Monday, June 2, 2014

02 June.

Do you think so fast that it is almost middle of year already?

And it still rains occasionally here, I'm waiting for that crickets and summer sweats but rain keeps coming--though it's a nice weather to stay; but I want more outdoor summer activities starting from this month. No idea what's causing these rains to stay until these months but--let's just embrace it.

I have no idea what I'm talking about. I have zero knowledge in Geography ;__;

So, these last few days I had quite some fun.

I started a kind of fasting my friend taught me--because it seriously worked on him in losing weight, so I was thinking to give it a try for a week and see the result. Dad doesn't really agree me in cutting foods but mum is other topic. She decided to join me in this fasting method as well o_O woah.

I am not sure whether I can last for a week though because I am prone with headaches and migraines (even I had migraines these three consecutive days uww) but I'll just try it.

So far, I lose 0 kg hahahaha.

Ah, and last Saturday I was trying to hurriedly finish my Business Intelligence paper to submit as my Totolan paper. I'm sick of Totolan paper already for every week for real. I'm glad that this week only one individual Totolan paper is left for us and this will be our last Totolan paper in my life (YAY for that!) so I am thinking that I'll do it my bestest!

I plan to do more than 30 pages for my paper--but I can't promise. I just want to give it my ALL yay. It's such a satisfaction.

Oh, and yesterday (Sunday), I started to watch Kuroshitsuji. The first episode has caught me--I find this anime so much fun to watch. So many unnecessary comedy scenes though but it successfully made me let out some small giggles!

Also, if you have watched Kuroshitsuji you'll understand that the consequence for watching this is:

Extreme fangirling.

I'm not a fangirl--I find that beyond my style. But this time; I secretly think that the butler Sebastian is very cool and I'd want to have him as my personal butler. But the imagination of him dressing me up or bathing me is the way; too;

*Fangirling mode on*

See? It's totally not me. -__-

I secretly hoped Ciel is a bit older (or I'm a bit younger when I'm starting to watch this though) because he's the somewhat-cool-but-adorable type of protagonist. The evilish protagonist. Just like Lelouch.

You know Lelouch right? Nobody doesn't know Lelouch hahaha.

So, Kuroshitsuji is not recommended for guys; in my opinion, this anime target is girls. GIRLS.

Me, of course. Hahaha.

So I spent my Sunday watching 5 episodes of Kuroshitsuji--and had a really nice sleep haha. I woke up at 4AM; and felt so great.

Today ah, I was luckily called for Cloud Computing presentation. So, inside my head: "Ohhhh crap, all that I remember is Kuroshitsuji!"

So I had a quite presentation.

But that scary lecturer actually never mind my somewhat unprepared presentation so I went : "YAY XD"

These few days have been amazing!

Ikr, just like what I said in the beginning of this year--year 2014 might be the best year I've had in my entire 21 years of living!

Though the thesis preparation (and internship hunting) is stressful, but the fact that I don't lose weight (Idk is a sad fact or good fact) indicates that I'm happy everyday.

By the way, have you gotten your Bachang today? My friend actually had to give me another one this year too--kamsia ah Mei!!

No dragon or boat sticker so a blue mug and lanterns would do it? Haha.

Have a nice nice June to all of you!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Hello there~ I thought you finished school last year already.I guess, I was wrong :S
    but no matter, all the best with remaining paper works, you seem to have quite a lot. I sure couldnt handle it if it was me :S.
    and Bachang!! I saw two of my Chinese colleagues having them yesterday. It's the dumpling festival, right? (Please DO correct me if I got it wrong keke).
    You too, have a nice start of June ;D

    1. Haha~~ I will finish my study next year! ^^
      Yeah, I even doubt myself that I can handle all of these things while balancing for happiness and sleep~ It's kind of hard.
      Hahaha! Yeah, dumpling festival. If anyone asked me what is it, the story might goes too long so I guess Google is the best answer. I honestly am not too sure with folklore as well lol >.<

      Thank you~!


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