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Review : Ojamajo Doremi ♪

I have spent several months of this year by watching Ojamajo Doremi. It's my childhood anime (though I didn't watch many eps back then because I didn't understand Japanese and English haha) but I remembered every single name of the characters and also their jumon (spells)!

They're so adorable and fun, some stories are so heartwarming and some really made me cry a river no exaggerating. This anime is the light anime type; which is heartwarming and also somehow is like the mixture of funny and sad.

There are five seasons for Ojamajo Doremi. Four seasons have approx 50 episodes and one insert season have 13 episodes and I've finished watching all of them by today. I started watching this on around early February; so it takes me around 4 months to watch approx 220 episodes.

Woah o_O

Despite of me being very busy, I still find time to watch an episode or two each day~ Probably it's one of the reason that still keeps me cheerful, happy and sane under this stressful pressure of university demands.

Ojamajo Doremi is an anime series about witches (majou) who are training magic as witch apprentices to become a real witch and their daily stories. There are some bigger plots like saving the witch world from curses, and also avoiding the curse to spread to human world; but the stories are mostly light (since the target audience is young girls I guess?) and so many comedies.

There are no big plot twist as it's intended to keep the story light and memorable. And I guess that's one of the reason I can watch these many episodes without getting so bored.

Also, unavoidable heartwarming stories that somehow make me goes, like, dropping tears out of nowhere. I mean, seriously? I cry because of Ojamajo Doremi?

Super super embarrassing! But I proudly admit that it's really sad--especially the very last episode of the last season (Episode 51 of Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan; review later)--that very manly tears are dropping.

I am not sure why the older I am, the more emotional I become? I don't know whether it's a nice thing or not?

Here is the overview of the characters before lots of talk about Ojamajo Doremi series:

Harukaze Doremi
The main protagonist! Harukaze Doremi is the typical main protagonist; clumsy, happy-go-lucky, so many comedies around her. I like her happy-go-lucky trait which I secretly adore and I also wished that her dango bun is taken off. XD

Fujiwara Hazuki
Main protagonist's best friend. She's the typical princess role in an anime. Comes from rich family, she's very very moe and so adorable! I really like her theme colour somewhat and thinking of doing a cosplay for this anime. I'm having a hard time what colour shall I choose? XD

Senoo Aiko
A transferred classmate from Osaka. She plays the athletic and brave girl. She somewhat resembles the young me in the past and her theme colour looks soooo nice! (Okay I'm crazy about childish theme colours but seriously they're so adorable!)

Segawa Onpu
The second transferred classmate, Onpu plays the Idol and arrogant friend role! Though at first she was Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko's rival but they made up on the end of the first season and they became witch apprentices together on the next seasons. Once again, her colour theme is very adorable and makes me want to cosplay her so bad? XD

Asuka Momoko
The third transferred classmate from States; Momoko is one of my favourite character! She's very very lively and cute. But her theme colour is actually my least favourite; her character though is one of my favourite. So, erm, ups and downs :D

Harukaze Pop
Doremi's little sister; not much comment I can write here; I don't really like her. XD

Makihatayama Hana
Can guess ah, probably she's my favourite character! Her appearance as a baby gave me no impression but her grown appearance is superrrr cute! *u* I am not sure which part of her, I guess, everything? Hahaha. Also, I really like how she's super bold and very kind toward everyone.


First season! Ojamajo Doremi.

First season introduced Harukaze Doremi, a normal third grade student who wanted to confess her love to a sixth grader student Igarashi. But she kept failed, and while she was thinking about it, suddenly she saw a suspicious shop in front of her. She entered inside and saw a suspicious looking woman in coat, and based on her random knowledge about witches (she likes witch very much btw), then she said it out loud that the woman is a witch. Turned out she was a real witch and exposing her identity turned her into a magical frog!

Then through some talks, she then became witch apprentice--together with Fujiwara Hazuki and Senoo Aiko. They had to pass through witch apprentices exam to make them a real witch and turn the magical frog to her real self with their witch magic.

While learning magic as witch apprentices, they also helped the magical frog Majorika to sell magical goods to earn money. On this season, they're selling magical clays and charms that can grant wishes; only if it's used properly.

First season henshin (transformation).

And on this season, Segawa Onpu was their witch apprentice rival! Though in the end of this season, they became friends and saved each other from the 1,000 years of sleeping curse--because their identity was exposed.

A note I have been noticing: everytime they chant their spells; there is always a theme song for each season. And for each character--the song is played with their own instruments! Just like Doremi, her instrument is piano, so the spell theme song for her is played with piano. Hazuki's instrument is violin, so her spell theme song is played with violin and Aiko's spell theme song is harmonica. I find it is very interesting!

At the end of season, their identities are exposed because of their last final exam which was to fly around the city and helping humans. Because of that, Onpu helped everyone to manipulate humans' memories which caused her to be cursed to sleep for 1,000 years. Here, Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko and Pop tried to rescue Onpu but their crystal balls were shattered--though finally Onpu was saved. But without crystal balls, they were no longer witches. So they returned to the human world.


Second season! Ojamajo Doremi # (Sharp)

Too pity if this cute anime ended in one season, right? So there's this second season!

The queen of witch world arranged so that Doremi and friends would return to the witch world to return Majorika's hair dryer. But they then accidentally encountered a baby who were just born from the queen rose--Doremi then caught her and brought her to the palace and turned out she's a very special baby which would be nominated to be the next queen. So Doremi named her Hana-chan; and was encouraged to become her mama for a year.

The queen also helped to change the Mahou-do shop from charm shop and now become flower shop. They will help taking care of the shop and taking care of Hana-chan together. Their days are really fun!

Hana-chan has to take baby examination as well, and Doremi and friends have to learn to become Hana-chan's mamas and raise her very well. Though Hana-chan's a magical baby, but she's still a baby. She needed so many things to take care.

Because of that, the queen gifted Doremi and friends a new power of magic for them to raise Hana. I was like, yayyyy! *u* Their new witch apprentice outfits are very very nice! I like it very much!

Second season transformation.

On this story, we're introduced to wizards. The wizard world was in danger, so the king wanted to kidnap Hana-chan because he believed that Hana-chan will be able to save wizard world from extinction. So, to fight the powerful wizards, Doremi and friends are granted a new special, additional power for them to protect Hana-chan: Royal Patraine.

Second season, second transformation--Royal Patraine.

Don't you just love their--lovely outfits???? *O* I love it soooo much!

Also, they still have the same spells but new spell theme song and I like it so much! *u*

After several comedy fights with the wizards; they can finally rescue Hana-chan and made a good relationship with the wizard world. The queen even also helped to restore the wizard world so that it became much better than before.

But at the third fourth of this episode; we're introduced with the cursed forest--the forest which was created by the predecessor queen who hated human so much. Doremi and friends learned that the predecessor queen was hurt by human because she loved a human; but since she's a witch; and humans are humans, so they have this different lifespan. Even after hundreds of years, predecessor queen stayed the same even when she already had her grandchildren.

Predecessor queen was intimidated with Hana-chan's existence so she tried to kill Hana-chan. Hana-chan fell very ill, but Doremi and friends decided to enter the cursed forest to take a flower that can cure her--Love Supreme. Though the condition is that if they couldn't return alive; they will sleep for 1,000 years, but their love to Hana-chan was very big that they would overcome everything to save Hana-chan.

After fights with the predecessor queen's magic inside the forest; Doremi and friends were successful to take the Love Supreme flower to Hana-chan, but they couldn't avoid the 1,000 years of sleeping curse. Since Hana-chan regained consciousness and tried to say her first word: she called Doremi and friends name! And probably, heaven heard her voice calling her mamas and Doremi and friends woke up!

Such a touchingggg love story! ;____; *sobsobsobsob*


 Third season! Motto! Ojamajo Doremi.

Here, the queen was talking to witch elderly to consider making Doremi and friends witches again because they have saved Hana-chan; and eased curse forest's appearance. Some elderly witches disagreed with her and they decided they will give Doremi and friends test to determine whether they were qualified to become witches or not. So on this season; the main theme is Sweet shop!

Doremi and friends were also introduced with a new witch apprentice--Asuka Momoko. She's a witch apprentice by Majo Monroe; a late patisserie witch whom Momoko really loved. So, five of them now stay together and take care of Mahou-do; which now has become Sweet shop.

Third season first transformation.

First season second transformation.

On this season, they have two outfits! Witch outfit and patisserie outfit. Soooo cuteeee don't you want them?!?!

On this season, Hana-chan has grown into a one-year old toddler and is veryyyy adorable!! She started to speak, walk and play. And also, she's very very naughty! Doremi and friends have to work hard to make her love vegetables, which I find it super cute.

Maybe this season is my favourite; because we get to know SO MANY witches! Aside from Majo Heart which was introduced on second season; here we met more witches--Majo Monroe, Majo Miller, Majo Saliban, Majo Vanilla, Majo Sloan, Majo Reed. Their names are so cool right >w<

Also we're introduced to the predecessor queen's name--Majo Tourbillon. I mean, her name is soooo nice to hear and so interesting! ^u^

Also, Hana-chan in this season is probably the CUTEST! Since she's much more expressive and can speak a bit. Idk why I find it so adorable. :"D

Here, Doremi and friends' tests to become a witch again is to make sweets for elderlies. Not a common sweet; but there will be many riddles for the sweet. Such as the sweet cream puff which tasted the same like London 1900s, the sweet of golds, the sweet that is not too sweet, and many more. I think for elementary students, they do surprisingly good in making sweets that it seemed surreal. HAHAHAHA. Nevertheless, this season may be my favourite!


Fourth season! Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!

On this season; Hana-chan overused her magic to become a 6th grader student just like Doremi and friends; so she broke her crystal ball and forced her to take witch apprentice examination just like Doremi and friends used to have. On this season, the story is more serious as it's Doremi and friends' final fight with the curse of predecessor queen--Majo Tourbillon to wake her up from her sad sleep, and return her happy memories that she had with humans so that she can wake up and lift the curses which bring troubles to witch, wizard and human world.

Fourth season transformation.

On this season, Hana-chan grew up and become Doremi's classmate. XD I actually am curious whether her classmates would be suspicious since she's also named Hana-chan and she looked pretty similar with the baby Hana-chan but luckily nobody is suspicious about her though her action sometimes were too childish for girl on her age (no wonder aaaa she's only two years old right? Hahaha).

Hana-chan's transformation.

She's very adorable. The cutest in my opinion!

Here, Mahou-do is now a craft and jewelries store but this time they also weave. They're working hard to discover predecessor queen's happy memories and they recreated them so the predecessor queen would be awake and may lift the curse which brings trouble to entire world.

This season, there are so many touching and sad stories (and me cannot hold it to sob a little bit in several episodes). And since Doremi and friends were in 6th grade and were graduating, so they separated with each other because all of them were going to the different middle school. And on the last episode (graduation episode); which is the separation of everyone; they were all crying hard and for some reasons, I also cried out loud during watching the last episode of Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!

I am not sure why, but, it was too happy and too sad at the same time.

Doremi and friends were asked whether they're going to be witch or not since they have saved the world from the curses, and when they thought about it through; then they decided to give up being a witch and they wanted to become a normal human. Because they have fulfilled what they want to do while they wanted to be a witch, without magic.

So, they're going to separate with Majorika, Hana-chan and the witch world.

And they're going to separate with everyone.

I am not sure why but that saddened me the most when they're separating with the witch world--because, that's what make them one right? I feel like I'm separating with my childhood dreams as well the moment I watched this episode. It's the way too, too touching.


OVA! Ojamajo Doremi Naisho♥

It's the side story of Ojamajo Doremi; happened in between Motto Ojamajo Doremi and Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n! Hana-chan is still a toddler and Mahou-do is still a Sweet shop. Here, there are 13 stories about everyone's secret. It's mainly simple comedy and touching stories--on the final episode; we're introduced with Fami-chan. I recognised her as Doremi's granddaughter in the future and she can do magic as well. *O* 

I feel like wanting more stories about Fami-chan in the future!



Watching through 200+ episodes of Ojamajo Doremi, I didn't feel like watching that many episodes at all. I enjoyed watching through the whole series as they're clean, simply designed characters, adorable outfits, light stories, funny, touching, sad with quality. Their journey to rediscover what the predecessor queen (Majo Tourbillon) past is my favourite plot, following with the growth of Hana-chan, also with Doremi and Kotake's hate yet love relationship.

I really like seeing the growing stories for each character as each of them have their own side stories. It's also somewhat interesting to see each side of their stories as it's different from what stories which are shown on the main plot. It's very nice to watch.

My final score for Ojamajo Doremi series:

Story: ♥♥♥♥♥ // light, cute, funny, touching.
Character design: ♥♥♥♥ // clean art, some parts are a bit inconsistent.
Theme song: ♥♥♥♥ // perfectly set, all happy kiddy songs? But I love them!
Length: ♥♥♥♥♥ // didn't rush and is not too short.

But still, since this anime target is for elementary and middle school girls; I don't recommend this for adults. I just happened to start watching Ojamajo Doremi since I watched it in the past so I was thinking to watch everything now. And I managed to finish everything in round 4 months.

I'm now starting Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha--I am thinking it would be similar with Ojamajo Doremi; Magical girl? Okay, so I'll take my time watching this anime ;D

The first episode explained that she is 3rd grade as well but seeing her face and such, I'm thinking that she's much older than a 3rd grader o_O seriously she looks much more mature than an elementary kid--I'm too immersed in Ojamajo Doremi maybe? Hahaha.

Also, Kuroshitsuji:

I have this feeling that I will fangirl a lot @_@ omg!

Probably I'll finish Kuroshitsuji first since I've spent 4 months watching mahou shoujo (Majo? xD) and want to change genre for now. As when I've finished Kuroshitsuji I'll return to Nanoha. Yeahhhh~ There are still happiness in each of my super busy life *u*

Don't judge me for being this anime daisuki; it's no fun to go to cinema alone and there are so many movies I want to watch--so anime is my best option under this condition.

So, I should return to my daily life now. Saturday is full of work for me so ;__; ai ya, kind of tired haha.

Have a nice weekend for everyone!

Image source : here.

Lots of love ♥


  1. Ahhhh :D I remember as a kid I used to read the manga! Yes, they're so cute and adorable. Such a memory. :') I've watched the anime also, but I've got no time to continue so I stop after the first season ended. :(

    1. Yessss! :") Such a memory right?
      I know; I even had to spare 30 mins per day to watch the rest 4 seasons c: and it's worth it!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Did you try reading Magical Fami (a spinoff series)? (I forgot to press the "notify me" button)

    1. Lol. No I haven't! Have you? I would love to read it! Where do you know it is available to read? In English I hope!

  4. You can find it in here:
    It is one of the best, probably the best, fan made (unofficial) spinoff of the series.
    I just went there and saw the author is doing a remake on the series.
    Please let me know what you think of that series after you've read it.

    1. Okay! Sure! Downloading now!
      Although I see that the series are now in progress, am I right?
      Thank you for the info! Really appreciate it!

    2. Actually, what is in progress is the redraw. Looks like the original author decided to redraw the comic in order to even out the art style in the whole series.

    3. I see. By the way I have downloaded book 1. Will take my time to read it! I am sure gonna enjoy it

    4. Hello again!
      Did you get the time to read it? What did you think of it?

    5. Hi! Sorry for the late response.

      Actually I have read up to Book 2 first chapter. I think it hasn't finished?

      I am so so excited to see some old characters, and the thoughtful exams, dream spinner, costumes and storylines. Hate to see it in progress so I hope they will upload the continuation very soon!

      I would love to progress through the story to know how Fami can go to the year when Doremi met her when she was in 5th grade. And if I am not mistaken, Fami used Doremi's spell for herself but in this manga she doesn't use any spell?

      Really thank you for introducing me with this fanseries! Are you one of the creator as well?

  5. The series has 2 volumes (10 books), not just 2 books. It is actually complete.
    What you have been reading is the remake the author is making.

    There's the link you can find in the page for the rest of the volumes. Here:
    You can download the rest that is not part of the remake there.

    I'm glad to find out someone else that still loves this series. I loved seeing the anime episode (Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho ep. 12) and then seeing how that author sees that same episode (it has slight changes).

    I'm not in any way associated to its creator nor the translator. I just found it and loved it when I read it first and then started spreading the love :D.

    According to that same page, there's plans for a volume 3 starting (maybe) in 2017/18. I can hardly wait!

    1. Hello!

      My mistake! So my *correct* progress is that I have read up to Volume 2, Chapter 9. Been busy with works nowadays so I haven't had the chance to continue it (I left the PDFs at my office PC).

      Thank you for the link. I will check it out!

      Me too!! So glad that you came here and told me this, I was just too happy. It was so rare that there are still anyone loving Ojamajo Doremi here. Because the ones that actually watched this have all grown up and grown busy.

      I never stop loving Doremi series, it just makes me happy to immerse myself to their world. I cried a lot on the very last episode of Dokkan and I guess it also related for the finished series. I was sad it ended, but it ended very nicely.

      Thank you for the information!! I also cannot wait for the volume 3! I don't understand French much but I will be very happy if they will release it in English too! If you happen to hear the news about Volume 3, do let me know asap! I will support them as much as I can! :D

      Really, thank you very very much!

    2. Oh! I see. Chapter 9 (Book 2). OK.

      You are welcome!

      You mean... People like me :D? I still have those 30 mins a day to do this kind of stuff... So it's not that bad.

      Anyone who willingly gets to that 51st episode of Dokkan will cry. Everyone else will give up way before it. As for the exceptions... I'd just call them insensible brutes. I can confess I did a slow cry for some days after watching it. The song "friends" didn't help too. It actually would make me want to cry even more.... *sigh*...

      Same from me I'm eagerly waiting for it!

      You are welcome.

      Oh! Do you know anything to watch or read that gives the same atmosphere than Ojamajo Doremi? The nearest so far I could find and watch was Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala (魔法のステージ ファンシーララ) but it is not nearly the same... ...And ファンシーララ is more about show business than people...

    3. Hello! Sorry for the very late reply.

      Yes, people whom I have same favourite show with! =D

      Yes! And I understand maybe not so many people are willing to get to that ep51 because of the long episodes of the series. But as I really really like Ojamajo Doremi I think I could finish it without effort, I enjoyed every single ep!

      Yes I can relate! The music 'Friend' is so beautiful and simple and when I looked for it @ Youtube, I cried a lot. Like their friendships were built really well only to end up they all went their own ways. I think it also taught us a lesson that we all gonna grow up (and away) someday and for immature girls like them, it was difficult. *cries*

      As for now I don't watch any anime again due to work Orz but you can always try to watch Madoka? Many people compare Madoka and Doremi. And for Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala, I never watch it before but I'll try! :D

      Also I watched Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha but it was not that similar, also I was unable to finish it as I stopped in the mid of third season (StrikerS) because it wasn't appealing to me anymore =/ I might continue it again someday though

    4. It's OK.

      Madoka Magica was way, way off Doremi's realm :(. I liked it a LOT but it didn't fill the gap Ojamajo Doremi left. Specially because it is not lighthearted like Ojamajo Doremi is :(((...
      I'll watch Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha some day but it is not really appealing me to watch it...

    5. I know!! Hard for me to think of Doremi's alternative. Ah, how about Precure? Do you know about it? Or PriPara? These anime are equally colourful but Idk whether they are warm and nice enough to compare with Doremi.
      I know how does that feel!! How heartwarming Doremi anime is although it is like 200+ eps long. ='( It is for now irreplaceable!
      Yes to tell you the truth I also cannot give to much stars to Nanoha. Its first and second season is pretty okay though (like 24 eps in total?) and like I told you before, I haven't continued the third season =/

    6. Sorry about the delay but I wanted to get a good enough answer:
      Precure: It goes way more into the cute than the actual characters thing even though it does seem to have a plot going on. I gave 2 episode trial and it has the potential. I'll give more opening after I clear my current backlog.
      PriPara: 1st episode tells me it is going to be a sell-fashion toys show. I may get a different continuation but that's what I got from the first episode. Selling toys is 1st priority, not one of the important things due to necessity.

      Oh well... I took some time to do some investigation and... Maybe My Little Poney (the current series, not the old one) may be able to pretend the void doesn't exist. I'll have to try it first, though... I didn't have the time yet.

    7. Hello! I am so surprised that you are following this thread! :) and very thankful as well!

      I see. Thank you very much for the input! I only gave those recommendations because they give similar first-impressions as Ojamajos. I don't know deeper than first vibes though. But I will try to watch them one day. :D

      About My Little Pony, I think it is worth trying! I worked on MLP game a few months ago and having to work on their characters, arts and stories I shall say they are very very interesting! :) When you have tried to watch them someday, hope you don't mind letting me know what do you think about it! ^^

    8. What's to be surprised about?

      I also remember that the first 4-6 episodes of Ojamajo Doremi were kinda "meh" appealing-wise. Mostly because they were made with the same formula as other series although it had quite funny comedy and the characters seemed a'right. It was after those that the appeal skyrocketed specially in how unique it was approaching to the basic premise.
      So... First impressions no Ojamajo Doremi... Not that good due to the target demographic, I believe.

      I'll give you some feedback when I get the time to give it a good chance.

    9. Well it is because nobody really follows the thread they made here! But it is so pleasant for me!

      I understand that sentiment because it happened to me too. One thing that made me stayed long in Ojamajos, was because my best friend was also so into it back then. Then she left it and I who have already been hooked then continued it by myself to the end.

      Thank you! Looking forward to the feedback :)

    10. Hey! It's me again! I finally found an series that gives the same base "vibes"/formula as Ojamajo Doremi! Unlike what I would ever expect, it comes from USA O_O.
      It's called ->"Steven Universe"<-. The similarities are... kinda "scary" (IYKWIM).
      Both have:
      - An "excuse" of a plot to convey the main message.
      Unnatural stuff happens, including magic, but they are just a tool to show the actual real plot which is the humans interaction.
      - More interest in showing the good side than the bad side of humans.
      - The supernatural brings the long-lasting plot while there's a different near-episodic plot on each episode about something "human".
      - There's more female "human" than male.
      - The females take the leading roles although, this time, there's one male that drives them (Steven) instead of a female (Doremi).
      - All main chars (Chrystal gems -> Steven vs other witch apprentices -> Doremi) strongly care for the main lead.
      - Both start slow with meh and then grow big... I mean BIIIIG in many positive aspects.
      - All characters seem stereotypical... Until you find out that there's good reason why they are like that

      The similarities do not stop there! Those are just the ones enough to entice you to watch it!
      The episodes are easy to find so far. Give it a try ;). It took me ~6 episodes to hook me in.

      Tell me what you think when you can! I'll be looking forward to it.

    11. Wow! I am so happy! Thank you for the recommendation! I will surely try to look it out (after I finish my work ;__; I hope by the end of this year).

      I'll be glad to tell you how it is once I watched it. But how do I send message to you? I mean, I want to talk to you about good series and stuff personally.

      Thank you once again!

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    I'll then answer with my real contact information.

    1. No problem! :)
      Pirika-pirirara-poporina-peperuto!! Wish you having a great day!


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