Thursday, May 22, 2014

28hr Haul post ♥

I just realised that I didn't buy many things on my Immersion trip last two weeks but I wanted to post about things that I brought back home after trip! :)

Swimwears and bikini sets haha. Bought these bright things at Bugis Street in my last few hours there. I just hurriedly shopped this without much bargaining so I ended up spent around $130 for these three swimwears! ;__; #akurapopo but they're so bright and cute--my favourite! And they surprisingly FIT me for real! Though the cute red polkadots top bikini is kind of too small for me omg XD

Reminds me of my first two bikini sets that I got in 2012! I haven't posted any of these on this blog right? Fatty ranger meow bought these sets for me because actually remembered that bikini set is one of my longest wish since years ago. So nice right, thank yew <3 Got these sets at Vivocity though when I went there last time the shop is no longer there. These bikini sets are surprisingly very good!

Caramel corn! Because they look so interesting so I grabbed each flavour from Daiso. I only tried the red one though, it's anyhow sweet as I was expecting it to be a little bit more savory. But, yum! I am glad they survived through the super packed luggage! :D

Very famous Japanese fruit drop! Bought at Daiso. Though it's a bit different from the one I saw in Anime. To be honest, haven't tried this yet until this second because I CANNOT OPEN THE BLOODY PACKAGE omg sad Fruit Drop and sad me ;^;

Don't know the term of these things but it's one of my objective to buy in Singapore. Fatty ranger meow helped me looking for these things around malls and shops and I finally bought these at Daiso. Tried the gel-like sticker on my pantofel shoes and my behind-ankles-which-I-don't-know-the-name is perfectly smooth without bad blister from shoes and skin rubbing each other excitedly. Though it's not too adhesive but I can fix it easily with double-sided tape when I'm free. Anyhow, it's one of the best invention for formal woman shoes!!

A bit off--but I bought this for my Mama. You guess, she's a KPop fan HAHAHA. Her current favourite is BAP and I got her this BAP latest album. Okay lah bought this album for Mama, sister and me because we listen to BAP and have our favourite member for each of us. Mama is Youngjae, sister is Himchan and me is Bang Yongguk? LOL. I'm not too hyper lah but I like BAP. AND GUESS WHAT THEY ARE COMING TO SINGAPORE NEXT WEEK and Mama and sister were like "We need to fly to Singapore next week!", I was like "Oi oi  -_-". Bought at Vivocity.

Randomly super cheap and light chopsticks which represents papa, mama, me and sister. Hahaha. Now you can guess our ages right? It's placed chronologically. ;) Bought at Chinatown.

Out of context: I went to TA mall with my neighbor-friend for some shoppings and I--without plan--bought this. It's my very first adult novel "The Casual Vacancy" and I was kind of nekat since there is no synopsis and the reviews are not too many. I have just tore the plastic wrapper today ahaha.

I didn't buy too many things but I spent quite much for these things. So broke now ;_;

Also, last thing I brought back home and the biggest one would be:

A suspicious present from Fatty ranger meow! *O*

Unboxing present details will be up on next post~! Super super curious and my stomach turns upside down for the super huge gift aaaaaa!

I was guessing hard on my flight back home,
Big;  yeah it's huge,
kind of flat for a plush;
and the way too heavy!

I was worried whether it would pass the luggage check on airport!
;__; it passed though. Should be something awesome!

Okay ramble time: stop.

Need to do three papers by this weekend!

Lots of love ♥


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