Friday, April 11, 2014

My wisdom teeth please be nice!

When I was little, dad told me that I had this perfectly aligned teeth which I was really proud of. But those perfect set of teeth soon fell off and were replaced with adult teeth which are much bigger! Thanks to me who loves to drink milk back then all my teeth grew rapidly so I had way too big teeth until now.
It's actually nice, but since I have this normally small jaw so those teeth can't really fit into my jaw therefore it kicks each other to sit in my gum properly. During my adolescence years, I had horrible set of teeth, and dared myself to have braces when I was 17.

Before I had the braces procedure, I had two gum surgeries to take off both of my lower wisdom teeth since dentist confirmed that there is no space for them to live. So, sadly, I bid farewell to the unborn lower wisdom teeth :( I had them extracted prematurely and they were mutilated in pieces during surgery.

Ahhhh sad.

Dentist told me to extract both of the upper wisdom teeth too since there is no space for them to grow as well (ahh so sad *cry*) but he told me it can be done next year or what (erm, I barely remember) so I set it aside and focused on my brace first.

I had my brace for 14 months and took it off. Teeth set is much better now (though it's still crooked here and there but I think it's still tolerable). Yeah!

Then massive headaches hit me often, you know I am very prone of headaches right? Dentist told me back then my headaches may be caused by these impacted wisdom tooth because they hold valuable nerves. Taking off two lower wisdom tooth was a correct decision to slightly cure the coming headaches he said. Spent few millions for the surgeries too *cry*

Few years ago, I have noticed one small bump grew on my back part of my upper left gum, and I realised that it might be the lucky wisdom tooth who was not aborted! Ohhhh my! I prayed hard so wisdom tooth would grow and give me more more life wisdom

Guess what, it partially erupted. It only grew for barely 3 mm and stopped.

Me: Wisdom tooth, come out quickly and give me some life wisdoms!
Wisdom tooth: *better let my head come out a bit and pretend to sleep*
Me: Very pain! Come out now.
Wisdom tooth: How about no. *sleep*
Me: *cry*

And also, lately I've not been eating well. I have this feeling of myself eating with my gum and it feels painful. I don't get it, I've been eating with such kind of soft meaty thing inside my mouth which is aligned with my molars--and I just realised there's this reddish bump on my upper right gum.

My upper right wisdom tooth is on its way to this world!! :D

But, now that I notice about it, it takes too long for this wisdom tooth to pop out from the gum. The gum has been swelling as well thanks for it pushing out and I've been eating with this swelling gum huhuhu =( I tried to see it by myself but I can't--how is it possible for me to see these weirdly placed tooth with mirror? So I make use of the swifting TR150 camera to actually shoot the picture where it all takes place.

An eyerr picture.

I almost vomitted when took this picture (because I actually inserted my digicam into my mouth hahaha) sorry for the mouth image. I have no cavities don't worry :P

You can see that I barely have gum space left even for my wisdom tooth.

On the right (my left) there is this very crooked tooth and behind it, the orange arrow pointed at one small white thing which is my partially erupted wisdom tooth. It's not painful though now but it's seriously disturbing.

On the left (my right) the gum is still clean but it's actually rather swollen and it's hard thanks to the pushing wisdom tooth.

I currently have no time to make dentist appointment to consult about this, but I am not sure whether I should take both of my last wisdom teeth off or not? Confused max.

I start to have headaches again for some reasons. Probably, uni stressness is one big factor but I don't know whether these wisdom teeth cause it. Well, if they do, I got to go to dentist quick right? >.< it's very disturbing ohno.

I still have a test case homework due in 7 hours (I haven't typed even single word hahaha) and individual paper due on Monday; but I've been not too energetic lately. I want more sleep and less homework, please!

I was actually like this and inserting digicam into my mouth and *snap* quickly because I almost vomitted hahahaha ;__;

Wisdom teeth, please wait another more year so once I'm free I'm taking you all to dentist to treat you well. For now, please sleep well XD

Off to start my system testcase now! Lazy lazy but must do. Fight!!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Ooh I heard wisdom teeth can cause really bad headaches when they don't grow properly! And it can actually get serious, so it's best to bring them to the dentist I think. Thankfully none of my wisdom teeth have grown so I don't have this problem. All the best to you!

    1. Yeah! Once I am free I plan to make appointment with dentist. Thank you!

  2. Where are your 2nd molars?
    Were they extracted fro additional space when you had your braces?

    1. I had two of my last molars (is it the same with wisdom teeth?) removed. I actually am not sure which molars are you pointing about, but I had several of my tooth removed--and yeah, it's because of braces ^^


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