to be written down here and also in no time I will end my Semester 6 quickly.

And hop to the last stage of my study in University!

Can I say that I don't wanna graduate?

HAHAHAHA I said same thing when I was on my last semester on High school three years ago and my friend sssh-ed me because we all wanted to pass together; which we did.

Alright; I should now brave my heart and will graduate proudly next year!

Still no idea which month though but it will surely be next year.

There are random thoughts on what I wanna do after I graduate but, seriously, I haven't really given it a serious thought. Though maybe I should have started by today.

Parents are like telling me to go further away to pursue my career and (or) find my passion in life but deep inside of me, though I have sorta slight hints of what I would like to do in my life, I still haven't sorted things out because I still want to enjoy the fixed school schedules, and routines.

Which I honestly am tired of--my young adult soul is boiling! I want to explore the world!

That's a juvenile statement.

But that's what me; and everyone else wants to do.

But of course, what parents want is always what the best for us in their mind. Have a stable job, good career and live my life to the fullest. So, here I am, no idea what am I gonna do at work.

I never have any official proper job at all so I am clueless. I am blind.

Will I go copy documents and make coffee on my first day?
I suck in making coffee. Siala.

People say working is selling your lifetime to be used to serve people for money.
Ain't that the truth?

But, that's another life essential as well. I am certain I'll bored to death if I don't have anything to spend my lifetime. I love indulging myself in works and enjoying it to the fullest!

But I realise I'm picky as hell. Might as well fix this to be actually socially-acceptable as well.

I want a modest and enjoyable job where I can earn enough to fulfill my staple needs also live a good and joyous life.

Is that too much to ask?

Should this be on another post instead? Haha ;)

Have a nice weekend to all of you!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Can I say that I don't wanna graduate.too?
    i wanna be a student all the time ,can i ?
    that's rally a difficult time we have
    have a nice day,keep in touch

    Your lovely Poppy:

  2. aww.. I know how you feel (about being 'blind'). don't worry, you will find your calling and when it called, you'll come running and it will sure to fulfill your heart!
    but for now, lets just enjoy the lazy days!! (I mean, I after you finish you r work that is keke)

    1. Yeahhh. I hope so~~! Gomawo ^w^
      I will enjoy my lazy days while I still can of course hahaha! ^O^


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