Sunday, April 13, 2014

The gym story.

I have been trying to spare some minutes to hit the gym station despite of the hectic semester. I have been sitting in front of laptop whole evening and type millions of words (I can be a billionaire if I publish all of my writings into a book probably haha) and my back feels stiff lately so I'm thinking to do some stretching and simple yoga. As a variety of swimming, since swimming for one hour nonstop is not tiring anymore for me :O

I don't think I'm born for yoga, or at least, I can't yoga by myself ;__;

I learned things from internet and decided to demonstrate some simple things on station. Lucky--that afternoon the station was empty so I got ready and calmed my mind and started some ridiculous yoga poses.

Thanks to the fats in my stomach, most of them lasted only less than 20 seconds *cry hard*

The one lasted the longest is planking. I read on internet that planking gives lots of benefits to body (need to refilter what I read though) so I was looking at picture of people planking and thinking, piece of cake ma! So I decided to plank.

# First try.
First 10 seconds: easy!
Hitting 30 seconds: wild sore comes.
Hitting 40 seconds: I think this is above average already?
Hitting 60 seconds: wait--chill! *rest legs for a min and start again*

# Second try.
First 5 seconds: wtf why wild sore comes already?
Hitting 15 seconds: must flex muscle!
Hitting 20 seconds: omg, feel that cramp comes, stop flexing.
Hitting 30 seconds: rest! *rest arms for 5 mins hahah*

# Third try.
First 10 seconds: I'm tired of this.
Hitting 20 seconds: okay flex for as long as possible and I'm good.
Hitting 60 seconds: *cramps on both calves* omg somebody help me I'm dying.

And that marks the end of my self-yoga session.

Went back to my room struggling to walk with cramps on both calves. It's like the worst thing can happen to human. Oh myyyy.

No picture during planking session because it was ridiculous.

That green pickle is amazed with my fats strength erm what? hahahaha.

Though I'm a tall girl but seriously my physical strength is very minus. I don't know why. Sad right. T__T

Eh, ok la 1.65m is not that tall but I'm among the tallest girl in my class, in each of my class.

It's 3AM here and I barely do half of my first paper which is due on Monday. I probably made mistake of taking a seriously difficult and boring topic for my first paper: IT Service Management. Ohhhh sian sian.

I have this determination that I won't sleep until I finish my first paper. It's soon breaking dawn and I can barely continue.

Please argh the power of paper come to me!!

*lie on bed instead* gosh :x

I confirmed with several friends that this semester is truly one of the semester with lowest spirit. The assignments are mountain high, the schedule is packed max, the lecturers are kind of diligent of giving us assignments all of the time.

Also I've been hunting for internship for my Major thesis next semester (set aside the Fun summer internship, I guess? XD) because my first priority is finishing uni study and grabbing the degree without delay. After then, fun plans should be made.

This semester, no, this year is surely one of the most memorable year in my life thanks to the packed life. But I'm happy max! :D

Lots of love ♥


  1. I've been away but now I am back and it's good to read one of your blogs again! We actually had the same thoughts when it was my first time to hit the gym hahaha! Good luck on your own way on being healthy and fit! Hope you can also read my new blog post about my weight loss! ;)

    I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday. (My weight loss journey):

    Stay beautiful! :-**

    1. Your blog post is definitely beautiful!! <3 Thank you it gives me lots of motivation

  2. Ugh planking is one of my weakest point too! Hahaha. Even after only doing it for a little while, I will start shaking and give up xD But exercising is so fun!

    Good luck with all your school work! IT Service Management sounds a little intimidating :\ I'm starting my second year this coming Monday and I'm quite excited. Haha!

    Have a nice day! :)

    1. Yeahhhh! Idk why people on internet do it so easily xD
      And yeah it's really, well, I don't really know what I made back then :O but I'm glad I'm done and I submitted it. Thank you!!


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