Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pink sunset.

Yesterday happened to be the first day of my mid-exam. This time I have 5 exams out of 8 classes I take this sem; relax not, but but these exams are all hard no mercy! ;;

First exam: Testing and Implementation.

From the moment I studied about it, I know that it is nowhere nearby 'easy'. The bloody book is the typical diary--annoying right? You imagine if you rely so much on a textbook but the textbook goes like: "The common method for quality risk would be like A, but I personally would try to expand it and thus creates a newly completed method called B."--I mean, what? Should we follow your personal experience ah, Mister Author? I thought reading this kind of book would be interesting but it is twisted a lot so I lost my interest and I played games... Very not me, right? D:

Book isn't too convincing but we got to rely on it, so the studying process was so helpless. I lost my interest at 4AM and decided to sleep a while before the exam. Woke up at 12 though ._."

The exam--LEVEL S! Very very hard ley!

Bloody exam had 7 hard questions and each of these took me so long to answer. There is this Failure Mode and Risk Analysis (FMEA) question and I was like, crap, it took me 12 hours to create this table lah! Eoteoke! ;__; *sob in exam*

I almost didn't finish the exam too, on last number, I wrote "I'm sorry Sir, there is no more time I can't concentrate" and a cute :( emote.

I hope the lecturer would forgive me when I wrote that >.<

I went home late and decided to take a walk home despite of the rain yesterday (we had hail storm here yesterday, cool not?!) and though I had my barely survive umbrella with me, I was drenched just like soaked tissue! Whole body was covered with rain and sticky sweat yuck!

Though the condition was not too pleasant yesterday, I witnessed a very pink sunset! Very pretty! Instantly lifted up my mood from deadly Testing exam!

The sunset after hail storm yesterday--and traffic jam :P

This time camera acted very nice and captured a good image with good colour! How can the sky be so pink today?

I love sunsets so much, they have this mysterious energy that brings warmth to my chest through my eyes. Some sunsets are so orange, clear and beautiful which reminds me of Fatfat (for some unknown reasons, I can feel so much warmth and happiness and instantly miss Fatfat!), some are really red and mysterious just like old-type of sunsets in anime, some feel really magical just like pink sunset above, and many many more!

Sunset today--so orange! Me likey.

Tomorrow is the second exam and I need to resume to my books--but it's just like all my friends said, this semester our spirit drops to the lowest and we don't even care about exams anymore! I totally understand that, I used to always force myself to study for my responsibilities but it is kind of hard now. I have more fun things to do, such as singing on Soundcloud or cross-stitching, but it brings me nightmare once I missed a day of not touching the book.

So I think I got to study now! Have a great week to all of you :)

Have you tried Chocolate Fitbar? For me, it's yuck!
I thought it would be bitter and nice but nah.

Such a weird combination but these are perfect for midnight work! :)

Lots of love ♥


  1. funny,you are so lovely,dear

  2. Exam season :( Good luck!


  3. Gosh your papers all sound really difficult! And I understand what you mean. I always rely on my textbooks but I hate it when the books don't even make sense and no help at all :(

    Anyway good luck with the rest of your semester! I've only had a week of Year 2 so far and I'm beyond exhausted to be honest. Haha! But we'll survive :)

    Have a great week!

    1. Yeah I agree! Worse is when Google also has no result! Oh my I'm so frustrated this semester is so hard! Haha. Thank you! I know we will :D You too, do the best!

  4. Good luck for your exam sweetie! Food is the best company for studying in my opinion hehe! :P

    1. Yeah I totally agree!! Thank you Lisa <3


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