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Review : Casio Exilim ZR1200 (ART mode).

I am back with a digicam review~♪ ヽ(・∀・)ノ

I have taken the demo pics like forever ago but I am just happened to post it now.
I avoid flooding my blog with reviews.

This time it's one super fun feature a digicam can have : ART mode!

When I'm freed from the university responsibilities, I will spare some time to travel around the world and capture the beauty of earth.

This is where ART mode will play its role the best. It's basically enhancing the beauty of a picture, in addition of plain picture of amazing views you're going to take. Well, it's all for fun so nothing is wrong with enjoying yourself, honestly, right?

EX-ZR1200 is injected with ART mode, and there are 10 kinds of ART mode that we can use to our heart's pleasure. Here I'm trying to do some demonstrations of those art modes with one object, so the differences can be noticed very clearly.

For the demo model, I use three little kitties which Fatty gave to me around two years ago, right? Yeayea.

They never debuted themselves on this blog--right? Hahaha. Don't remember well -__- I was sad to tear their plastic bags but I need new object for digicam demos and they seem pretty happy coming out from their bags so yeayea here they are!

Grimace kitty: "Huh? Shooting already? I wanna go toilet!"
Hamburglar kitty: "Why the camera looking at me only?"
Ronald kitty: "Where should I look?"

#01 : HD ART
This might be familiar because I have this feature even since TR150. In a colourful scene, or spot (without potrait) this shot will bring out the artistic touch in every picture.

In colourful places or open doors, the effect will bring the best out of it I guess! It's hard for me to take some time to go to such places nowadays (bcbc) so here's the modest demo.

#2 : Toy camera
Toy camera is also quite familiar right? There are three kinds of Toy camera effect as shown below:

Those are Blue-ish Toy camera (01)Green-ish Toy camera (02) and Yellow-ish Toy camera (03). Which one would you use should suit your taste and the surroundings. Try each of it to get maximum satisfaction hahaha XD

Blue-ish Toy camera

Green-ish Toy camera

Yellow-ish Toy camera

Which one is your favourite? Mine is probably the first one!

#3 : Soft focus
Soft focus mode is probably purposed for outdoor scenes, and the memorable one. Such as marriage proposal, birthday party, anniversaries, dates, etc. They look the best outdoors and they give that little dreamy touch so grab your digicam and take lots of dreamy photos outdoor with Soft focus mode!

#4 : Light tone
Light tone is a bit different with Soft focus. For Light tone mode, the edges are lightened and the center of the picture is focused, so it tells better story for the pictures. If you prefer dreamy plus clear pictures, use this Light tone mode because it gives you both! Perfection.

Also, Light tone mode provides three colour schemes: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. I barely know these colour names but the colour in the UI of the digicam helps me a lot. Really nice to see! So, how are the pictures with Light tone mode?

#5 : Pop
Pop mode is used for colourful events such as parties, grand parties, costume parties, carnivals, etc. Right? It brings out the colours in pictures strongly and is quite sharp. Pop mode comes in three levels and suit yourself to which one is the most pleasant picture for you.

Fun pictures, right? :D Especially if there are more objects and colours

#6 : Sepia
Most of you should know this mode. Sepia is usually used for "old memories" pictures or "memorable" pictures as well. Widely used for art photography and professionals. EX-ZR1200 has this mode and it also got three levels of Sepia. Choose which one is the best for your taste!

Total fun!

#7 : Monochrome
It's more than black and white. It's about getting a pure colourless and grainy pictures, sometimes some efforts are needed for this effect but EX-ZR1200 got the ART mode for it. There are three levels of monochrome given here, check these out:

Back to 1900's guys!

#8 : Miniature
It's all for fun touch. Miniature mode gives us the effect of miniature world, where the scenes we take become a miniature image which gives the playful miniature world. Okay, too many miniature words here, and the demo is not too convincing. But I promise when I go travel I will take lots of miniature demo pictures so stay tune!!

You can actually customize the miniature scene you want, there are 6 positions available in two lines: horizontal and vertical. Here I tried out the three horizontal ones.

It's taken from dog's (low) perspective. The focus is on the upper 1/3 part of the picture.

It's taken from normal perspective. The focus is on the middle part of the picture.

It's taken from dog's (low) perspective. The focus is on the lower 1/3 part of the picture.
Yeah, focus on their little crotches .__."
Grimace kitty: "Yay my crotch is covered."
Hamburglar kitty: "Shit where is my padding?"
Ronald kitty: "Fark do I look fat? Just ate double beef prosperity ugh must pull tummy!" *hold breath*

Super fun!

#10 : Fisheye.
Who likes to eat fish' eyes??
Jk, haha. Not me. Fisheye are one popular tool for photographers to get that fun and focused effect for pictures. It gives you that "poppin out" feel and the object is like saying : "see me!" hahaha!
This ZR1200 surprisingly has this fun mode and let's test it out!

Hamburglar kitty: Oi me is in centre! :D *dance dance*

Hamburglar kitty becomes very very fat after Eating cheeseburger contest.
*shocked face* He didn't win though so sad.

Hamburglar kitty popped eye peeps you watching those My little pony and wonder why you no jio
him D:

And that's all the ART mode demos for ZR1200.
So much fun right?

Three little kitties are very tired after photo shooting so no interview them, they fell asleep right after it's done. Sorry guys :x

I know I haven't been going out lately thanks to pilling assignments so the demos are pretty normal. I hope when I got some free time I will try to bring myself to somewhere awesome and snap many many pictures here and there.

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Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Wow that's a lot of modes for just one digicam! My favourite has to be the fish-eye though :P they make shots really interesting. Haha!

    1. Hahaha! Yeah is awesome, :O Have you ever tried fisheye before? I don't really know how would it work with correct object XD it does look interesting.


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