Saturday, May 24, 2014

[100happydays] Day 49 - 73 ★

Wow, is almost a month gap from the last 100happydays post!

I admit I hasn't blogged much except for my last-minute study trip (Immersion field). I am at the moment becoming a Superbusy-woman--a new kind of superhero which spend everyday doing papers, proposals and making plans about internships, also living her life to the fullest.

Exhausted mentally and physically but I can still keep my smiles and laughters in order to attract more more positive things to my life. #lawofattraction


I am not sure what picture to upload for this 100happydays edition since because it's too much for me, probably. I'll just choose which pictures I've taken the last one month which have many happy memories.

Okay can say I am officially failed this challenge since I'm not posting 100happydays post with 100 pictures but I really want to finish it now and one less burden gone so here is the 24 days sum of 100happy days in few pictures!

From Immersion trip post. I barely can see my faces here :x

Selfie during Project Management class because we're cuties! *uagh*

Cannot really say it's been happy everyday for these 73 days, especially last few days for myself. I have currently undergone some kind of stress-mind which actually affects my appetites and daily life ;__;

I don't know Semester 6 would be crazily hectic.

Though the fact that I go to class daily and going home late at night makes me think about tiredness and I need to have my full rest on weekend (I still got to do my Advanced IS Paper every satnite lah, I go date with journals and research papers thankyou) so I can only request everyone NOT to give me a call on Sunday morning because I want a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

I think I might be getting older as I get super easily tired.

Or papa said my sugar-blood may drop that I feel super exhausted at some unexplained times and advised me to eat more carbs--but due to stress I am losing appetites. Fml right?

I honestly have been thinking super positive and telling myself to let the stress go.


It's kind of hard this time because it's related to my next semester final thesis, full of unwanted worry and anxiousness!

I just tell myself to believe that next week--the last week of May is the best week I'm going to have in my life!
Need to tell Xinmei to stop behaving so pessimistic and think the same way like me! XD I'll do it tomorrow I guess.

Until next time!

Lots of love ♥


  1. wow! a lot of people are doing this #100daychallenge . but i certainly know that it is not my cup of tea cause i'm pending with my 365 project :'D
    btw long time! What's up? :D

    1. Haha! :'D my classmate made me want to do this though I'm not really doing this. I cannot post daily pictures since I'm pretty hectic. :D
      I've been, you see, really busy and kind of stress! Though I come here once in a while to see things. How are you? ^^


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