Saturday, May 17, 2014

SOIS Singapore Immersion Trip May 2014 // ピンクの物語:#7 ♥

*heavy long post*

So, I had a university trip last week with my classmates. It was so much fun fun fun fun!

It's like the first class trip where there are more play play time rather than fixed events. Imagine how fun is it. Every second I spent was full of awesomeness!

We initially wanted to go to some further countries for this Immersion Trip but seeing many boundaries and the very last-minute plan so we shifted our plan to somewhere much closer and much easier. Singapore is a country I'm always amazed with, erm, in both ways haha.

The trip is very memorable and it was so much fun until I'm exploded with laughs and happiness all the way long!

Flew there on Wednesday May 07 and we flew back on Monday May 12. Quite a long trip with very low budget I should say! We literally only spent IDR 3,000k per head for mandatory expenses like housings and flight tickets and another IDR 2,000k-3,000k for shopping. You may spend less regarding of your personal choice.

Basically, it's super affordable!

For myself, I spent quite little only for any hawker meals and I only went crazy-shopping on last day which, I spent approx $250 for two days shopping ahahaha so nice.


I am not going shopping in a while from now on.

◇◆Day #01 (May 07)
The schedule given to us is a very relaxed one. There are so many free times and jalan-jalan times so we unconsciously taking a 'short getaway' after mid exam. Nice not?

Gathered to leave from airport at 4 and flew at 7. I barely slept as I was dramatically nervous on the night before (Screw my hormones) so I slept only for a few minutes I think and watched the dramatic Hunter x Hunter. Bad decision. My stomach rumbled all the way thanks to nervousness! ;_; I'm stoopid.

Took uni bus to airport which was so much fun! It has been few years since my last field trip and this one confirmed so much fun and play play times. Haha yeah.

Airport selfie. Last time can look so good one,
after this moment, every selfie is like a zombie selfie with super tired faces hahaha lmao.

Airport selfie.

Sorry ah there will be lots of selfie since we're Asian.
#dontjudgeus #immature #iknowitsembarrassingbutitsfun #justforfun

Weather was extremely nice on that day! :)

Upon arriving, I decided to go roaming for the whole 6 days which is a bad decision

Let Fatty ranger meow know I reached safely and continued to message back and forth without realizing my several hundred thousand credit was eaten away super fastly thanks to the roaming network! I literally spent 500k credit (around $50) in few hours upon reaching and I am left with a lifeless handphone which can only survive with wifi.

I literally was very sad ;_; I cannot make call to home anymore.

Ok la is a side story.

So we checked in to our hostel to stay together located at Bugis and had lunch there. I was so suffering since 我很挑剔的 in eating but it was an experience. Cannot eat spicy one, cannot eat this and that. I'm too spoiled maybe XD

Selfie in front of Hostel already what.

I need do more stoopid expressions what.

We then made our way to IBM, lecturer arranged us a minibus to go together and we had this super talkative uncle as our driver! Nice thing is that he chatted with my lecturer along the way and the long journey from Bugis to Tampines was so much fun to have!

Because first row seat is the best for all kind of rides. Also meet my wtf cheeks.

Honestly on that afternoon I craved to hop into my bed and sleep after a long journey but we got to follow our schedule (is not a holiday ma, reminding myself!) so I half-heartedly carried my body to IBM and attended the session there. No regret, at IBM Tampines it was super cool!

They showed us the inside factory of a, erm, (I barely remember) a server-sized thing and is needed for, erm, something. Ai yo fml I barely remember anything from there also! Will update this post periodically when I remember about it teehee.

Cannot take pic inside IBM so I snapped the outdoor view. It was raining on afternoon.

IBM outdoor.

IBM indoor.

Their old products.

A really tired face here.

Group photo.

A fml story:

You see the red sticker pasted on my chest for IBM visitors? It was given before we entered the factory and was supposed to be returned when we were about to leave and guess what, I never returned the sticker de la! I was like fml, ok la ok la then when I took a look at the sticker then it is clearly stated: Please return this visitor pass to the security.

Panic mode la, bcs we walked so far away le. Lucky the guide from IBM was still there and when I asked him to help me return the visitor pass then he was like sure no prob.

:"D super heng!

So it was still very early then we went to around outer Esplanade for many many photos.

Ya la, tourist mode : activated.

Failed panorama pic. I tried to took some but none of my panorama pics are successful.

Me and my girlfriends and lecturer.

Cuties. (uagh voice inside my head lol)

People cannot resist my selfie camera lah!

Night city view! My favourite!

Finally can try the "Night city light" mode from Casio EX-ZR1200! You can see above is the result, can be compared with SLRs right? Oh my I'm falling in love!

Had our first dinner there at Gluttons bay, I had char kwayteow there and it was surprisingly very very nice! Very different compared to the previous char kwayteow I had there. This one is really nice cannot bluff. I didn't remember the stall name though but it's super :D

Took our time there then until around 8 then we walked back to our hotel to rest. But then I went out with Fatty for second dinner, we had our first dinner at Swee choon Dim sum? I am not sure if I remember that correctly. It was really crowded there that I think it's quite famous. Also, the foodies are really nice!

Had 豆花 // tauhuey because it sounded so nice to have at night, and I never know 豆花 goes with 油条 and 麻煎 for real! These two are like my favourite childhood fatty snacks and Singaporean de 麻煎 tastes really really different. A stall is literally selling 豆花 and have 油条 and 麻煎 there too.

It was so nice even when I eat it after two dinners. Woah :O

Fatty~~~~ thanks for making me so fatty! ;__;

I thought I would need some time to adapt to a public bedroom etc but once my head hit the pillow, I no longer feel my body and flew away to lalaland at once! :O I slept with my wet hair literally every night nia~

◇◆Day #02 (May 08)
The next day, we went to SIM on Clementi Road for a campus tour. Lecturer also arranged us a mini bus for us to leave this time. They gave us short lecture about taking the Master degree there and actually gave us information in enrolling there. I honestly asked myself whether I want to take Master degree in future. Honestly I never think of taking Master degree as I have already planned out what I want to do after getting my Bachelor--is not really related with studies but I would like to do more things out of my comfort zone while I still can. Now that I think about it, I'm only a year apart with getting my Bachelor degree ohnoes why time flies so fast why I'm so old alreadyyyy ;_;

Okay, another ramble in another post :/

The one accompanied us at SIM were Indonesians enrolling there and they were very friendly! We had lots of laugh with them and turned out one of their friend is my friend's friend. o.O What a small world?

SIM Master degree brochure.

Master degree lecture -- super sleepy! Sorry ;_;

Souvenir given to SIM representative. So nice :O

Gym inside uni has been trending nowadays!

We then proceed to One North and had our lunch inside Fusionopolis. The foodcourt was heavily crowded and I barely breathed ._. one of my pet-peeves--crowds yeah. So I barely had a seat and quickly finished my wonton mee there and went out from the foodcourt asap. O_o uagh.

Had a relaxing time on the upper level at Fusionopolis while waiting for our arranged time for a campus tour at INSEAD.

It's quite quiet there.

Upstairs after lunch, SU-PER HOT!

Very very quiet, cannot compare with Jakarta roads. x_x

Until around 14:00 then we walked to INSEAD (which is just neighbor building ah haha) and we entered the building. It's a relatively business-atmosphered business school which has more seriousness than universities. The chemistry inside also grows inside my chest which actually made me went so nervous. Sugoi *O*

The one accompanied us were a very sweet lady which I barely remember the name (or I don't even know her name since beginning hahaha) but she was very very nice and I really liked her! I wish I could meet her again for some light talks. She is the very friendly type that I would like to be friend with at first sight.

Pro pictures!

Meeting rooms give this scary aura also *O*

Gym inside uni is seriously trending! People like to live healthily for real :D nice thing!

View from second floor.

Open meeting room.

It feels like  my old house's void. So nice and so comfy!

Lounge which reminded me of Binus 8th level lounge XD but this one is nicer.

INSTORE which reminded me of Binus' Megastore XD

Group picture againnnn.

Finished INSEAD session, I made my way away from friends group and went out with Fatty ranger meow for another sightseeing. Went to his house to drop off some of work stuff and I happened to meet his little furry shit! SO HAPPY!

Soft 大便, warm 大便, little ball of fur~

Fatty ranger meow is very bad! How come named this ball of cuteness 'shit'? Actually called her 大便 (translated: shit) a lot of times what! While he was inside house taking care of stuff I stayed outside out of nervousness--I played with her and I whispered her lots and lots of nice advices. I actually told her to bite Fatty ranger meow's earlobes someday when he gg call her 大便 for 9,999 times already. Looked like she understood me. >:D

She's soooo cute! I never own a rabbit before and I cannot, I cannot tahan squeal and sing her lullabies. Took her short time to get used to my hands and stop clawing me, got her roam around my flabby thighs which is very very irresistible! I kya-kya a lot and wanted to cry out of happiness.

I will make sure next time I meet you I will give you lots of treats and super hugs and kisses. For now, grow well first :D I fall in love with you so badly!

I called her 大便 also de, don't bite my earlobes alright? >.<

Then we headed to around Clementi (? hope it's correct) to eat early dinner. Fatty ranger meow (ai yo why own-made nickname so long to type ah haha) brought me to a foodcourt there to eat satay. I was thinking of a normal taste satay since I ate satay there years ago and the taste was, quite normal.

Turned out it was surprisingly nice! :O Woah, the peanut sauce is also well-made which is rare for satay stalls anywhere in this world--erm haha. I chewed lots and lots of satay it was so nice. He also ordered this legendary dongpo pork which actually melted in your mouth.

Heaven or what!? *O*

I quietly ate everything and tried to remember the dongpo pork detail because, because it will be another long moment again before I can eat there again right? Unless Fatty ranger meow would bring me there again soon to eat that heavenly stuff again! XD I'll love you forever!

Then we headed to Jurong East Mall to catch a movie. I was actually hesitating to tell my lecturer not to wait for me for dinner or what since we had our dinner le, but something inside my head told me not to say anything. I don't know what, I was soooo confused until I finally decided to give him a call which was badly received. And when he returned the call he barely recognised me what T_T sad not? Lucky then he okay-ed me and made sure I can go hotel by myself and I confirmed him that my brother will send me back. And so, there is no more heavy burden. Date all the way~

I just realised I was so blur and stoopid--I never know what we were going to watch at that time until the movie was around 2-3 minutes showed... Ai yo what was going on? Guess what, we actually watched Amazing Spiderman 2. I didn't know that it's released already OMG. I was very very outdated.

I was, indescribably blur >_>

The movie was super long (2hrs+) and no moment wasted. I was caught inside the movie and awed with everything. Movie deserved standing applause. It was soooo nice! ;__; I was blur because I never know *spoiler* that Spiderman's girl would die in the movie because Maryjane never died, right? I forget that on this Amazing Spiderman, the girl was Gwen Stacey XD sorry.

Then I realised halfway that we watched Amazing Spiderman 1 in Singapore too!
For real :O
I was like, oooohmy jin swee!!!! XD *cough*

◇◆Day #03 (May 09)◆◇
The third day is literally like the best day!

We headed to SAP on Mapletree Business City, Pasir Panjang Road. Must underline it here that the event at SAP is my favourite! We played simple games there in groups and had so much fun! Too bad that we had too little time to play so we never made it to a targeted business process. SAP people were soooo kind and nice! I also made friend with a nice lady from SAP which I barely remember the name and we had lots of chat o_O she instantly made me want to work at SAP Singapore also! We had lots and lots of talk and laugh, and she actually told me to go to Casino on weekend. I was probably under her spell so I was like, ohmygod I want to go Casino and just randomly drink there (?) XD okay! So it will be another story later below.

SAP lecture. The sitting guy is from Bandung (?) am I correct?

I looked at the pink laptop a lot of times because it's cute XD

Preparing for the fun game~~

My team played the game with iPads~
I super lucky never brought my super heavy laptop...
because the server was down when too many people logged in to the game! :O

Group picture again ._.

Wanted to take picture of the SAP building with its logo but it's the way too tall. So cool right *O*

Lecturer proposed that we might play this SAP game again before our final exams and I was like YEAH PLEASE DO IT! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.

We initially wanted to have SMU campus tour after SAP session but then since it was cancelled so then we headed to Fusionopolis again for lunch and we masuk Fusionworld--is nearby there.

Inside Fusionworld is like a very advanced technology which will make you go woah here and there. You got to experience so many awed technologies, just like voice recognition, face recognition, etc. SO MUCH FUN!

Btw, the face recognition machine recognised my face as male la whut. ._.

No picture taken inside since it was not allowed but trust me, if you love technologies try to enter Fusionworld. I am not sure if there is any admission charge but it worths it. We saw soooo many awesome latest and future technologies just like, wow! I really enjoyed my time inside Fusionworld. :D

Some fun pictures inside the Fusionworld waiting room.

Very tired or what?

Me and my girlfriends selfie. Omg, then started to get sick of selfies now XD

Super tired and actually CAN sleep on Fusionworld office? XD

Or just played a building cards because idle time is never fun :x

They were like competing or what? Hahaha so much fun anw.

Super hot group picture :O

The ah lians pose (?) wtf hahaha.

Then after the session at Fusionworld, we basically had no plan and since it's still very early we headed to Gardens by The Bay for sightseeing. Too many pictures taken here with my funny friends because it was so much fun!

Cool what *O*

If I put it on my wishlist that I want to go to the skypark on the top floor of MBS, will it actually come true? Anyway ask, believe, receive.
*write 'Go to the skypark on the top floor of MBS on wishlist page*.

Iconic buildings here is captured! Me likey~

"Oi we wanna go where" "Anywhere can do"

This friend is so hard to take picture XD my friend said.

Girlfriends picture~ I was on phone call what XDc

Friend forced to take a picture of myself alone and I was like, shy!

Clueless, lost and tired? XD

With beautiful lecturer!

With policewoman (?) hahaha she's super damn funny and made me laugh all of the time!

Since I was going to have dinner with Fatty ranger meow so we separated ways and I walked back to Bayfront Station. I happened to witness these awesome dusk view from inside garden!

Those scary looking trees are somehow quite nice with those little lights? XD

Not to mention that I got lost inside garden for real. Omg.

I thought by walking toward MBS it would be easy but I actually entered some dead ways and met some scary workers there who looked at me weirdly why I walked toward their places, I was too scared to ask them about direction so I just walked walked walked and yokatta I found my way out.

I almost cried ;_; for foolishly got lost inside Gardens By the Bay hahahahaha.

Hahahaha. ._.

Then met up with Fatty ranger meow with a small error due to me went to wrong station level o_O and we then headed to Bugis Junction for dinner. I was super hungry so we had two bowls of super big ramen! I was shocked with the ramen taste and I had to eat it very very slowly in order to be able to finish everything because once my gastric said no more, I can't eat anymore. I could actually finish the big big ramen yokatta.

Went around Bugis Junction for sightseeing and window shopping. Walked outside and Fatty ranger meow brought me walk around Bugis, Orchard and around there which I was not too sure where was it. Entered Bugis Street and I initially wanted to shop there at that day but it was nearby closing time so I was taking a quick look to the things there and wanted to shop very very badly! Too bad I was tired and had no idea what to shop so I was just lookin around for cute earstuds and bikini.

Also, accidentally saw my lecturer whom I was separating way with inside Bugis Street so I was too scared if he saw me so I hid behind Fatty ranger meow's back and took a turn and went somewhere else.

Walked outside on the pathway and entered many closing malls. It was actually fun to see the night and late night urban activities although it was very tiring. I had so much fun until my shoelaces decided to untie themselves every few mins.

I wish I bought a new pair of shoelaces there. My shoelaces damn suck.

We had our second night 豆花! Tasted a bit different from the first day 豆花 and I wanted to compare both of them but since I barely know where was the first one and I don't even know where was the second one--cancelled. Both are nice but there are slight difference in taste. I think the second one is nicer, but probably it's due to our physical condition. It was very tiring after a long walk so a cold 豆花 tasted soooo good.

◆Day #04 (May 10)
Weekend le!

And we had only one main activity which was: Binus Alumni Meeting at SMU. It took place at SMU so eventhough our SMU campus tour was cancelled but we managed to see a bit of SMU thanks to the alumni meeting place. The Binus undergraduates we met who are living in Singapore now are all from IT and IS majors and they were so kind to share us their ups and downs, basically their entire experiences. They were so nice as well.

But I almost fell asleep during this session. Super super sleepy D:

Then we had lunch nearby at Kopitiam Dhoby Ghaut. I had charsiu baos only because I wanted another lunch with Fatty ranger meow at Chinatown. After lunch then we headed to Chinatown and tourist mode : activated. Buy this and that XD I also bought some cheapo chopsticks for papa, mama, sister and myself. :x

Ate post-lunch with Fatty ranger meow was a Dimsum restaurant. Is located inside Chinatown buildings and it was surprisingly nice! I was tempted to try the minced pork rice but ahhhh, no. >.< The raw fish was surprisingly very nice and I like it so much.

Then went out from Chinatown and headed to Sentosa. At this time, we realised that the expressway was blocked or what (I didn't really get it but Fatty ranger meow said we gg turned a bit far) so I was like, nice ah, I can have more sightseeing of the city! :D

I was super blur. It took me ages to realize that my Google Map is flipped 90 degrees counter-clockwise that I was still wondering why the MBS is located on my right. .____. slap me pls.

Upon reaching Sentosa : perfection.

Everything is like a heaven for me! A perfect room to stay and rest, perfect bathtub, perfect view, perfect swimming pool. I said "wah so nice" million of times to myself. I think it beats any lovely holiday feeling people ever have! Lol, I'm exagerrating. But surely the feeling I had was really really awesome. I never have such fancy and awesome holiday before!

It was the best weekend in my life.

Went swimming once we reached and it was so much fun. I swam back and forth without my swimming goggles (the fact that I left it on my room was, ugh) and played water with stoopid Fatty ranger meow. I was literally bullied lots of times until I knocked on the pool and twisted my ring finger. I was like ohnoooo because it was so much pain. It has been a while since I twisted my finger upon stopping my basketball routines years ago. So much shock and pain ._.

We enjoyed a cloudy sunset in the pool and it was the best feeling ever. Watching the cable car lit up the light and moved around made me soooo happy! I always think riding the cable car and seeing city view at night would make me the happiest but that time, for real, seein the cable car from swimming pool and relaxing inside the warm water was the most genuine happiest feeling ever. I enjoyed literally everything, even the bodoh mosquitos that attacked every inch of my smooth calves.

It was super super romantic andddd happy.

But when it got darker, then things became colder so I went out from the pool and took a quick shower.

I can die in peace *O*

Then headed to Sentosa for sightseeing. We had this super steak in Sentosa and it was super good! For real, this time my visit in Singapore, almost everything tastes so good. Very different compared to my last visit years ago. Most foods are okay, some are meh. All thanks to Fatty ranger meow XD my mindset of Singaporean delicacies changed totally. All of it are beyond awesome when you hit the right place!

Back to the steak, it's inside Sentosa, nearby USS gate. I forgot the restaurant name (gomen ._.) I think it's Aston Specialities. I had medium beef and Fatty ranger meow had grilled chicken lemon and when I tried both, I was like: "the chicken is so much betterrrr ;____;" but there was no way I said that right? So I ate my reddish steak which was nice but the grilled chicken was honestly nicer to me because it's sweet! XD The steak was awesome as well but at that time my eyes laid on the chicken lol.

Then we took a walk to Vivocity quite late, so a short window shopping and had a super super expensive frozen yogurt which didn't really taste like yogurt ar? XD Though it tasted sweet and nice for me but I want more sourness--because it's frozen yogurt!

So, recalling the Casino topic. We passed by the Casino several times and at first I was like, ahhhh no need to go also okay but then after some talks then I was like: omg I think I wanna go! o_O Don't know how my family would perceive about me going Casino but I think a short visit would be okay. But I was hesitating to enter Casino alone because, because it's a Casino and I'm a little innocent teenage girl (vomiting voice inside your head now) and I'm afraid that they will kick me out because once they see my face they will think that I'm underage (more vomiting voice). So after some consideration inside my mind, I skipped Casino.

Which honestly, I regret it now while I'm writing this.

._. I should have gone ah. Reallyyyy!

But I think it's a sign that I need to go there in nearby time to actually visit Casino as an innocent 21-year-old girl; and I should try to visit there again some more years later hahahaha. I want to see how is the difference.

Legs were almost towel towel (chopped off in Javanese hahahaha) so I begged to return to Sentosa with monorail soooo we took it and the monorail was almost empty so it felt so nice. To be said again that I hate crowds so much XD then reaching Sentosa had another round of fun bathe (make use of the awesome bathtub ah) and went to sleep at once. Super tired!

Had a surprisingly nice cider :D

◆Day #05 (May 11)
Woke up super happy, and I was blur, no idea why I woke up so early and felt so happy. So I was in Sentosa and had so much fun. I woke up early and disturbed Fatty ranger meow to wake up early as well. Sent a short "Happy Mother Day" to mama and since there was no reply, I then left my phone and did some fun things before checking out. XD

Heading to Sentosa on afternoon and had bakut teh for lunch. I barely remember but I think I recalled that I ate on that foodcourt before, it's just that I didn't remember what I bought years ago. So I decided to have char kwayteow there and it was spicy ;__; though I was able to eat it but it hurted.

Then, with the full round tummy we entered the SEA Aquarium! I was beyond excited, under the super hot weather I q-ed happily for the ticket and entering the chilling Aquarium was so much fuuuun!

Yayyyy! Aquarium date~~

Inside aquarium I took tons of photos so I combined several photos. Combined photos because it's just TOO MANY.

I thought is a decoration until Fatty ranger meow told me is alive shark eggs. I was in awe *O* woahh!

Cutie fish!

Idk what is this XD

Dragon fish, correct? Cool not :D

Super eyerr crab! >.<

They look soooo nice ;___;

Thank you SEA Aquarium for the amazing water tour!

Finished the Aquarium tour in few hours and it still amazed me after a while. o.O Literally the biggest Aquarium I have ever visited in my entire life! Thank you Fatty ranger meow for bringing me there it was awesome!

Then we spent the evening at Sentosa, had Taiwanese dinner and window shopping. I managed to go to Vivocity rooftop once again and captured the city nightlight *O* Last time, the city nightlight failed and this time, I think it's improved a lot lah so yay for that! :D

Thank you for the sweet opportunity to go to Vivocity rooftop again! I think I still want another visit there just for relaxing and having a good Sentosa nightlight view.

Before returned to hostel we then stopped at ABC to have my long-craving for Tangyuan. I've been asking him about the Tangyuan there since I wanted to give it a try but it's somehow not easy to find. Sunday night then stopped there and had my first bowl of Tangyuan I tried on the third country. I am not sure how to mark it anyway since it is so much different to the Tangyuan I usually eat since little. The soup is surprisingly hot, I expected it to be a little sweeter but it's overall nice for a cold night! Still a little bit sweetener wouldn't harm, I'd like it to be so!

I would want it again inside a very cold hotel room, it would be very very nice hahah! That night it was quite hot so double hotness *flip hair* hahaha. The glutinous rice balls with black sesame are also really nice! :)

I literally just had the best weekend ever!

◆Day #06 (May 12)

We were going to fly on the evening so we packed everything on morning and we headed out from our Hostel. Our first destination was Glints office on Mountbatten. We met a very friendly gorgor there who found the idea of business startup on his military service and he told us that he was almost jailed thanks to that. But now it's successful and growing! :D

Crowded group picture >.<

Though it was a short visit but he truly inspired us! :) Thank you~

Then it was freetime until our time to head to airport. We had lunch at Dhoby Ghaut again and then we headed to main tourist spot: Merlion!

We literally spent all of our camera batteries there and snap millions of pictures just like freak tourists XD but since it was so fun, I don't mind!

Not too nice pose but I like the light on this picture so uploaded :P

Group picture :D


OK stop stop.

After we got tired of selfies hahaha we then separated our ways, one headed to Orchard for some Bakwa and some headed to Bugis Street. I immediately joined Bugis Street since I wanted one more round there to get the bikini I saw that night.

Haul post will be posted after this because this post is the way too long liao de! XD

Plane selfie *__* lol

Headed to Jakarta at around 10PM because the plane was delayed :x then we reached Jakarta around midnight and I was beyond exhausting. Took taxi back to BS with my friends and upon reaching my room, I took a quick ducky shower and slept without undo my luggages. The next day there was this SAP class and I cannot miss it since it's expensive hahahaha.

Ended my class trip but it was super fun and memorable. We happened to tighten our friendship bond and there were so many special things happened there. I could snuggle my cute Fatty ranger meow as well so the happiness multiplied lots of times!

There are too many differences between having a trip with friends and having a trip with families. Both are super fun, but I just realised that having a trip with friends is much more fun in term of free activities and sorta dare things.

Thank you for my lecturers for the fun trip, thank you my friends for the fun moments, thank you for my roommates for the daily entertainments, thank you everyone, for everything!

And one more thank you for Fatty ranger meow for all of the things you have done because it was very thoughtful and nice of you, and your super gift (will be unboxed on next post) successfully made me cry a river. I don't know how many thank you have I sent to him and hopefully this one won't make him nausea hahahaha. Don't think he knows that I blog also so it's alright XD

Have a great weekend everyone!

Updated: A vlog xD

Lots of love ♥


  1. Awww I'm glad you enjoyed your visit here in Singapore! :D Omg you actually visited SIM. That's like only 2-3 bus stops away from my school!! We were so close yet so far. HAHAHA. Anyway I know what you mean! I've fallen in love at first sight with Sentosa the first time I saw it and it's been my (and my friends') favourite place to hang out now :)) The SEA Aquarium is the only place in Sentosa that I've never visited before and I'm really jealous that you got to see it! Hahaha. How was it? :) Also I hope you get to go to the Skypark on top of MBS. The infinity pool and Jacuzzi there are amazing! :)

    Can't wait to see your haul for the next post :)

    Have a great day!

    PS. I didn't know One of a Kind had something to do with GDragon! Hahahaha. I bought that shirt because I thought it looked nice :P I'm not a fan of K-Pop so I was shocked when you mentioned about GD and my shirt. Hahaha! Is One of a Kind a song? Just wondering!

    PPS. Who's "Fatty ranger meow"? Sounds like an interesting name! Hahaha. And that's a cute bunny!

    1. I had a great time! Thank you to you too! Really is that near? o.O Yeah we were so close and so far at the same time! I guess next time we should pick a place and time to sip a cup of coffee together :p yeah, I might be one of those nature-love nerd but I'm loving the quiet part of Sentosa. I think it is my most favourite place in Singapore as well! :D You probably would love SEAA because though it's just a sightseeing without rides, I was amazed at how crazily awesome ocean is. All the creatures, cute, beautiful and scary, everything is there. You can take your time and go there during holiday! ;) and complete your Sentosa checklist.

      Oh my, I definitely should go to MBS Skypark. I love high places madly and the view is amazing! (I was sent the view from the Skypark and I fell in love instantly). Haha.

      I'm not into KPop too but yeah, I recognised that One of A Kind is by G-Dragon, and also it's a cool mark right? I even have my own One of A Kind T-Shirt because it's cool for me XD Yeah it's a song, but I don't even listen to it too for now, I haven't, yet, haha.

      Haha kind of interesting name? He is one of my favourite person in my life :D yeah, such a cutie! I want to meet him again anytime. I love animals.

  2. Awesome photos!
    It's great you could enjoy this trip with your classmates and friends (^O^)


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