Friday, May 30, 2014

Meeting people online experiences.

Probably I've spent this month outside mostly, with many things to take care of starting of the super messy room, holey schedules (on and off too random) and so many job-huntings; maybe I have spent real amount of time being busy and not being able to unleash the spilling words inside my brain!

And that's why there is barely a blog post this month. Right?

In between this very busy month, I managed to meet up several online friends whom I've known via forum since 2008 last week. From their stories, I heard that they have set up several meet-ups in the past but I never joined them since I am lately almost never on Facebook and I almost never join any conversations anymore since the forum was closed back then.

I'm a sucker in keeping myself 24/7 on social media because I find it too "go with the flow". I can't find myself exploring more things on social media just like how I feel when I blogwalk; I feel so much freedom and I find so many interesting things much more than I find things on Facebook.

It's the main idea of me never play Facebook, guys. XD In case you wonder why I never share my Facebook account here. Contact me through contact page and I'll respond you way faster than Facebook, just saying.

Anyway--somehow few of them managed to make contact with me again and invited me to the group chat and we decided to meet up last week.

This time, I thought it's not a problem since the meet-up location is very close from my uni and since I have an hour or two free time after Saturday class, so I went to 711 to actually see these group of friends I've been chatting with on a forum years ago.

Some are quite familiar in term of face and name, and some others are pretty 'strangers' to me haha since I never chatted with them before at all. Exchanged handshake and introduced ourselves, the conversations were quite nice though it's centered to one or two person. I contributed to several topics at the beginning and shared some laughs but slowly I muted myself and listened to others. It was awkward.

Almost half of them were from Literature majors; while I'm from Computer Science. (Computer of IS lah now it's called as so). Some of them then decided to continue their conversations in teochew dialect (rolling-eyes mode activated) and since I'm not a teochew (I'm hokchia btw) so I was only watching the terebi there and laughed at the very-not-funny show about reptiles (and total awkwardness because I laughed by myself).

Sorry ah before, I've never taught dialect because according to my parents belief, dialects are kind of loud so they don't like me saying dialects. Though as I grow up now I met so many teochews, hakkas and hokkians and I actually start to make myself saying some vulgarisms like chee***, lan****, kan*** and the rest you probably know? / you google it by yourself? hahaha.

I just realised I'm the kind of impatient driver that I swear a lot (and since I mostly drive by myself so I don't care that I swear) but trust me, I had several moments when I'm saying that *beep* words with mama sitting beside me. And I just laughed the moment I realised that and luckily, she was playing with her angry birds beside me! *phew*

Okay stop bad words, I'm not teaching people's kids vulgarism here.

And then when they asked me about why I'm choosing Information System as my major; so I explained to them that initially I wanted to take Literature major but then on second thought, I have been thinking that paying so much for Literature major is such a waste (FOR MYSELF, NOTE THIS--HONEST PERSONAL OPINION) and I need to take something that is "really hard so that much amount of money I'm paying for university degree is worth it".

I said that before I know that almost half of them are on Literature major.

Total awkward.

But they never mind me, so, I proceeded with other topics to share and continued to melt the atmosphere hahaha.

So from this point onward, I'll be sharing you a personal experience here--a very personal one.
You might take notes, but don't spread it elsewhere. *cough*

So we happened to have a dine together--me and online forum friends. We had several fine talks and the atmosphere were nice. We also went window shopping and everything went well.

Will any girls who are reading this agree with me that our intuition and gut is very sensitive toward guys?

So, though it's not blatant, I noticed that one guy was hinting at me. There were the way too many unnecessary gestures toward me (still safe, guys, don't worry, nothing offensive) and the way he spoke was too dominating. I had this impression that he's showing off (bragging things about him) to me.

Which is very uncomfortable.

Since I noticed that, I directly set a border between me and the rest of people and I stopped talking too much. I realised the way I was looked at is too obviously--some hints of crush.

Screw me, right?

Then during dining moment--I then decided to set boundaries between me and everyone else and I directly said that I'm currently "occupied".

You understand or not? Hahahahaha.

Okay lah, though I said it implicitly, I meant to say that I'm currently caring for someone at the moment.

Probably they; he--realised it. He should lah, because he's in Literature major, his sense of languages should be sharp right with my implicit explanations.

And I didn't really care how everyone would react on that day anymore so I was walking, short window shopping (for Fatty ranger meow's birthday present this year! I haven't found any to be honest omg and his lunar birthday is two days ago and his solar birthday is today yay) and people just walked with me and enjoyed sightseeing things.

And we separated way nicely.

The moment I went home and rested, I then had short chat with him back and forth, and I realised it's not too pleasant. Then he swore at me and actually said "I f***ing hate you, get off".

Wouldn't you laugh at this chat, no storm no rain suddenly an emotional message "I hate you"??

So I tried to joke around and replied back but I realised that he was seriously hating me?--and I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice if I ended this right away. So I sent a final "Ok" and I plan not to chat any further with him.

That marked the end of this forum friendship.

Okay that was fast, the friendship, erm, you can say it ended.

It's okay to get to know everyone but if you want to know me deeper; I might set some boundaries earlier before there are many unwanted misunderstandings--like, erm, this?

I'm back to be a heart-breaker HAHAHAHA. /superproud/

Though I'm not thinking of doing this further--meeting people I met online.

Ever since my last post about meeting people online here, I have decided that I won't be meeting any people I met online anymore because I'm now focusing on building professional networks through real life. It might sound very anti-social? But in my very honest opinion, I don't really want to meet people from online anymore unless it's for the most shallow purpose (like my meet-up with my old forum friends).

Even I don't plan to do that anymore in the future. Zenzen!

Now that I think about it, going to the online forum friend meeting-up is not really a nice idea after all. It defies my own principal that I am not going to meet anyone I know online anymore since I wrote this post; and the way I have decided to maintain and grow real relationships between me, families and friends has been my principal since the day I wrote that post.

I can confidently say that it's not a pleasant experience. Experience lets us learn, and maybe this will be my last time doing this kind of stuff. I'd rather have only one handful of friends rather than thousand of online friends who are quite peculiar like; the one I mentioned above.

Shenjingbing lah me.

That sudden emotional message made my day for real. I mean, come on--it's 21st century. Why speak in front of my face when you can type and send it for free?

I can do some sadistic sarcasm to people eventhough I seldom do that, I feel bad for you guys :"D

Anyway this has taught me lots of things that to be a girl on this era, we need to seriously sharpen our instincts and guts so that there are no such unnecessary misunderstanding will happen. It's better even to avoid it to happen.

Afterall, the best is take care of yourself and really sharpen all of your senses to detect the nice people and the wolf in sheep disguise people. It's a real advice, especially for ladies. We're gifted a sense to detect a long-term potential friendship or relationship in case of guys.

I've tried to deny this fact but surprisingly it's true that girls are gifted with this sense.

True magic, girls!

I've maintained a truly long friendship for six years and counting (the longest friendship I have with my BFF up to today) and I also had experienced a very short friendship just like above story lol; and this really makes me realise that it's very important to be alerted at all of times.

Being blur will bring you no good--I know I'm that kind of blur girl (I confessed, I may have missed so many things despite of the fact that I'm super sharp--a very fake confession back then which turned out I'm super blur) but I'm learning to be sharper each day.

Also about getting to know guys; in this case, I proudly admit that I'm pretty sharp. I am super super picky in talking to guys and I x-ray-scan every guy that I know while talking to them; I also secretly score them based on how they speak, how they behave around me and how they behave when they're behind me. That's why since the earliest time I have never really gone out with most guys. I'm mostly keeping most of my male friends in friendzone and maintaining good friendship with them.

Now, do you think I'm that bitchy girl at uni? Hahahaha. I consider myself as a nice female friend toward guys but I give no mercy; I put everyone on friendzone silently haha I'm a 白蛇传 XD

It's okay, alright?

And for the lucky man? Na-i-sho ^u^

It has been a good Friday anyway! Also, is my Fatty ranger meow day to officially turn one year older! I wanted to send the Happy birthday gift on a nice time (wanted to send the wish at 3AM) but I didn't feel well ytd to stay awake until that time so I sleepily typed the super long birthday wish at midnight and without rescanning or make it a bit nice and short so I pressed send somewhat and fell asleep at once. Hmmmm .__.

I wished to make the wish somewhat short but I have no energy to make it that way. Ah >.<

I somehow kind of annoyed because it has been several years and none of us could make it to each other birthday due to bad circumstances so I told myself that next year we should at least do something to one of our birthday; together with others maybe? Don't know if it's possible though hahaha /sigh/

All the best for your awesome life, successful work, harmonious family and exciting friends!
Let's have another fun years!
Me woov you ♥

Lots of love ♥


  1. Kok Inggris lu jadi agak-agak...Singaporean? Wkwkwk
    Next time gua pulang Indo, kita cari waktu ketemuan yuu =)

    1. Correction: sebenernya agak2 Indonesian. Hahaha; yaudah lah ya, tau lah ya. Gituuuu.
      Kabar2in aja wkwk


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