Sunday, May 25, 2014

Unboxing Hello Kitty Bubbly World Collector's Set♥

Is everyone curious of the big big present?

Actually the title has spoilt the present though hahahaha (I just feel like doing an individual post for this present because it's like the most awesome thing I ever received! 9,999x thank you in my mind daily ah!)

Fatty ranger meow handed me the big box on our last day of playing. An ambiguous present because he always said 'I found this there, you take this home' and it's somehow very very anti-mainstream for people to pass presents and I am a big fan of anti-mainstream things! Also it's somehow cute in my perception.

My taste is a bit uncommon teehee.

But still, I was totally blur and I realised I was so dumb to chronically believed him that those things are really found randomly there, wrapped with gift papers and it looks far more thoughtful that a thing that people can randomly abandon it anywhere.

To be honest I thought I'm the type that is sharp with lies and ambiguous hints and surprises but since Middle school all of my friends decided I'm 'that one blur girl in every class'.

Nooooes! (read: nonononononononono).

Anyway, back to the present.

So it's like the biggest present I've ever received in my life, no exaggerating!
Also it's kind of heavy *O* so I had an additional bag to bring on my cabin la hihi.

And because it's huge and heavy so I had hard time guessing what is it.

Lecturer and friends were like:
Them: woahhhh you shopped so much! *looked at the present* 
Me: oh yeah man! *smug*

It's huge!

Tore the wrapper very slowly because I'm enjoying the super curious feeling. Could listen to the doki-doki in my heart because, because it has the somewhat precious present!

Then when it's opened I was still blur about this present--what actually is this? I had no idea at first.


My first guess was Hello Kitty plush but it's the way too flat and too heavy for a plush. So I shook it many times and opened it in a second.

Why so many boxes?

BOOM! Hello kitty Bubbly World Collector's set!

First row : front.

First row : back.

Second row : front.

Second row : back.

Individual closer look:

*puke rainbow* 

After I unboxed the present, I went blank for few mins. I stared at these, these super cute things that has just born and my eyes felt so weird. Slowly but sure I felt my right side of my nose wet and my eyes became blur.

I actually cried.

And I laughed to the fact that I dropped tears because I'm not the type that cry over things. I laugh when I'm happy, but I happy-cry once in a blue moon.

I heard lecturer said that these Hello kitty set is kind of rare (though it might be able to be seen anywhere in Singapore?) but to be known worldwide, this set is rare. McDonalds here never have such cuties and I'm not sure it will go crazy here.

I didn't go uhuk uhuk like a kid who dropped his ice cream but I surely sobbed for some seconds until I got back to my nerves and sent an emotional message to the culprit.

Censored photo and petnames because they're personal. lol.

Kept saying that Hello kitty are so ugly but NO, they're so round, so cute, so awesome and soooo nice. Then said to me that on that time I said that the Hello kitty crossed Kerokeroppi was ugly.

I didn't remember called her ugly o.O
or was it a displayed Hello kitty x Kerokeroppi on a store which looked super flat and sad the one that I called ugly?
Was it the same with this Hello kitty cross set? :O

But these ones are very round and cuteeee! These ones are very very me.

Reason is, its aspects are truly mirrored my 'About me' description!
I love plushies, ..., ..., Hello kitty, ...

Also, I have posted so long ago as for Sanrio x San-x, I vote for Sanrio. It's just too coincidental to be a coincidence hahaha!

Which is a pleasant coincidence!

The reason why I so stupidly cried is the fact that Fatty ranger meow is like understand what I really like. The fact that he got me present that is really thoughtful because it's all about me is the one that made my stupid eyes got so watery and decided to pee.

I'm beyond the happiest girl in the world!

Wait, the happiest girl in the world before was me so I'm beyond me!
hahah /slapped.

I don't know how to thank him for all of these things and all of those days of bringing me play anywhere, and out of manners--I'm planning to give him something uncommon and nice. Will think about it slowly since I'm quite stressful and busy nowadays XD I go aaaaaa everyday in my room because things have shifted to be more typical adult days and it's kind of hard for me to struggle at first since I am still immature in many ways but I'm surviving.

Lots of love ♥

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